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The Corpse Ruler Confuses The World, All Seven Husbands Are Devils - Volume 2 - Chapter 2


Chapter 2

Chapter 2 It Was Her First Time?!

Wouldn't it fine if he found her any man, then?

Xiaoyao Yunyan, reaching this conclusion, felt satisfaction fill him. However... no matter how hard he tried, Mo Qingli refused to release his hand. His wheedling was completely ignored.

Instead, she only muttered ’’too hot’’ under her breath, her eyebrows furrowed in discomfort.

Xiaoyao Yunyan replied in annoyance: ’’Being hugged by you like this, aren't I hot too?’’

Mo Qingli's hands wandered over Xiaoyao Yunyan's body. He grabbed one hand, and then another;however, she pressed against his body, forcing him to reach out one hand to support the weight of their body weight.

However, this momentary release of Mo Qingli's hand was enough for her to return it to its original position. Xiaoyao Yunyan could only watch helpless as her scalding hot hands reached his erect stick, touching the tip.

’’Why is this branch so hot?’’ Mo Qingli asked, rubbing her fingers against it.

Xiaoyao Yunyan feigned calm. ’’Because it was boiled in hot water.’’

Mo Qingli found this hot branch amusing, and she reached out another hand to grab onto it. Faced with this kind of repeated stimulation, Xiaoyao Yunyan gave out an unseemly yelp.

The sound finally lit the fuse. Mo Qingli instinctively tore her hand away from Xiaoyao Yunayn's grip, grabbing the back of his head and pressing her lips aggressively against his.

The inexperienced Mo Qingli didn't know where to go from there, and could only nibble slightly on his lip. Xiaoyao Yunyan grabbed the back of her head as well, opening his mouth and slipping his tongue into hers, exploring the space inside.

He had not grown up in this matriarchal society, and therefore had not suffered the same kind of subservient thinking as his fellows. In his viewpoint, this kind of stuff was better initiated by a man. Furthermore, this was his first time!

Lowering Mo Qingli onto the flattened stone of the pavilion, they wantonly kissed. Mo Qingli allowed his tongue to move freely in her mouth, as her mind had been completely clouded with one thought doing this felt extremely comfortable!

Her chest rapidly rose and fell. From her mouth, she released an unexpectedly arousing gasp.

Hearing this, Xiaoyao Yunyan paused, leaving her mouth. He stared at the weak and limp Mo Qingli lying on the stone below him. At some point the lapel of her shirt had been undone, revealing half a shoulder, as well as a little bit of that soft and tender area below. This lowered his inhibitions further.

’’Do you... do you want it?’’ Xiaoyao Yunyan used the last of his diminishing sanity to ask Mo Qingli. The warm air of his breath blew against Mo Qingli's sensitive ears, causing her to reflexively tighten her grip on the ’’stick’’, and he groaned in response.

’’I'm... too hot,’’ Mo Qingli replied.

Xiaoyao Yunyan grabbed that tender area of hers, pinching it with strength, before asking again. ’’Do you want it?’’

’’I want it.’’

Hearing Mo Qingli's response, Xiaoyao Yunyan's lips curled upwards, an almost demonic smile forming on his face. He reached out his free hand, pulling her chin upwards. ’’That's the correct answer. I'm saving your life, after all.’’

He leaned forward and kissed her again. Afterwards he grabbed her waist, swiping off all of the wine bottles on the stone table in the middle of the pavilion, and then pressed her against it, tearing off her clothing.

Afterwards, without a single beat of hesitation, he entered.

’’It hurts!’’ Mo Qingli was startled by the sudden intrusion. The dry, parched feeling was replaced with pain instead, and she yelped, with her hoarse sound slowly quieting again.

Xiaoyao Yunyan stared blankly, and stopped moving. He stared down at the person in front of him. This it was her first time?!

However, this thought was replaced immediately afterwards by the fire in his lower area. Again and again, on the stone table, they indulged in the primitive instincts of humanity.

The next day.

’’Yue Yao!’’ Mo Qingli yelled, her face bright red. Although it couldn't be blamed no matter who it was, if they were to find themselves almost naked, with only a thin robe covering them, then they would definitely be furious to the point of abnormality. For example: the current Mo Qingli.

Yue Yao, hearing Mo Qingli's shout, immediately ran over to where the sound had came from. Before she left, she made sure to instruct the maids to be on standby.

Entering the stone pavilion, she stood at the side of the entrance, looking around around and asking, ’’Princess, you've awoken?’’

’’Tell me, how did I end up... like this... here?’’ Mo Qingli face face became extremely sinister, black enough to drip ink.

’’Replying to the Princess, this... this servant...’’

Mo Qingli grabbed the pile of clothing in Yue Yao's hands, wearing it. Afterwards, she glared at the hesitant Yue Yao, her eyes furrowing. ’’Don't mutter, if there's anything you want to say say it.’’

’’Tell me what happened starting from after I left the Imperial Palace.’’ Mo Qingli's memory only stretched as far as the carriage ride back from the palace. Afterwards, everything seemed to be muddled!

Mo Qingli heard Yue Yao's version of events. As Yue Yao spoke, her entire face seemed to darken even further, and Yue Yao couldn't help but speak softer and softer in fear.

’’You're telling me that me and Second Consort Xiaoyao Yunyan spent a night here?’’

Yue Yao nodded her head like a rattle-drum. ’’Yes, yes. Before the Second Consort left, he instructed us servants not to disturb the Princess. That's why we waited at the sides for you to wake up.’’

Hearing this, Mo Qingli's expression looked as if it had been weighed down by three notches. Her lower body still faintly ached, and there were little vestiges here and there over her that reminded her of what had transpired the previous night.

But the memory of what had happened was gone. Mo Qingli tried with no luck to recall her memory of the previous day, only to find that there was a blank space inside. Furthermore, her body's strength was diminishing. If she didn't replenish with fresh blood right now, she would return to the same state she had been when she first transmigrated! The only way to regain her strength was from eating.

’’Let's go to the Second Consort's place!’’ She wanted to ask him exactly what had happened, and how they had ended up in such a position in the first place.

Yue Yao stood at the entrance of Xiaoyao Yunyan's residence, knocking against the door to no avail. When she knocked down the door on Mo Qingli's suggestion a while later, they found that the dwelling was completely devoid of people.

’’Princess, what do we do now?’’

Mo Qingli thought for a for a while. ’’Send people to guard this area. When he returns, tell him to report immediately to me! Afterwards, you, find me a physician. Remember, don't allow anyone to know about this matter.’’

’’Yes.’’ Yue Yao, hearing her orders, immediately went to find people to achieve the assigned operatives.

Afterwards, Mo Qingli unwittingly walked into a small pavilion near Xiaoyao Yunyan's residence. Bored, curious and agitated, she pushed open the door.

Inside, there was sparse furnishing, with a small wooden chair and table as the only visible objects. A black-robed man sat quietly at the table, reading a book. One page at a time he flipped through the book, with the sound of paper moving the only sound in the silence.

’’Mo Qingli, it's been a long time,’’ the black-robed man said.

Mo Qingli furrowed her brows. For some reason, this man gave her the impression of someone she couldn't quite see through, or perhaps it was because she hadn't drank blood in a long time. Ever since she had transmigrated, her body hadn't been the same. Every time she used magic, her body would pay the price and become weaker.

’’Who are you?’’ Mo Qingli asked, walking closer. She reached the area where the man was sitting. Inside her residence, this was the first time where a man had ever dared to call her by her name.

The man kept his eyes on the book, as if it contained some heavenly treasure.

Finally, as if he had just heard her words, he raised his head and stood up, extending out his hand. His lips rose as he smiled. ’’Ge Yueming.’’

Mo Qingli followed his movements, reaching out her arm as well. They shook hands. ’’Last time at the Full Moon Festival, you were my Third Consort.’’

’’Since you first arrived here, I've always wanted to make your acquaintance.’’ Ge Yueming gripped Mo Qingli's hands tightly, his eyes reflecting the light. It almost looked as if he could see through her.

Mo Qingli had never had a mortal cause her to feel so uncanny. She retrieved her hand, demanding, ’’Who are you?’’

’’I am only a small, small human.’’ Ge Yueming also retrieved his hand, returning it to his pocket as he smiled. He shrugged.

A small, small human?’’

’’You know small human?’’

’’You know my identity?’’ Mo Qingli stared at him, not allowing any expression to escape her.

Ge Yueming laughed casually. ’’I've known who you are since the first day you arrived!’’

Suddenly, Mo Qingli's hand was wrapped around his neck, her eyes gleaming with a crazed cold light. ’’Since you know my secret, then aren't you afraid that I'll kill you?’’

’’Ah...’’ Ge Yueming was rendered incapable of breathing, and yet he was still able to spit out a few words. ’’You... won't.’’

’’How are you this certain?’’ The strength she used to grab Ge Yueming's throat became progressively tighter and tighter.

His pale face turned bright red. ’’If... you... want... to... ascend... you... can't... hurt... me.’’

Hearing this, she immediately released her hand. There was a loud bang as Ge Yueming collapsed against the floor.

’’Cough, cough...’’ Ge Yueming massaged his sore neck, desperately inhaling in air. After he had sufficiently recovered, he crawled back onto the chair, giving Mo Qingli a disappointed expression. ’’You really aren't cute.’’

’’Speak. Tell me everything you just said again.’’ Mo Qingli coldly looked upon Ge Yueming, ignoring his grumbled complaints.

’’I know your identity, and I also know about your circumstances.’’ Ge Yueming shifted into a more comfortable position. That earlier fall had bruised his rear painfully. ’’The reason why you can't ascend into the world of immortals, is me. Otherwise, without me, you will never be able to become an immortal.’’

Mo Qingli resisted the excitement that stirred up inside of her. She evened out her voice again, asking, ’’Then, do you know everything? I've looked for this answer for tens of thousands of years, but I've never been able to solve it.’’

’’You don't need to know about that. All you do need to know, however, is that I can help you become an immortal.’’ Ge Xueming didn't want to say too much, so he only waved his hand, refusing Mo Qingli's demands. But, fearing that Mo Qingli would grab his neck again, he immediately retreated, watching her with a guarded expression.

Mo Qingli could only coldly laugh in response. ’’Then tell me, what are your demands?’’

There was no such thing as a free lunch in this world. Towards this principle, she knew all too well!


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