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The Corpse Ruler Confuses The World, All Seven Husbands Are Devils - Volume 2 - Chapter 1


Chapter 1

Chapter 1 You're Jabbing Me With a Twig!

Xiaoyao Yunyan had not expected Mo Qingli to be this shameless, to act in such an audacious manner against him.

Before, due to his appearance, she had desired him, and had countlessly attempted to sink in her claws into his flesh. However, due to his identity, she had never dared to go any farther than that.

That fellow Ge Yueming had suggested that the current Mo Qingli was not the same person as the previous one.

Now, he too realized that the woman in front of him could not be the old Mo Qingli. She was more shameless, brazen, and degenerate, with all the moral value of a commoner.

Thinking back to the time when she had launched herself into his embrace and he had only knocked her unconscious and carried her back home, Xiaoyao Yunyan wanted to beat himself up. Mother's words were right: being kind to an enemy was the same thing as harming himself.

Furthermore, today was the day of the month that he set aside for drinking, so he had sent away his bodyguards. Who would have thought that his shameless woman would have taken advantage of that?

Seeing that the other party had already stripped him of half his outer robes, and that a hand was now reaching towards the lapel of his inner robes, Xiaoyao Yunyan's anger erupted through his temples.

His eyes flashed with hatred. Don't blame me if my hands don't show any mercy.

Xiaoyao Yunyan raised his arms, channeling inner energy into his palm, which he then used to mercilessly strike Mo Qingli's chest. His palm hit a soft, large area, which gave him pause for a long moment, his face red as he stared blankly before quickly retreating his hand.

His following strikes were aimed much lower, towards the pit of of Mo Qingli's stomach, forcing her into the air.

Mo Qingli's inhibitions had been lowered to practically nothing, removing her sense of danger. Her only thoughts were that she had arrived at the pond, except there seemed to be a nest of duckweed blocking the path to the cool and refreshing water;as long as she removed the duckweed, then she could finally end her suffering.

As a result, she used one hand to remove the duckweed, and the other to feel up the areas without duckweed, feeling a wave of refreshment wash over her.

Unexpectedly, however, this pond seemed to harbor some kind of demonic entity. When she had been distracted, the demonic entity had attacked her, striking at the weakest, most tender area of her body her lower abdomen.

Wasn't this really too despicable and shameful?

Xiaoyao Yunyan didn't know what Mo Qingli was currently thinking. Instead, he watched her fly into the air, his eyes filled with disdain.

It was too laughable, seeing Mo Qingli overestimate her strength!

Mo Qingli stood up again, rubbing her sore butt. She narrowed her eyes, furrowing her brows as she thought to herself, my god...

She hadn't expected the demonic entity's strength to be so strong, to be capable of launching a ten millenium old jiangshilike her into the air. A feat like that was only possible for an extremely demon!

The boiling feeling washed over her again, disorientating Mo Qingli and causing her to almost lose balance. It was convenient that there was some kind of solid object next to her that she could use to regain footing.

Reaching around a little bit, she discovered some kind of jug. The thirsty Mo Qingli immediately tried to dump its inner content inside her mouth without thinking.

Xiaoyao Yunyan couldn't bear to watch the scene any further. What happened to this woman? With both her hands trying to dump an unopened bottle of wine down her throat, had she gone mad?

At that time, what had he been thinking, agreeing to marry her? Even if he was here to finish a mission, couldn't he have chosen a more bearable woman?

Seeing the dishevelled Mo Qingli who couldn't even stand straight, Xiaoyao Yunyan felt regret. A lot of regret.

Feeling the parched feeling in her throat intensify, and furious that the liquid in the jug wasn't coming out, Mo Qingli shook the jug more intensely. The sudden movement dislodged the cap, spraying wine all over her face.

She opened her mouth, enjoying the feeling of momentary relief. The wine entered past her throat, causing a strange biting feeling to erupt inside her stomach until tears emerged in her eyes. Still, stubbornly, she refused to let go until she felt that the jug had been drained empty.

She smacked her lips together. The taste of wine brought a more comfortable feeling over over her.

Not that she was a little bit more clear-headed, she decided to hunt down that little demon that had attacked her earlier. Mo Qingli gnashed her teeth together, forcing her eyes open. In the darkness she could see a person's silhouette, although she couldn't see more than that.

Although, Mo Qingli was sure, this was the ’’demon’’ that had just attacked her!

’’You, do you know... who I am!’’ Mo Qingli pointed towards Xiaoyao Yunyan, loudly yelling. However, because she had just drank so much wine earlier, her footing was not stable and her fingers swung left and right, never quite actually pointing at Xiaoyao Yunyan.

Her vision alternated from blurry to clear to blurry again, disorientating her. However, she could tell that the ’’demon’’ that had attacked her was trying to flee away!

’’Where are you trying to run away!?’’ Mo Qingli yelled. ’’You think you can run away after attacking me, there's no chance!’’

Seeing Mo Qingli trudge towards him, Xiaoyao Yunyan harrumphed coldly, ’’You overestimate yourself.’’

He raised his hand, preparing to give Mo Qingli a proper wallop. It wouldn't kill her, of course, but would preferably incapacitate her for the good half of a month. Who told her to try and hit him!

However, this Mo Qingli was not like the previous Mo Qingli. After drinking wine she had regained most of her strength. Before he could attack her, she had grabbed him by his wrist, saying, ’’You little demon, let's see where you try to run!’’

Xiaoyao Yunyan struggled, trying to maneuver his hand away from her grip. However, no matter how hard he tried to struggle, she wouldn't release him. Drops of sweat began to roll down his neck;he knew that the women here in this kingdom were different than the ones back in his, but he hadn't known that even an imbecile princess like her would possess such great strength!

’’Mo Qingli, release me this moment!’’ Unable to escape, Xiaoyao Yunyan could only angrily roar out in fury. If one listened closely, there was a trace of panic mixed in as well.

’’My god, you know this king's name and yet still dare to hit me? Aren't you seeking death?’’ Mo Qingli raised her eyebrows, her tone extremely satisfied.

Now that she was closer, she could see the ’’demon’’ next to her to her a little clearer.

She reached out her palm, pating the ’’demon’’ on the face. ’’Little demon, you don't look so bad! How about you join this king? I'll forgive the fact you tried to attack me earlier.’’

’’You're the real devil,’’ Xiaoyao Yunyan said, raising his leg and kicking Mo Qingli again. ’’Release me this instance, or else I'll go tell the Empress about your ambitions to usurp the throne.’’

After the kick, a new wave of pain washed over her already jittering and scalding body. Furiously, she grabbed Xiaoyao Yunyan by the chin, angrily looking at him, ’’If you aren't useful to this king, do you think I'll still keep you?’’ She wanted to tell him that if it wasn't for the fact that his skin seemed to alleviate the heat inside her body, after he had kicked her into the air, she would have long dismembered his body!

This sentence was spoken extremely clearly, unlike the indistinct mumbling of a drunk person. This caused Xiaoyao Yunyan to ponder he had been using her as his cover, but never had he imagined that she was doing to same for him. As for what she was using for him, he had absolutely no idea.

While Xiaoyao Yunyan became lost in thought, Mo Qingli's eyes glazed over again. She once again wrapped herself around Xiaoyao Yunyan, trying to relieve herself from the unbearable heat. She whispered, ’’Don't move, and I promise I won't hurt you! If you dare to move, then I can't guarantee I won't... I won't feed you to the fishes!’’

Although she had been lying about the threat, it still gave Xiaoyao Yunyan pause. Reluctantly, he allowed her to embrace him. Inside, however, he consoled himself by telling himself that because he wasn't a man that originated from this matriarchal empire, he wouldn't think in the same way that they did. Therefore, it was fine if a woman hugged him.

As the embrace became tighter and tighter, the distance between the two people became smaller and smaller. That soft, tender area unique to women brushed against Xiaoyao Yunyan's back, causing his entire face to flush red again. Furthermore, his body began to experience an entirely uncontrollable reaction.

’’Eh... you're jabbing me with a twig!’’ Mo Qingli resentfully called out, feeling a hard and stiff hard and stiff object prod against her thigh

’’Yes, yes...’’ Xiaoyao Yunyan's face reddened even more, to the point where it almost appeared blood was leaking out from the skin. ’’I'll remove it immediately.’’

After a while, Mo Qingli once again asked, ’’How come you still haven't removed that twig?’’

Her hands rubbed over Xiaoyao Yunyan's shoulders, annoyed that there was some kind of cloth barrier separating her from relief from the heat.

’’This, this, this... isn't removable!’’ Xiaoyao Yunyan was now secretly glad that he had dismissed all of his bodyguards away from the area. Otherwise, if they were to see such an embarrassing scene now, he would really have to start digging a hole for his grave!

’’Then you better compensate me!’’ Saying this, before Xiaoyao Yunyan could react, Mo Qingli tore off his robes. As long as he didn't have a chance to refuse, it would be fine.

Xiaoyao Yunyan's entire neck and ears were bright red. He wanted to push away Mo Qingli, but lacked the strength to.

’’So hot, so hot...’’ Mo Qingli became restless again, exploring the cool relief over Xiaoyao Yunyan's skin.

Xiaoyao Yunyan sensed that something was off. Grabbing Mo Qingli's hand, he asked, ’’Why is your body so hot?’’

’’I don't know... it's too hot, it's unbearable.’’ Mo Qingli had completely lost her sense of consciousness now. She only felt the urge for Xiaoyao Yunyan increase what they were doing now was no longer enough to satisfy her.

Xiaoyao Yunyan felt her scalding skin, and realized why she had been acting so abnormal today! She had been poisoned with a kind of aphrodisiac.

The question was... should he help her? Should he sacrifice his own innocence to help her? Xiaoyao Yunyan hesitated. He had heard that this kind of medicine was extremely harmful;if a woman didn't have any male energy to balance out the effects of the medicine, it would eventually burn her insides to death.

Who would poison her with such a deadly medicine?! Xiaoyao Yunyan really wanted to find that person and tear him (her) into a million pieces, then feed them to the fishes!

Wasn't this indirectly harming him as well? Turning him into an innocent victim?

Xiaoyao Yunyan stared at Mo Qingli, who had wrapped herself around him, and then exhaled slowly outwards. In his heart, he came to a decision.


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