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The Chronicles Of A Lost Man In His Forties Founding A Nation ~Commonsense Is Hindering Me From Becoming TUEE~ - Chapter 105


MayoJou chapter 105

More awkward phrasing and name changes. I changed senpu village to Battleaxe town, let's be honest the way the place was described doesn't fit the characteristics of a village, also Battleaxe sound better for a dwarf town.

I don't really get the explanation of the castle looking like a cake...

Jiiteas castle in the mid term II

At Jiiteas castle's main tower.

A beautiful morning was pouring in my room at the top most floor.

I open the window, it's been awhile since I could watch over my own castle.

[Seeing it likes this, it really looks like a completely different castle...]

[No wonder, the dwarves are really hard workers]

Said Mora, the girl wearing maid clothes and cleaning after my breakfast.

The area of the castle has grown bigger in the 30 or so days I've been out.

It wasn't as big at first, the castle was built on a terrain surrounded by forest that resembled a terrace half way up a steep mountain.

After that, the surface of the castle extended up to roughly 300 meters after clearing out the forest.

The original foundations of the castle were extended 10 more meters down. The castle now looked like a two layer ’’wedding cake’’ split in half vertically.

On the lower part of the ’’cake’’, solid walls were constructed on its circumference, on the interior there were wooden buildings lined up one after another.

On the external part of the walls was an imposing guard tower, a drawbridge and a large door from which a stone road was extended.

The now inner wall, were once a quiet place and the main walls of the castle, now on the outer wall were countless humans and dwarves working on them.

About half are people of the Schultz tribe and the other half are workers, maybe?

In any case...

At first it was called a ’’fort’’, but now it's putting on airs of a real castle...

[No matter where you look at, it's become an splendid castle not to be ashamed of anymore.]

[Yes! Everyone was surprised and glad... Gio-san is really amazing]!

[No, the amazing ones are the dwarves. Tough my summoned giants and stone walls helped a little]

As always Mora was praising me without hesitation.

It's embarrassing but stills feels good.

[But... I still believe it's because you are here at the castle]

Mora was cheerfully smiling, not an ounce of fatigue could be seen on her even after serving at the banquet or cleaning afterwards, this lasted until late last night.

After seeing that, I no longer feel out of place in this greatly changed castle.

I returned to Jiiteas castle after 30 days of being on a trip, that is, I returned yesterday.

The negotiations with the dwarves and the duke of Fillsand went generally well and we agreed to establish a new trade route and to form an alliance against the dark beasts.

Furthermore, Battleaxe town dispatched some very skilful master blacksmiths, and also got new comrades, Elisabel the diplomat and Diane the warrior, from Fillsand.

That's huge success I say.

Although, I still have that new responsibility of clearing the ’’Plains of Twilight’’ from undead within 2 years so reclamation can be possible.

What's more, in the middle of the conflict at Fillsand, I became aware of the ’’Dark beast king’’ for the first time, that was also a big deal.

Until then we believed the dark beast were an endless natural disaster. But if there exists something like a king controlling them, then by killing him it would probably bring and end to the dark beasts invasion. Although the probability is very low, perhaps we could negotiate with him...

We really need to collect more information regarding the dark beats.

More than the new people at the castle, its expansion or the trade route, we need to expand the alliance against the dark beasts.

There's also dealing with the War tribe's suspicions of me being a ’’focal point’’.

There's a mountain of thing to do, but I don't feel depressed like I used to.

Rather, you could say I feel very motivated.

Is this thanks to Mora's influence?

After breakfast.

My comrades and me gathered at the command room of the main tower.

Well I can't always call them comrades as a whole, the main members are Sedam, Irudo, Claura, Leiha, Gilg and Lade, recently joined are Elisabel and Diane, together the team comes to 8 people.

[Well then, first Sedam, for protecting the castle in my absence, you have my thanks]

[Yeah... It really was a troublesome job]

To be honest, I was really worried about the castle management, I even lost some weight.

And yet, in my absence he didn't make any trouble inside the castle, furthermore, he even took care of subjugating dark beast and bandits, such a considerable effort.

Last night the two of us were drinking and thanking and singly complaining to each other. But in this manner his work was being officially recognized, not to mention it's something I must do as the lord of the castle.

[Regarding the expansion of the castle, as you can see it's about 60% completed, only the barracks, the lodging houses and the warehouses remains to be build inside the castle]

[What about the main road?]

[The roads connecting the three villages are already completed. For the trade route to Battleaxe town, the giants already opened up the designated space for the road. Valdo and the others were once again fired up by the giants I summoned today]

[The time to finish the first project was suppose to be 1 year...]

[About that, the Valdo clan sent more of workers. Currently there's 200 workers from the dwarves, and about 500 persons from the neiborhing villages and from Lelis city]

I was surprised by the number of people Irudo brought.

They all were working on the outer wall.

[They are really motivated huh?, are there no problems with their food of wages?]

[I already hired someone in charge of cooking, so there's no much I can help with in that regard, about the money...]

[For the dwarves and the workers daily pay and food expenses, that's roughly 500 gold coins per day. Then there's the issue with the Schultz tribe and their living expenses and the maintenance cost for the castle... That's roughly another 1200 daily gold coins]

[No way... my head gonna explode!]

Gilg shrugged his shoulders at Irudo's explanation.

I was in a similar mood as him, but I still have enough funds for my castle.

[How are the soldiers doing?]

[Oh they're doing hella fine. We actually fought small beasts and bandits, they're racking up experience]

They are the 30 that volunteered to come to the castle.

Gilg seemed proud for training and commanding them.

[We are building as soon as possible the workshop for the smith sent from Battleaxe town, he's called Gelbron from the Dove's clan, he's going to make the weapons for the soldiers and give them maintenance as well]

[good tha hear, plenty of folks are coming in ain't it?]

Leaving aside the castle and the trade route, I'm really glad I went to Battleaxe town.

By the way, Baldo already finished the bath I asked for, I was out last night for drinking too much, but tonight I'm going to enjoy it.

[Ah! there's one more thing to report, there's a lot of folks who came to the castle who wants to work for you]

[Is that true? then what's the problem?...]

[Nothing wrong with the soldiers and servants, but then there's tha knights and bards. I had 'em wait at Yule village, so you can decide for yarself]

[Good call... We should make an interview... I want to be extra careful with the people I allow in the castle]

[For the time being, we should have the dark elf sisters check their background as much as possible... in case there's a possessed person]

[Yeah, in that case... I'll use a spell to confirm the situation]

It's not that the people gathering at the castle are bad.

But after seeing the ’’dark beast bugs’’ implanted on people's brains, I just can't easily trust strangers.

I'll have to investigate the dwarves and workers one more time...

Somehow, every time I wake up there's more and more things to do.

I really want Mora's support right now.


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