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The CEO’s Pregnant Wife - Chapter 9.2


Chapter 9

Part 2 (Two)

’’After all Xiao Tian's biological father is Jun Si Que, ckckck, no wonder before I always felt Jun Si Que was so familiar.’’ So soon Xu Yi Xia accepted this news, after all, it's only Jun Si Que a man who have demoness look, who able to have such 'deed' beautiful son alike Xiao Tian!

’’Thank you because you feeling he such familiar.’’ Fang Yi Ran heaved a sigh, the culprit was this fellow good friend of hers.

’’Don't mention it!’’ On contrary Xu Yi Xia felt happy, ’’If not that night I brought you along to the night club, perhaps you going to miss out the fate with Jun Si Que, if not because I said it out, how could Xiao Tian meet his biological father this soon.’’

Fang Yi Ran wide opened her mouth, she realized that she really could not say out anything to argument back.

’’That's right, based on eugenic principles, do you ever thought to born few children with Jun Si Que.’’ After all, this kind of gen, not using it more, it called as wasteful.

Born few? Fang Yi Ran's eyes, could not help but to cast a glance to father and son who are in the Fang's living room. Huh, actually this idea to give birth few little cutie not bad.

Fang Jing Tian raised his head, he is seriously looked at Jun Si Que.

’’Mommy said that I must call you Daddy, but how can you become my Daddy?’’ inside this little fellow heart it was obvious that he didn't understand the meaning that represented by calling Daddy.

’’Because of me, then you are born.’’ Jun Si Que was using very simple way to explain. After all toward five years old little boy, it was difficult to explain in professional way.

Little boy blinking his eyes, ’’But all the kindergarten fellows who have father, all of them are playing with their father, also will buy them many delicious foods, also will let them to sit on shoulders.’’

’’Oh?’’ Jun Si Que using his finger tip, gently pointed at Little Brat's forehead, ’’Incase, if I don't do all these things, then you are not considering to call me Daddy?’’

His words, it really made Fang Jing Tian creasing his forehead, he was starting seriously to think of it. A little boy, using such serious expression to think, actually this kind of funny thing.

As if Jun Si Que found out a unique toy, gently caressing his son, squeezing him, from time to time sticking the little brat's palm to his palm, lamenting the huge difference of the size. After all, 'son' this kind of thing, toward him, all are completely brand new.

Until the little brat who in deep thinking, dilapidated finally by this cheap what-so-called daddy 'trample on', then he willingly puckered mouth, ’’If you are smart enough, then I can call you as Daddy.’’

’’How's smart?’’ he raised his brows, little bit curious looked at his son.

This little brat suddenly became complacent, squelchingly he moving his two legs and run into his toy room, not long after that, he pulled one large plastic case and pulled on the pushed out bottom.

Inside the large case, it full with all kinds of guns model, if now it being seen by the gun lovers, absolutely going to think, this kind of collections, simply to say the professional's. Even the limited edition gun's model, it can be found in this box.


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