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The Captivating Crown Prince - Chapter 33


Chapter 33

Chapter 33

The warm sun shines through the gaps of the emerald leaves and is sprinkled in the woods through the morning fog.

Tonight, Shang WuXin didn't care whether she slept in the tallest tree or not. There were a lot of mosquitoes on this night. Even if she wore long sleeved clothes, it was inevitable that she got bit a few times.

Shang WuXin was not a person who can't endure pain, but she is a person who is extremely cruel to herself. But at the same time, she is also a very happy person. If she had the power and strength, she wouldn't treat herself like this.

’’Prince, do we enter the city now?’’ Bai Shaolin put on a uniform. Thousands of soldiers were standing there with armor. Even if they were just standing there, they gave a shocking prestige.

Shang WuXin took out a handkerchief and wiped several mosquito bites on the back of her hand. Then, she directly used brute force to smash the white handkerchief into pieces. She leaned against the tree and said with a faint excitement, ’’ Are you ready?’’

Bai Shaolin did not know why the Prince was a little excited. On these days, the Prince's mind is very unpredictable.

’’The cold general has already released the news that the prince will enter the city this morning. At this moment, the people are led by the cold general to stand there waiting for the prince!’’ Bai Shaolin reported the news one by one. ’’Mr. Huan has already found the best doctors in the city. He is waiting for the prince's orders!’’

Bai Shaolin was a little excited. He didn't think that not only the generals like the cold general would obey the command of the prince, but even Mr. Huan who never intervene with court people.

Don't ask why Bai Shaolin thinks that the Prince will get the throne. The reason is very simple. The rules of the royal family state that if you are part of the royal family and can't get the throne, then you must die. The Prince is a a strong person, so he will fight for that position. Bai Shaolin used to be like his father. He did not participate in the battle for the throne. But now, he wants to stand on the side of the prince. He believes in his own eyes.

’’Prince! Prince!’’ Shang WuXin and thousands of soldiers with food carts have not entered Fengzhou City yet. I only heard the scream of surprise in the city. The scream was filled with desire.

’’The Prince is here! We have food! We are saved!’’ I saw those hungry people crying and mourning. The entire Fengzhou City is full of hope and despair. Everyone knelt in front of the prince.

The people have been hungry for a long time. Many people have died in the city, and many of them wanted to go out of the city. But the evil-hearted officials were afraid that the situation in the city will let the temple know that every beggar going out of the city did not come back alive. Gradually, the people in people in the city began to feel despair. The things they could eat were eaten, but that was still not enough. The people who starved to death were still increasing daily.

’’Prince!’’ Standing in front was Leng Yufeng. The prince knew that Leng Yufeng did not have to bow when facing the emperor. In the country, only Leng Yufeng and the Moche did not have to bow in front of the emperor.

I didn't want to let the people get up, but when they nodded, they came out. At this moment, the magical sorrow came over. ’’Prince, the place where the grain is applied is not far from the prefects! The doctors are waiting there!’’

When Shang WuXin nodded to the people, they all stodd up and followed the carriage of food. Leng Yufeng said to the people, ’’Everyone, go to that building. There is food there. Everyone, get your food!’’

Many people followed the carriage, but no one dared to walk in front of the prince. However, at this time, some people rushed over to the soldiers and went to and went to the carriage of food. One of the people took out a bag and started to stuff the grains of rice into the bag.

The soldiers were all capable fighters and could easily defeat these people. But, starting a fight will make the situation worse and cause a riot so they decided to not do anything.

Leng Yufeng looked at the people who were faintly rioting, and the people who were already fighting for food and did not know the so-called people. They frowned and prepared to go, but they were stopped by the Prince.

The prince looked at the people who were fighting for the food. The slender legs were slightly swayed, and the cold air that came out of the body was sharp and squeaky.

I was unwilling to pull out the sword of a soldier standing there. I directly picked up the sword and cut the few a people who were fighting for the food.

The bright red blood dyed the ground, and several dead bodies were in front of the carriage...


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