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The Captivating Crown Prince - Chapter 32


Chapter 32

Chapter 32

The sun sets. In the mountains and forests, there is a small town outside of Fengzhou City, where famines are fought in the south. There is a fleet of thousands of people and a wagon full of grain.

Thousands of people were resting there, but the man standing on the heights were not awake at all. He was in a black suit standing on the top of the mountain in confusion, his eyebrows wrinkled tightly, and his whole body was not warm in the sunset.

Leng yu Feng has been waiting here for two days but he has not yet seen the Prince and his party. He has never been so anxious in his life. He constantly wonders if the Prince is hurt.

The more he thought about it, the tighter the wrinkles were. His face looked like a knife was full of worry.

On that day, he led the soldiers to leave, but he wanted to stay.

But when he really left Prince, he took the soldiers to do what he was supposed to do. Leng yu Feng discovered his own absent-mindedness, his unrelenting worries, his unrelenting regrets, and just a few days, he felt a feeling of sadness that he hadn't felt for twenty-four years.

No matter how much he feels about Prince Edward, he is not a person who disobeyed orders.

Leng yu Feng thought for a long time. Finally, he determined to go to find the Prince! He wanted to protect the prince and more importantly, he did not want to leave his side.

’’Lang Jin!’’ Leng Yufeng shouted at a distance not far from He Jinjin, Ho Jinjin immediately came to the side of the general.

’’You will arrange these people and ensure the safety of the food!’’ said Leng yu Feng, and then he was ready to to leave and was stopped by the Lang Jin. Leng Yufeng looked at him with some annoyance, but he did hear Lang Jin, point to the distance and say, ’’The prince, they are coming!’’

Inadvertently, the prince came and was in front of Leng Yu Feng. Everyone saluted ’’Prince!’’ and he nodded his head so that everyone could do his own thing. Then he looked at the Leng Yu Feng that had been in a static state since his arrival. Is there any problem general.

’’ Leng Yu Feng, what's wrong with you?’’ said Mo Che

Leng Yu Feng suddenly came back.

’’Prince!’’ Leng Yu Feng's wheaten skin was a little red, and he immediately lowered his head. However, the prince found it strange. This was the same for Momo Che, who was around him. .

’’I don't know what happened to the cold general?’’ The man unwillingly endured a smile and came to the to the side of Leng Yufeng. He asked Leng Yufeng if he was sick. Did he feel uncomfortable? Do we need to find a doctor for you?

’’No!’’ Leng Yufeng immediately backed away a few steps then panicked and said, ’’I, I'm okay!’’ I just smelled the fragrance on Prince Edward's body.’’ Every night when he was called for the protection of the Prince, he would smell the Princes fragrance.

’’Was Prince's body not good?’’ asked Leng Yufeng, but in the moment his flushed cheeks restored the original wheat color.

Leng Yufeng looked at Prince Edward's pale face and suddenly believed that the Prince was sick.

There was still some uncomfortable feeling in Momo-Che's heart and was worried about the prince. Although there was no inquiry, the concern expressed by his eyes was real.

’’Leng Yufeng, bring someone into Fengzhou City now, the court will send you news of food tomorrow and control the security control the security in the city!’’

’’Yes!’’ Leng Yufeng nodded and went to arrange staffing. Leng Yufeng knows that there are too many famines in the city. If there is a sudden appearance of food in Fengzhou City, there will certainly be riots. The people will surely rise up to snatch the food. In the event of giving out food, many deaths will occur.

’’If you have anything that you want me to do...’’ said Mo che.

’’Then go to the city and bring together some of the doctors and wait for further instructions!’’ Momo Che has already guessed what the Prince wants to do and nods her head and leaves him.

I have no intention of watching the setting sun. I have been here for a month or two. This is my first step here. In the future, she will continue to move forward. She must! For wealth and status.


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