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The Beautiful Entropic Girl: Poison Expert Third Young Miss - Chapter 38


Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Elder Sister (3)

An Yan was very anxious. Aunt Ye has always been very punctual. Can it be that something has happened to her? Thinking this, An Yan could no longer stay in her room. She lit a hand-held lantern before she pushed open the door and went out.

’’Bitch, why aren't you continuing to run?! I still caught you anyways!’’

When An Yan walked to where she had met An Jin earlier during the day after she left her room, she suddenly heard a yell out. Her expression became serious as she extinguished her lantern.

Could it be that Aunt Ye was discovered?

Whenever An Yan thought that her Aunt Ye was perhaps found out by the guards or the small servant boys, it made her nervous. She quickly moved to hide behind a dried up tree that was not far from her. She monitored for the actions before her under the faint moonlight.

Although she knew of Aunt Ye's existence from when she could remember, she did not know where Aunt Ye came from.She did not know why Aunt Ye had for come to her dilapidated quarters to teach her every night for 10 years. She also had never heard Aunt Ye speak much. Her voice was rather hoarse and not gentle, but An Yan still liked it because there was a tenacious quality to it.

’’You slut! Even though I usually see you dressed in heights of fashion and wearing a lot of makeup, I never imagined for you to be this lowly. You are still this restless at night, huh?’’

An Yan was worried that the person being restricted was her Aunt Ye. But she did not expect that the man would start scolding the girl before him frivolously.

She discovered that she had accidentally came across the scene of a secret love affair of her father's concubine.

An Yan had always knew that there were always some restless Madams in the huge manor. The concubines who had already given birth to sons and daughters were all taken in by Prime Minister An was due to his mother's desire to continue his legacy. Yet, since he already had offspring, he usually didn't touch any of the other concubines given to him by his mother.

Thus, there were some lonely concubines that lived solitary in their rooms.

She smiled as she looked at them with mockery. As long as it wasn't her Aunt Ye. it didn't have anything to do with her. She, however, didn't know why her Aunt Ye only comes at night nor did she know why Aunt Ye would always cover her face up whenever she came, making her clueless as to how her appearance was. She always thought that Aunt Ye was probably her Aunt Rong as she couldn't imagine who else in the manor would be so good towards her.

Who cuckolded her prime minister father was nothing for her to be concerned about.

However, upon seeing this situation, An Yan's face still flushed uncontrollably. She stretched her waist before she patted her bottom. Yan Yan planned to leave this place without being seen just like how she came. Perhaps Aunt Ye would already be in her room on her way back.


She just turned around and hadn't take any step forward when her hand lightly brushed against the fork of some branches of the tree. A layer of snow had accumulated in the fork of the branches due to snowing in day time. With An Yan's touch, those thin branches could no longer bear the weight of snow. It resisted a little before breaking off.



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