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The Beast’s Blood Boils - Chapter 30


Volume 3 - When he bravely forged ahead on the sea waves

Chapter IX Undercurrent

Fruit was like a small fox exploiting the tiger's might to intimidate the enemy. This sly little beast was excitedly jumping on Liu Zhenhan's head again and again.

(TL Note: hújiǎ hǔ wēi = the fox exploits the tiger's might (idiom);fig. to use powerful connections to intimidate people)

The entire crew was startled.

’’You vulgar Beamon sacrifice!’’ The mermaid princess disdainfully snorted. There was a clear trace of hatred in her eyes.

Her blond hair was shining brilliantly in the sun. Liu Zhenhan had a strong impulse of holding her lush hair in his hand for once.

Banilu warrior and the magical shark knights looked angrily at Liu Zhenhan. The red embroidery of rust on the anchor that was held in the whale warrior's hands made creaking sound and slowly crumbled into the seawater, just like drops of blood dissolving into the seawater.

Liu Zhenhan fearlessly maintained his vision with a fierce look of lightning appearing in his eyes. His eyes shone like the brave flame of a candle, making it stand among a group of lamps burning vigorously in this dim night.

Mr. Xu and Ning Yu also noted the instantaneous transformation in Liu Zhenhan. They were compelled to secretly redefine the image of this pigman. The look in Banilu whale warrior's eyes was dreadful, of course, because of his insane strength;it was obvious that a Beamon sacrifice didn't stand a chance against a whale warrior. However, in an instant, Liu Zhenhan erupted with an entirely different temperament and a ferocious look flashed in his eyes, shocking everyone all of a sudden. They immediately understood that his goofy act had just been a camouflage all along.

Could it be that he was really a legendary dragon sacrifice? The people on the ship thought.

’’Human!’’ The mermaid princess looked coldly at Mr. Xu and said: ’’We people of the sea cannot stay outside the water for more than an hour! You don't have too long to decide.’’

’’Are you handing them over to me or not?’’ Her face was like the undercurrent close to the seabed, adorned with an emerging bone-chilling coldness.

’’Did not you let us off yesterday?’’ Hailun asked furiously.

’’Ha-ha’’ Aiwei'er (Ivy) laughed at this. Her laughter was like the sound of nature itself, ’’My dear Fox girl, I promised last night only to let you go, I never said that if you two were to be given to me as compensation gifts, I would reject.’’

’’This mermaid has such a tiny brain.’’ Liu Zhenhan said to Hailun who was currently hiding behind his back. He was really uncertain as to whether these sailors would hand them over to the mermaid princess as compensation gifts in order to escape a precarious situation such as this.

Fruit stood upright on Liu Zhenhan's head and urinated, aiming toward the whale warrior's huge head and drawing a beautiful arc with the stream of his piss.

’’Aoo~~’’ The whale warrior began to wail due to the unexpected humiliation and simply lost it. He roared like a crazed beast as if proclaiming the arrival of a tsunami. He waved the giant anchor like it was nothing and then it was thrown toward Liu Zhenhan's head while delimiting a smooth circular trajectory.

The panda sailors reacted quickly. They roared and rushed forward, toward the incoming anchor. All of them used their fishing forks together to block the giant anchor in its path and started pushing it back. One could see that their brawny arms were not just for show. The sheer amount of combined strength that was applied to push back the giant anchor was amazing.

’’Cha ~~~’’ With a burst of intense sparks, more than a dozen fishing forks simultaneously separated from the giant anchor after successfully repelling it. The anchor abruptly fell into the sea.

Hailun's body convulsed as she saw the scene unfold before her eyes. It took almost a dozen panda warriors to concentrate their strength to challenge the whale warrior's strength. This clearly indicated the tyrannical power of that Banilu whale warrior!

Hailun's mind was blown away. She was now clutching Liu Zhenhan's hand even harder.

Banilu whale warrior issued a loud howl. He pulled the giant anchor out of the sea then jumped from the back of his mount, a giant fish, and landed onto the ship's deck. The impact caused the ship to tilt to one side. As he stood tall in front of everyone, everyone got to see his true height. He was about 5-6 meters tall and his giant head appeared quite imposing in front of people aboard who appeared puny before him. His mount dived underwater, leaving only turbulence behind on the surface.

’’O respectable whale warrior, I surrender!’’ Liu Zhenhan said as he got on his knees and groveled in front of the whale warrior's huge nose.

Liu Zhenhan had one of his hands hidden behind his back.

People standing behind him could all see that he was clutching a stone in his hand.

The stone was tied to the brown hitch on the ship. It was shaped like a cheese cube and was made up of fine basalt. It was used to fix the rope to the ship, to prevent it from being blown away by the wind. It was a large stone and weighed at least 17-18 pounds.

No one actually saw when he picked up this stone since everyone's attention was focused on the giant anchor a while ago.

Banilu whale warrior's eyes appeared wild, flagitious and bloodthirsty.

He was clearly not the type to forgive others that easily.

A lot of people were already imagining the next scene in which Liu Zhenhan would be torn to shreds.

Hailun was tightly clenching her silver-white teeth. Her red tail was nervously trembling. Even the clam woman Ning Yu could not bear to stay put and turned toward Ferguson Xu, seeking help from him.

Only the mermaid princess appeared to be enjoying the situation. There was a proud look on her charming face with a trace of the pleasure of revenge clearly visible on it as well. Her blonde hair was joyfully dancing in the wind, like the portrayal of her mood and celebrating her imminent victory.

’’O Mighty Warrior!’’ Liu Zhenhan suddenly groveled on the ground and burst into tears, ’’I have an old mother, she is 80 years old and very sick. There is a small child in my family as well, crying for food. You have to spare my life, I beg you!’’

Hailun's blood boiled at this scene. Her Li Cha's actions were putting the honor of Beamon Sacrifice on the line and bringing shame on their glorious name. Right now, she was enraged by his shameless actions while completely disregarding this life and death situation.

Her pet Osprey was hovering in the sky and issued a sad cry. It perfectly knew that its death was close but it still charged forward to protect its partner.

All those who had probably seen or faced shameless acts such as this in their lives, even once, were dumbfounded.

Ning Yu was flurried and scratching the back of her hand while her body was covered in cold sweat.

’’Oh my god, what is that thing over there....’’ Liu Zhenhan looked at the whale warrior and said in a startled voice. Even the whale warrior could not conceal the startled look in his eyes as he saw Liu Zhenhan pointing behind him with his trembling finger, as if a demon had appeared from hell or an angel had descended from heaven.

All of the sea race people turned their heads toward the horizon, only to be dazzled by strong sunlight and saw a flock of wild seagulls flying in the sky, and nothing else.

’’Where? I don't see anything.’’ A silly magical shark knight said while repositioning its mount to have a clear view, trying his best to spot that scary thing that supposedly appeared on the distant horizon.

Others turned around to reassume their initial positions and were stunned.

The Banilu whale warrior's whole face was covered in blood. There was a sly and thieving smile on his face as he stood there laughing. He was still holding in his hand the stone that was now totally crushed and full of blood.

Banilu whale warrior's giant nose had literally turned into a fountain of blood gushing out. His towering nasal cavity had completely collapsed and looked awful.

’’Go back to your mother!’’ Liu Zhenhan gave him a big slap on the face.

Everyone held their breath simultaneously as it happened.

The Banilu whale warrior's miserable face received a solid slap on the face, intensifying the shocked look in his eyes. He obviously staggered a bit and fell into the sea, splashing a huge amount of water onto the deck

’’Splash~~’’ The fork-shape bone spears, which were once held firmly in powerful hands of the magical shark knights, slipped from their hands and fell down into the seawater. Their facial expressions were immediately taken over by shock and denial.

The mermaid princess was dumbfounded as well. It was hard to miss her particularly attractive appearance in that startled state of hers.

Several jaws simultaneously dropped on the deck.

’’How can he have such monstrous strength? That's ridiculous!’’ A panda warrior exclaimed all of a sudden.

From the cabin, several kids wearing conical bamboo hats rushed out to witness the fight. They all seemed curious and were looking at Liu Zhenhan with the look of worship in their eyes.

At this moment, a towering water column soared high into the sky as the Banilu whale warrior jumped out from the water, carrying the spear of Venus in one hand and giant anchor in another. He mercilessly smashed the anchor toward Liu Zhenhan.

His facial expression was clearly indicating humiliation and shame that he had to go through in front of everyone. The resentment was driving him crazy. He was burning with anger as his red-hot eyes disclaimed the fact that he was already in 'berserk mode' that was inherent to the sea race.

The impact was bound to destroy not only Liu Zhenhan but also the entire ship.

Even an idiot could tell that not even a mountain could take on this impact and still remain intact, let alone a ship.

Ferguson Xu followed imperial edict.

That very moment when Ning Yu had turned to Mr. Xu for help, he pulled out the scarlet jade thumb ring and pinched it in his palm.

And ever since Liu Zhenhan beat up that whale warrior, making his face look like a blossomed red flower, Mr. Xu had been constantly spelling out a string of strange syllables from his mouth. His lips were moving gently as he was secretly spelling out these mysterious syllables, unknown to all.

When the whale warrior was about to make the impact, the scarlet jade thumb ring suddenly released dazzling rays of golden light, similar to brilliant sunlight.

The golden light cleared up, revealing two bronze giants that suddenly appeared in the water. Each of them was about 10 meters tall. The anchor that was brandished with immense strength directly crashed into their chests.

’’Clang’’ The collision produced a loud ear-shattering noise. Everyone covered their ears and squatted on the ground.

The anchor held in the whale warrior's hand changed shape.

The two bronze giants now had terrible dents on their chests.

The unknown giant fish that was acting as a mount for the whale warrior suddenly uttered a pitiful cry. It spurted out an umbrella shaped water column that soared into the sky as it started to sink slowly into the water - because the two bronze giants were standing on its body.

The two bronze giants slowly reached out and grabbed the whale warrior's hands, forcing him to sink along with them into the sea.

These bronze giants were slow but firm. The whale warrior wasn't able to wake from the shock, and when he did, he tried to struggle but alas, it was too late now.

A bronze giant's hand obviously had much more formidable strength, even a whale warrior could only shake a bit but couldn't escape from its grasp.

The bodies of the two bronze giants were covered with numerous scars. The body surface was full of mysterious mercury talisman and magic symbols, and apparently had a special matrix arrangement of the same. Their bodies were exuding dense golden qi until the submersion. Even after that, the golden qi was still shrouding the two bronze giants underwater, similar to the lingering sandalwood smoke.

’’Magical pets?’’ Mermaid princess finally awakened from her panicked state then glared angrily at Mr. Xu and asked.

’’They are not magical pets. We received those two bronze statues 2000 years ago from His Majesty, the emperor of the Yunqin Empire. In the beginning of the empire, His Majesty had collected countless bronze weapons from the six countries of Silk Continent, melted them and used the molten bronze to cast giant metal statues. If you were not so deceptive, I would have preferred not using them so casually!’’ Mr. Xu replied in an angry voice with clear signs of resentment on his face.

’’Your metal statues, although are formidable, but what big use can they have in the sea? You have made me angry now. This is my last warning to you, hand those two over to me, otherwise be prepared for the consequences!’’ Aiwei'er looked at the spot in the seawater where the figures of the two giants and the whale warrior had disappeared a while ago. She was still following an obstinate argumentative stance but obviously with less confidence.

Ferguson Xu didn't pay any attention to her and continued to recite the complex sonorous syllables. The scarlet jade thumb ring flashed and got surrounded by a magnificent halo as a burst of golden qi rushed out of the seawater and drilled into the ring.

The old man again put the ring back on his left thumb.

’’I swear as the princess of the Yixiya Empire, I will use the blood of all of you inferior creatures to wash away the stain of humiliation I suffered today!’’ The mermaid princess was completely enraged by Mr. Xu's silence treatment and completely lost it as she clenched her teeth fiercely and let out such poisonous words.

What they witnessed today was only a tiny fraction of sea race's true strength. Yes, the mermaid princess was not just boasting randomly to make a strong argument, the sea race really did have frightening strength.

People on board felt their hearts being pressed by a stone, a really heavy stone.

’’Two’’ Mr. Xu was wringing his hand like a cat on hot bricks. He looked at Liu Zhenhan and Hailun and then averted his gaze the next moment.

’’Today, I have really been put in a tough spot.’’ Mr. Xu helplessly looked at Liu Zhenhan and Hailun once again. Embarrassment and guilt were clearly visible on his face.

Hailun combed her fiery red hair, puffed out her chest and stood calmly. Her hair was fluttering in the sea breeze unyieldingly, which was a perfect metaphor for her unparalleled pride and determination.

’’Elder!’’ Ning Yu could not help but shout at Mr. Xu, apparently in a blaming manner.

’’Ning Yu! Try to understand, I must think about the safety of our entire ship! Cannot you comprehend the consequences of offending the sea race?’’ Mr. Xu partly lowered his head and said while averting his gaze. He could no longer bring himself to look at Liu Zhenhan and Hailun either.

Liu Zhenhan's eyes were bloodshot while he was closely observing the two scarlet jade rings worn on the old man's thumbs.


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