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The Beast’s Blood Boils - Chapter 28


Volume 3 - When he bravely forged ahead on the sea waves

Chapter VII Sea race appears again?

There was an otherworldly aloofness on the girl's face. It seemed as if her face was carved from jade. She had a pair of beautiful eyes with unforgettable charm in them. Liu Zhenhan thought for quite some time but couldn't come up with a fitting compliment to describe her charm.

Indeed, those eyes can speak. Liu Zhenhan said in his heart.

Hailun was also very beautiful and charming, like an enchantress with a grace full of deadly temptation. But in spite of being similarly beautiful, this girl's beauty had a very different expression with profound impact on others.

She had this compelling beauty with a kind of divine aura around her.

Liu Zhenhan couldn't help but gaze at her like a mesmerized fool.

She had an oriental appearance and a well-proportioned figure, reminding him of a female character named Lin Daiyu from 'A Dream of Red Mansions'.

(TL Note: A Dream of Red Mansions is one of the four great novels written by Cao Xueqin in 1791)

Especially her thick and beautiful silver hair that was tied into a tight bun could illuminate a person's heart.

I got to see many beautiful women in the past few days! Liu Zhenhan was almost moved to tears.

Last night he saw a noble and tempting mermaid princess, today he met a super beauty with otherworldly beauty. Liu Zhenhan thought that this world was really too beautiful.

’’This clam woman Ning Yu is at your service, O honorable Beamon guests.’’ The clam woman's smile was like a fresh spring breeze. The attractive black mole near the right corner of her mouth was complimenting her frosty and spotlessly white skin. She had a lucid and elegant style with an inexplicable bashful touch in her complexion.

Suddenly, a mysterious blue light flashed and Liu Zhenhan's clone disappeared into thin air.

’’Illusion magic?’’ Liu Zhenhan and Hailun looked at each other.

’’Yes.’’ The clam woman Ning Yu said.

’’That clone you just made, can it help you fight?’’ Liu Zhenhan asked.

’’That was only an illusion.’’ Ning Yu aspirated like a fragrant orchid. Her sweet smell reminded Liu Zhenhan of his favorite white rabbit candy.

’’Just like the Raptor Druids of Danube wilderness, correct?’’ Hailun said.

’’I have heard about the famous Raptor Druids of Qin Continent but the illusion magic of my Moshao clan only requires the manipulation of light to deceive people's vision. Raptor Druids transform themselves into fierce warriors as goshawk warriors to fight;my illusion magic really doesn't stand a chance.’’ Ning Yu modestly said as her eyes swept toward Hailun as if trying to capture in her mind the fine details of her pretty and seductive appearance. Judging from the smile that appeared on her face, it wasn't hard to tell that she was really impressed by Hailun's breathtaking beauty.

Stunning beauty attracts more than just the opposite se*, and sometimes can also attract the same se*.

At this time, Ning Yu's beautiful gaze finally fell upon Liu Zhenhan's face.

Her facial expression was similar to that of a foodie who was about to savor the taste of a fragrant chicken drumstick but suddenly realized holding a lump of pig dung instead.

Hailun saw her reaction and felt relieved at heart.

Indeed, she didn't know why she felt like that.

’’To frighten or fool the sea race with just this?’’ Liu Zhenhan quietly approached Hailun and whispered in her ear: ’’I think they are bragging.’’

’’Ha-ha’’ Mr. Xu's laughter interrupted the exchange between them: ’’Honorable guests, I have always heard about the bountiful lands of Danube wilderness. If we send you two back to your homeland, in terms of exchange, would it be possible for your country officials to allow us travelers to enter the famous Kingdom of Beamon, and venture into the famous Southern Cross Heavenly Forest in order to witness the great snowy mountains and to pick the medicinal herbs that grow in the everglade region?’’

’’O respectable elder of the east.’’ Hailun collected herself into an elegant posture and said: ’’Our Beamon Kingdom is one of the most hospitable nationalities due to its utmost hospitable people. Although I have no right to promise you anything in the name of my country, I can tell you this much - the Beamon Kingdom boasts some strict restrictions regarding the entry of outsiders. However, in return for your generosity, I am willing to use my status as a Baron of Beamon Kingdom to guarantee that I will do my best in helping you achieve your wish.’’

’’Picks medicinal herbs? More like to pick elixir.’’ Liu Zhenhan burst into laughter but sensed that no one else was willing to respond to his humor, so he quickly switched to coughing to hide his laughter.

’’Fair enough, cannot be better.’’ Mr. Xu waved his hand to signal the sailors and said: ’’Set the sail!’’

’’Yes! Sir!’’ Panda warriors replied in a low muffled voice while they seemed in high spirits all of a sudden.

’’Sir! We have a situation here!’’ The sailor on lookout duty shouted and immediately climbed down the mast. Liu Zhenhan was somewhat envious to see how this panda sailor managed to slip down the mast so neatly and effortlessly thanks to his plump body.

A group of panda sailors immediately gathered on one side of the deck, as if to spot something into the distance.

Five miles ahead, it seemed as if the sea water had been cut into two halves by a giant blade, stirring up countless rapidly advancing waves;dark fins were partly visible and approaching the ship at an incredible pace.

’’If only I had known earlier about the capricious mule-headedness of the sea race, it seems like that the lessons I taught them the day before yesterday was not enough to make them give up, I presume.’’ Mr. Xu reorganized his hair as he said proudly.

Hailun turned toward Liu Zhenhan and stuck her tongue out to make fun of him, after all, the leader of this ship was daring enough to challenge the sea race face to face, contrary to Liu Zhenhan's skeptic assumption.

Well, I still think he is talking big. Liu Zhenhan moved his lips slowly to repeat this sentence over and over, to make it possible for Hailun to read his lips and understand.

Hailun found it quite funny and just wanted to laugh as she saw Ning Yu tightly knitting her eyebrows and staring at Liu Zhenhan with traces of anger on her face.

This girl is just too clever. Liu Zhenhan secretly grumbled in his heart.

Hailun saw Ning Yu's lips moving slightly. She carefully observed and tried to read her lips, and felt that the mold of her mouth indicated not 'idiot' but 'retarded'.

Hailun immediately turned toward Liu Zhenhan and rebuked him with a glare.

’’I think she is definitely not a virgin.’’ Liu Zhenhan said quite virulently as if not at all caring about offending her in the process.

However, Hailun blew a fuse and almost didn't faint after hearing his remark.



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