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The Almighty Martial Arts System - Chapter 76


Chapter 76

AMAS: Chapter 76-A Debt

On the Banyan tree near the pond, cicadas which were hanging on the tree were letting out sounds and butterflies stood on the bushes beside the swing as if they were listening to the sounds that the cicadas were making. It was as if the two creatures couldn't wait for summer to finally come.

Time passed, and after May ended, the weather became hotter and hotter in the blink of an eye, clearly signaling that summer has already arrived. The people living in the city who couldn't stand the heat, began to use their ACs. But that couldn't be said to be the same everywhere else. In the beautiful scenery of Rice Village, the weather was surprisingly still suitable for people to live in. Even if the sun was full at noon, so long as they weren't exposed to the sun's ray of light, and find a nice shaded place to hide, they wouldn't feel the heat emitted by the coming of summer.

Thus, Jiang Fei rushed and hurriedly closed the clinic door in the afternoon, quickly driving off to Rice Village. He didn't have any plans of going back to Jincheng tonight, resting in his villa for the rest of the evening without any care to his surroundings. These days, his workload had increased tremendously, which was also the reason why he needed some time to relax together with Jasmine Lin.

A large number of the fruit trees that Jiang Fei planted had already started to take root. And with time its branches would gradually grow and thicken. The vegetable seeds he had planted on the other hand, had already broken through the soil, buds could be clearly seen sprouting out of the soil that he had planted it in. And just like the trees, it would also grow. Although it wouldn't be as tall as trees, but at that time, its vines would spread out, sprouting vegetables. Such a thing would be a sight to behold.

Of course, a lot of time still needed to pass before that happens but after waiting for another one or two months, the wait would certainly be worth it. Since at that time, the vegetables that he had planted himself would almost likely be matured, and in such a situation Jiang Fei no longer need to buy vegetables in the market.

At dusk, Jiang Fei once again made all kinds of delicacies. And after a good meal, he together with Jasmine Lin and Simba, taking a walk on the picturesque country road.

Compared to the city, the scenery in Rice Village was a sight to behold, and even after visiting the park countless of times, they just couldn't see it as anything but beautiful. The air here was clear, the sky was as blue as it can be, and on the road the sweet smell of 'nature' can be smelt almost at any time. Moreover, even if it were sunny at night, you could still see the stars twinkling in the dark sky.

’’Jiang Fei, your Tibetan Mastiff is growing too fast. You had only bought it a little more than a month ago, but now it's already bigger than Xiao Hung.’’ An aunt from the village looked at Simba, surprised.

’’I heard that Tibetan Mastiffs look like lions, it seems like it really is true.’’

’’That shouldn't be the case. When I went to Jincheng last year, I saw a Tibetan Mastiff, moreover it was one that was already grown up, but it didn't look like a lion, the disparity was too huge. It's probably only Jiang Fei's that should be different.’’

’’Yeah, that should be it, knowing Jiang Fei, his Tibetan Mastiff shouldn't be ordinary. Perhaps it might even be the king of Tibetan Mastiffs!’’

After Jiang Fei and Jasmine Lin walked around the village, the villagers caught sight of them, their line of sight was clearly directed at Simba, its change was simply too huge, thus when they saw Simba once more they were all surprised of its huge growth.

Jiang Fei was naturally quite proud of this. Simba's growth was truly outrageous. The current Simba was larger than an ordinary adult dog. In addition to that, the long hair on its neck added an awe-inspiring attribute to it, making it look look extraordinary.

Usually, the village dogs in the village were very ferocious. Whenever they caught sight of another dog, so long as the owner doesn't greet the other person, the two dogs would bark at each other, provoking each other non-stop. However, when they had caught sight of Simba, they didn't even have the courage to show their teeth, much less growl at him!

Currently, the position of Simba in the dogs' eyes were like looking at a lion in the grassland. Not one of them dared to provoke the other.

After wandering around the village, Jasmine Lin who was running around these days rather than helping Jiang Fei treat patients, felt quite relaxed while being pulled by Simba through the string in her hand, she then asked Jiang Fei: ’’When are you going to your college to hire students? I've already gotten all the documents needed, I'm now only waiting for you to find doctors to hire. Then we can finally open Jiang Hospital and officially start our business.’’

Jiang Fei was also quite attentive with regards to this matter, he didn't want to drag it too long, so after thinking for a moment, he decided: ’’I'll go to school to recruit people tomorrow.’’

The moment the hospital opens, his clinic would be closed. And as for the rent of the clinic that had gone on as a façade for a long time, although Jiang Fei still owes the bank money, they really didn't have it in their sight. After all, with Jiang Fei's current abilities, it wasn't difficult for him to make money. The most important thing for him right now is to live a comfortable life and have fun.

Of course he also didn't have to worry about his patients not going back to his clinic. After all, as soon as he had decided to open a private hospital, he had already begun to inform the people who regularly goes to his clinic that he wouldn't be able to keep the clinic open for a long time, and that he would be opening a small private hospital instead of running a small clinic for his entire his entire life. This news has long been circulating among the people. So even if Jiang Fei were to open a hospital all of a sudden, he didn't need to worry about no patients going to him for treatment.

’’That fast?’’ Jasmine Lin was a little surprised. With Jiang Fei's lazy personality, it was definitely weird for him to do something voluntarily, it even made her worried that something might have happened for his sudden change of attitude.

Jiang Fei sighed and said: ’’I don't have a choice, I don't have much time to myself like before! Recently, I've had to go to the suburb sanitarium two times a week. It can't go on like this. I can't just waste my time for the entire month and consider the matter of the hospital only after I've healed general Ye's legs, right?’’

Speaking of this, Jiang Fei's eyes suddenly brightened. He then looked at Jasmine Lin with a smile and asked: ’’This time I'm helping Ye Yuanyuan treat her grandfather's legs which obviously consumes so much of my energy. But wouldn't it be worth it if we were to ask them for some compensation? You just can't give things away for free, right? Even Ye Yuanyuan herself said that she would agree to whatever condition I wanted. Just that I didn't know what to ask of her!’’

Jasmine Lin looked at Jiang Fei and said: ’’What do you lack now? What is it that you want?’’

Knowing each other pretty well, the two didn't have to put an act and pretend to be a virtuous gentleman.

Just like a couple, not only could the two be honest to each other, they also understood each other pretty well.

It was perfectly natural to want a reward after doing something for another. Which is also why Jasmine Lin didn't think that Jiang Fei was stingy for wanting a reward for his performance.

In fact, she even thought that he wasn't stingy at all and that he, in many aspects, was already quite generous.

’’We seem to be very short on money right now. Can't we just ask her to give me ¥100 million?’’

However he soon shook he soon shook his head again and said: ’’But I think it's a bit too common to raise the topic of money in front of the old general. In fact, I mainly think that they're a family of soldiers, not some great merchants. Sure they may not have shortage of money, but to have them suddenly come up with such a sum, wouldn't that be bad?’’

Jiang Fei didn't understand the situation of the Ye family much, nor did he know old general Ye Zhennan well. But one thing's for sure, just like government officials, it would be impossible to expose military officials whether they have money or not. Moreover, even if Jiang Fei was currently short of money, it wasn't suitable for Ye Yuanyuan to have to pay such an enormous amount of medical fee.

He didn't lose much anyway.

More than that, he felt that it was alright if he didn't get anything....

Jasmine Lin didn't tease Jiang Fei this time and seriously thought about the matter: ’’Just let them owe you a favor.’’

’’Favor?’’ Jiang Fei's brow slightly wrinkled. He generally didn't like such things.

He didn't like the thought of owing someone else, nor did he like people to owe him. Human debts only make the relationship between each other confusing. Even if the two were best friends, after being in each other's debt, their relationship would bound to become strange.

However, thinking about it carefully, having the old general owe him would be a good idea. At least, he would have no need to be afraid of anymore trouble coming his way in the future.

’’We'll just have them owe us. If we encounter any influential person like Gao Hengyuan again, I won't need to do anything and just need to call Yuanyuan to lead soldiers armed with machine guns to come help out!’’ Jiang Fei said with a smile.

Of course, Jiang Fei was just joking, he wasn't that stupid to have such naïve thoughts.

Even if the old general Ye Zhennan owed him a favor, even if he owed him his life, he couldn't just arbitrarily command the other like a subordinate and not leave him some face.


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