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The Almighty Martial Arts System - Chapter 49


Chapter 49

AMAS: Chapter 49-News Reporter

If Qin Zhongming hadn't made any mistake in his procedure, even if his skill was slightly inferior to Jiang Fei's, he at least wouldn't have lost to the young lad. Because the job concerns with other people's lives, it didn't have anything to do with whose skills look better, more beautiful or charming. In the end, the only thing that mattered was whether or not the treatment was successful.

The process didn't matter, and only the results were looked at.

As a result, even though Qin Zhengming knew that Jiang Fei's acupuncture skills was slightly better than his, he still refused to admit it.

Unfortunately for him, he had made a slight mistake, which in the eyes of a master considered to be something fatal, even though he was a sixty or seventy years old man, he wasn't that thick-skinned, to not even acknowledge his own mistakes.

Thus, he could only awkwardly leave the place. It was obvious that he didn't want to give the title of acupuncture king to Jiang Fei, but in the end he didn't have the qualification to order him around!

If he had at least won the contest, he would have been able to, but alas.

Although Qin Zhengming was walking upright and gave off an unyielding character, but deep inside he was depressed.

He was Jincheng Hospital's best Chinese doctor. Moreover, he was the one that took the initiative to look for the young doctor working in a small clinic, and at the same time lost in the competition. This was an incredibly big news!

Does this mean that Jiang Fei's medical skills have already surpassed many large hospitals? In the past, Jiang Fei was only known by the whole neighborhood.

But Qinzhengming's final remarks, was equivalent to officially recognizing Jiang Fei as a real doctor!

Thus, the people was marveled, which quickly spread Jiang Fei's name.

This time's matter, was almost similar to the time when Jiang Fei saved a dying patient, causing a big stir to his surroundings!

After all, Jiang Fei was still a nameless doctor, who had almost closed down his own clinic. So even though he had achieved something of great accomplishment at that time, it had only aroused the interest of the small neighborhood that surrounded him.

But now Jiang Fei had already spread his name, there were now many people that know Jiang Fei's reputation as a doctor. And with today's event as a catalyst, Jiang Fei's name would spread to even more people.

In the past, Jiang Fei's fame was only spread out by the patients he treated via word of mouth, and only the people in his area knew his name.

A good preparation is the key to success!

One battle to spread one's name!

These two sentences can appropriately describe the events today.

Jiang Fei's clinic had once again reached another level. In the past only a few people nearby would come to see him for medical treatment, but now there were people from far away, driving two or three hours here, just to see him!

Even patients from other cities near Jincheng, would specifically come to his little clinic.

So now, Jiang Fei had set a restriction with regards to the number of acupuncture he'll do per day. And since many people from the crowd came from big hospitals, many of them had sent red envelops (bribery), to have Jiang Fei look at them. The amount of these red envelopes weren't small, ranging from thousands, to even tens of thousands!

Jiang Fei seriously considered the matter, and after struggling with his ideology, in the end he reluctantly set a rule of not accepting any red envelopes.

As of recent, he wasn't really short in money, otherwise....

Keke! Jiang Fei may have done something different.

This morning, the moment Jiang Fei and Jasmine Lin opened the door, a woman wearing professional clothing came in.

However, this woman wasn't a patient, but a reporter!

After finding out the woman's identity, Jiang Fei asked: ’’So you aren't here to visit a doctor, but for an interview?’’

The female reporter nodded and introduced herself: ’’I'm Li Fei, a reporter from Sichuan Metropolis Daily. I have heard many things about Dr. Jiang, so I've come to interview you.’’

Jiang Fei wasn't able to respond right away. He didn't think that his fame had already reached this point, of being wanted to be in the news!

Is this fame?

For him, being famous, and being admired by many people, is something to be happy about. But still, he was a little worried, thinking that if he were to become too famous, be in TV news, as well as having thousands of girls obsessed, to the point that he wouldn't even be able to go outside his own house similar to celebrities such as Liu Dehua and Jin Chengwu. And that he would always be surrounded by fans, asking for his signature and even for a kiss!

That....would be a bit too troublesome!

Jiang Fei enjoyed the life of an ordinary person, and that the life of a showbiz idol was definitely not suited for someone like him.

However, seeing the female reporter's pleading look, Jiang Fei felt that he wouldn't be able to refuse her request.

Jiang Fei nodded, and just like the Five heroes of Mount Langya who jumped off a cliff to avoid being captured, Jiang Fei clenched his teeth and said: ’’Fine! I'll do it. But in TV interviews, will I have to wear make up and professional clothing? Did...di you bring a professional team with you?

Jiang Fei was always willing to help other. For this female reporter, he wouldn't care, even if he becomes famous just like Jincheng Wu.

Hearing Jiang Fei's question, Li Fei almost couldn't hold back her laughter. She explained: ’’Dr. Jiang, I'm a reporter for the newspaper, not a reporter from a TV station. I'm here to interview you and publish it in the newspaper, so you won't need any make up or anything else.’’

Jasmine Lin who had been paying attention to the situation, finally could hold back her laughter: ’’For you to want to put on makeup just for an interview, what are you thinking!’’

Jiang Fei felt quite embarrassed, he stared at this insensible woman, and as if nothing had happened, he looked at the reporter and asked: ’’What is the interview about?’’

’’I just wanted to interview about Chinese Medicine. Nowadays, people have this universal viewpoint, that our Ancient Chinese Medicine is obsolete, and from whatever aspect you compare it with, it is still incomparable to Western Medicine. This viewpoint is something I don't approve of, so I've done many investigation to disprove this. But even so, Chinese Medicine isn't valued much in this country, on the other hand many developed countries in the West attach great importance to Chinese Medicine.’’ Li Fei didn't take the incident just now seriously, and had quickly brought up the matter.

After listening to her talk, a serious expression could be seen plastered on Jiang Fei's face, right now he was labeled as the Acupuncture King, which was still regarded as an aspect of Chinese Medicine, after meticulously thinking about the matter, he resolutely said: ’’Chinese Medicine is the cumulation of our ancestors wisdom, passed down from generation to generation. Although it is true that there are some aspects that Western Medicine is better at. But even so, we absolutely can't give up on Chinese Medicine.’’

Li Fei nodded: ’’That's right. I've heard many stories about Dr. Jiang, so I know that here in Jincheng, many considers you as a highly skilled doctor. So if your deeds and opinions were to be published in the newspaper, it would certainly convince many more people to look at Chinese Medicine in a different manner. Li Fei paused for a moment, before saying: ’’In fact, I had already published a news about you at that time when you had saved a dying patient.’’

’’Oh, I've already been in the news? Which issue was it?’’ Jiang Fei was surprised by the sudden news, he was even ready to go back and buy that specific newspaper, to read it and preserving it.

This year, with so many people living in China, it was almost impossible to be reported in a top newspaper station like Sichuan Daily.

It was something of great privilege!

Li Fei suddenly reached out for her bag and took out a folded newspaper: ’’I have it with me....’’

Jiang Fei hurriedly took it, while Jasmine Lin curiously leaned over wanting to see the news report.

After reading the report about him, Jiang Fei's mood became even better. Li Fei nodded: ’’Do you have any question you want to ask, although I'm sure you know everything about it already!’’


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