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The Almighty Martial Arts System - Chapter 48


Chapter 48

AMAS: Chapter 48-Who is better?

Qin Zhengming demonstrated his formidable acupuncture, and even though he made a slight mistake, it was harmless. Even doctors wouldn't have noticed such a mistake, much less the people who surrounded them.

Even the patient himself only felt a little bit strange, as if he was just bitten by a small mosquito.

Thus, after Jiang Fei revealed Qin Zhengming's identity, the whole crowd's attitude towards him naturally changed, and placed great respect in the depths of their heart, not daring to underestimate him any longer.

But even then, no one dared to belittle Jiang Fei!

Although they've seen Qin Zhengming's acupuncture skills, but in their mind, it still couldn't compare to Jiang Fei's.

’’Uncle, where are you uncomfortable?’’ Jiang Fei went to the other patient, and asked.

The other patient was clearly older than the middle-aged man with the beer belly, his sideburns were somewhat white, making him look like he was at least fifty years old.

’’Recently, my vision has been becoming worst, sometimes I can't see clearly, and when I look at the sun it look really bright. I was told that I had cataract, and that acupuncture has a very good effect on it.’’ The middle-aged man said.

’’Open your eyes, I'll take a look.’’ Jiang Fei bent down, and looked carefully for a few second. He then smiled and said: ’’It's indeed a cataract. And indeed, it can be treated with acupuncture.

Jiang Fei didn't expect that his patient would have an eye disease. Moreover, the patient had gone to Jincheng Hospital for a check-up, and although his observation had coincided with theirs', the method he used to identify it was completely different from the one used in Jincheng Hospital. The method he used was the traditional Chinese Medicine Method.

Jiang Fei continued: ’’According to Chinese Medicine, the cause of cataract is mostly because of age, having weaker liver and kidney, low blood pressure and spleen deficiency, can cause the eyes to become cloudy. In addition to that, heating up of the liver can also cause cataract. Thus, cataract can be treated with acupuncture. To treat this, it is necessary to supplement the deficiency of your liver and the kidney as well as supplement your spleen deficiency.’’

The people was naturally puzzled with Jiang Fei's remark, since they couldn't clearly hear him outside.

However, the sneer on the old man Qin Zhengming's face disappeared, and after hearing Jiang Fei's words, the way he looked at him changed, he slightly frowned.

Regardless of Jiang Fei's acupuncture skills, after hearing his opinion on the cause and the method to treat cataract, it showed Jiang Fei's foundation in Chinese Medicine was indeed good, and could even go to Jincheng Hospital to become a medical consultant!

’’Did this kid really learn Chinese Medicine?’’ Qin Zhengming said to himself. But his thoughts didn't change, never thinking that he would lose against him.

’’Even I don't dare to call myself the Acupuncture King, let alone a kid like you. Today, I'll take down that plaque of yours!’’

After Jiang Fei said the cause of the disease, Jasmine Lin immediately brought the acupuncture needle after disinfecting it. Jiang Fei then said to the patient in a calm manner: ’’Close your eyes.’’

The patient naturally trusted Jiang Fei. Otherwise, he wouldn't have made an appointment with him ahead of time. So unlike the beer bellied middle-aged man, he closed his eyes.

The moment the patient closed his eyes, the smile on Jiang Fei's face disappeared, his eyes became cold, taking two long needles in each hand, and without any warning, he thrust the needles separately on two acupuncture points: the Gathering Bamboo Acupuncture Point and the Silken Bamboo Hollow Acupuncture point.

Just now, the disdain on Qin Zhengming's face disappeared, his eyes widened, and the way he looked at him completely changed!

The disdain in his eyes was no longer there, he was shocked and was unable to believe what he had seen.

You must know, that Jiang Fei had not only pierced two acupuncture points at the same time, but he had done so around the eyes, the most dangerous spots at that. Most acupuncture doctors wouldn't dare touch any of these places. Moreover, even famous Chinese Medicine doctors would find it hard to accurately spot these two acupuncture points, but Jiang Fei had done so.

Of course, this point alone, would only tell that his acupuncture skills weren't bad. Certainly, there many such acupuncture doctors that were able to do such a thing, but just this wasn't enough to get Qin Zhengming's attention.

However, Jiang Fei's action wasn't that simple.

First, Jiang Fei's needle was faster than Qin Zhengming's, it looked as if he didn't even take any time to identify the acupuncture point, and had only taken a glance to know fairly well the exact point of the acupuncture point. Moreover, in the face of such a needle, the patient that had his eyes closed, didn't look scared, it looked as if he wasn't in any pain, as if he didn't even feel a thing.

This showcase of skill, shows that Jiang Fei's acupuncture skills, was forged for no less than a decade...and was even stronger than Qin Zhengming's!

But the thing that astonished Qin Zhengming the most was that Jiang Fei was able to use acupuncture with both of his hands, using one mind to control the two, raising the difficulty more than 2 times.

You must know, when Qin Zhengming treated a patient a moment ago, he had only used one needle all along, although he was somewhat able to use two needles, but he unlike Jiang Fei, he wouldn't dare do so.

It was because using only one needle is a lot safer than using two.

One would only use double needle acupuncture if he was confident with his own acupuncture skills. Although Qin Zhengming had a violent temper, but he didn't have such confidence with himself.

The corner of Qin Zhengming's mouth moved, but he didn't dare speak, he continued to look at the scene before him. In his present state, he only thought that Jiang Fei's actions was a fluke. Although it looked mediocre, but he couldn't say for sure if Jiang Fei's acupuncture was really the legendary three needle technique.

However, Jiang Fei's next action, quickly ceased his train of thought.

Without even letting time passed by, Jiang Fei moved both his hands at the same time, removing the two needles from the two bamboo points. And with lightning speed, which only Qin Zhengming could clearly see, the two needles was inserted into the Four Whites Acupuncture Point and the Joining Valley Acupuncture Point.

He then pierced the patient's temples!

This steps was the method to treat cataract. These five points were the main acupuncture points to treat cataract, whether it was the deficiency of the liver and the kidney which was caused by the cataract, or the spleen deficiency caused by the cataract, all of it ties to these five acupuncture points.

Loosening these acupuncture points, was the same as supplementing them.

The Liver Transporter, the Kidney Transporter, the Supreme Stream, the Supreme Rush, Jiang Fei's needle pierced all over the place, piercing all kinds of acupuncture points, and approximately ten minutes later, Jiang Fei completely pulled out the two silver needle in the patient's body.

’’You can open your eyes now. Try to see if there's any effect.’’ Jiang Fei said with a smile, while handing the two silver needle to Jasmine Lin, to let her disinfect it.

After he levelled up, and increased his Spirit stat, making his spirit become even more formidable. In the past, if he had treated the same illness, he would have been a little tired after doing such a treatment, but now he didn't feel even the slightest exhaustion.

The patient had his eyes closed, and was motionless. Feeling the cold air being transmitted into his eyes, his eyes moistened, making him very comfortable, to the point that he had almost fallen asleep. But after hearing Dr. Jiang's voice, he suddenly woke up, and noticed that Dr. Jiang had already stopped working.

Slowly, he opened his eyes, and looked at a distant place.

’’Well, how's your eyes?’’ The patient didn't respond right away, but after a few second, he was surprised: ’’My....My eyes can see clearly!’’

Looking at the patient's pleasantly surprised smile, Jiang Fei smiled, his face then stiffened....and turned towards the completely stunned old man Qin Zhengming, he then smiled and asked: ’’Elder Doctor Qin, how's my acupuncture skills?’’

Qin Zhengming was stunned for a long time, his face changing several times.

But in the end, he kept silent, walking towards the cataract patient: ’’Open your eyes, let me see how it is....’’

He wanted to check if the patient's eyes had really recovered, and not just Jiang Fei's plot to con him!

However, ten seconds later, the tyrannical aura surrounding the old man weakened, and after half a second, he looked at Jiang Fei: ’’Your acupuncture very fierce!’’

The crowd surrounded them, heard this, and said: ’’We really are fortunate to see two Chinese medicine experts compete in acupuncture. I think the skill of the two are really similar!’’

’’Althought, that's true. But Dr. Jiang is still young, after a few years, his acupuncture skills should surpass Elder Doctor Qin, right?’’

A smile didn't appear on Qin Zhengming's face.

Jiang Fei didn't comment on their conversation.

Instead he looked at Qin Zhengming, a smile could be seen on his face as he said: ’’So, whose acupuncture skill is better? Will elder say that he'll take down my plaque again?’’

After listening to Jiang Fei's words, Qin Zhengming's face flushed, he gritted his teeth, he said: ’’Boy, your acupuncture skills is better than mine! That plaque of yours....I don't have the qualifications to take it down. Today's acupuncture your win!’’

And then, Qin Zhengming flickered his sleeves, he left the clinic, and somewhat embarrassedly walked away.


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