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The Almighty Martial Arts System - Chapter 24


Chapter 24-King of Shit of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Seeing the characters written on this plaque, Jiang Fei was really stunned. Stunned for a moment, he was awakened by the thunderous applauses in his surroundings.

Acupuncture King!

These were the patients who were ill for many years that could only recover because of his needle, and this spontaneous group, had given him the Title-Acupuncture King!

This really made Jiang Fei -feel really good!

’’Doctor Jiang please accept this plaque!’’

’’There's no one else worthy of the title of Acupuncture King than you, Doctor Jiang!’’

’’Fame follows merit. In the past I've always never believed in doctors trained in Chinese medicine, but after being treated by Doctor Jiang I now believe that Chinese medicine is great. Later, I'll always choose to visit doctors profound in Chinese Medicine!’’

Hearing these words of praises mixed in the thunderous applause, Jiang Fei couldn't hide the smile on his face.

Actually he hadn't even thought that he needed to hide it, and soon the corners of his mouth reached up to his ear.

Cupping his hands toward the people, he humbly said, 'I don't deserve your praises', making modest remarks with 'outstanding kindness', and without delay he let the two men carry the plaque and come in the clinic, careful, and with utmost care, he appreciated what they were doing for him, and thus satisfying his own vanity.

Which doctor doesn't want to be called a miracle-working doctor, and an Acupuncture King?

This was simply a great honor.

His patients had given him a plaque, compared to sending him a million red envelops, this had made him a lot happier. If his family knew that he got this plaque, he feared that they would be also happy for him.

Jiang Fei's mouth was saying that he doesn't want it, but his body was very honest. He wants it, he wants it, he wants it!

’’Dr. Jiang, I see that we mustn't carry the plaque inside, we'll help you hang the plaque outside, on top of your clinic! Let everyone know Dr. Jiang's superb medical skill!’’ The middle-aged man who lifted the inscribed horizontal tablet said.

This middle-aged man's kidney wasn't functioning well, thus losing his power in bed for a very long time. In his family he was like a wolf with a tiger as a wife, and each time he went to bed, he would always suffer, unable to look at his wife in the eye. Later, after being treated with Jiang Fei's needle, he went home that night to handle his wife in bed, making his wife unable to get up the very next day, for this he worshipped Jiang Fei very much.

Not only to his own family, but even friends and colleagues, he worked hard to advertise Jiang Fei to them, so that they would come here to see Jiang Fei.

Listening to what he had said, Jiang Fei thought it was very reasonable.

This plaque made him very satisfied, which looked the same as a treasure in his eyes.

However, this treasure wasn't ordinary, he couldn't just hide it inside, he has to hang it outside, so that everyone knows about him, using it to the most of his ability.

’’Hanging it up there is good. However, don't hang it outside. Hanging it unsafe, nevertheless hang it on the wall.’’ Jiang Fei thought for a while, and said. Hanging it outside, it was needless to say there was the wind and rain, but what if it was stolen, what do he do then?

Jiang Fei couldn't buy the plaque back, right?

This kind of stuff will only be interesting when someone had gotten it from someone else. Buying one for himself is no fun, and would instead be laughed at by others.

’’Do it!’’

Hearing Jiang Fei, they all started to move to help Jiang Fei hung the plaque.

’’Look at your happy appearance.’’ Jasmine Lin arrived at Jiang Fei's side, and couldn't help but give him all kinds of supercilious looks. In fact, seeing Jiang being well respected, her happiness was not much less than Jiang Fei's. To her it was just like these people were also complimenting her.

’’In a person's proud time he must have a good time, if I be unhappy at this time of my life then when should I be happy!’’ In front of Jasmine Lin, Jiang Fei wasn't modest at all, and with a meaningful glance, he mischievously smiled, saying in a low voice: ’’How is it, the person that's now standing in front of you is the Acupuncture King, you didn't think that I'd become this big in a flash, you must be thinking that I'm brilliant in your head, and especially want to worship me, right?’’

Jasmine Lin coordinated with him, and vigorously nodded her head, just like an inanimate young girl, she said in a whining tone: ’’Oppa, you're too handsome! I want to live as your monkey!’’

*Cough...* Jiang Fei was immediately defeated by this woman, but just when he was going to say something to this monkey, he suddenly heard a loud noise outside the clinic.

’’Get out of the way, all of you get out of the way!’’ Some people shouted as if it was the voice of a God.

Jiang Fei frowned, hearing the sound he knew that it was another trouble. But he had just been given the title 'Acupuncture King' and was overjoyed, who would have thought that it hadn't even been that long when his bad luck found him again?

Jiang Fei angrily turned, ready to teach these outrageous people a lesson.

To make trouble at this time, it's like when someone's openly making trouble and having very little sense of morality.

But just as Jiang Fei had turned around, he was shocked, it was because he recognized a number of them. They were initially the people who were trouble the young married woman's business.

Several tattooed men who had essentially not changed, all came together with the forceful middle-aged woman walking towards his clinic. The only one that wasn't here was the middle-aged woman's husband. He thought that the woman's husband was too embarrassed to come. Jiang Fei, after all had saved his mother from death, to have the nerve to come and bother Jiang Fei, was something he really wouldn't have.

’’What's the matter?’’ Jiang Fei tentatively asked.

In fact, what he had asked was just idle talk, and just by looking at these people's facial expression he already knew that they had come to look for trouble. He had also completely guessed what these people were here for, and that was to make another scene.

Hearing these words, the middle-aged woman and a few men sneered and said, ’’Did you think we've come here to chat with you?’’

Jiang Fei shook his head: ’’Chatting is not necessary, but if you've come to see a doctor....’’ Jiang Fei pointed at the inscribed horizontal tablet that his patients had just hung, and then said: ’’Acupuncture King! My medical skill is good. If you're sick, I can examine you. Of course, you have to give me money.’’

To tell the truth, Jiang Fei wasn't afraid of a few bums.

If they dared to misbehave like the time at Su Nan's clinic, smash things, and even hit people, he wasn't like Su Nan, the pair of orphaned and widowed mother who could only be trampled upon.

’’Look what you've turned mother to. She's clearly ill!’’ Sure enough the middle-aged woman's elegant manner didn't decrease and was the same on that very day, and just like before she was talking crap as if it was ordinary, she smelt bad making Jiang Fei's brows to stand up, his complexion changed.

’’A few days ago, you used your needle on my mother-in-law and turned her into a cripple. I didn't have the time to find you afterwards and have you take responsibility. Yet you still dare to ask me to have you examine us? Boy, your courage is really big enough!’’ The middle-aged woman abusively shouted. However, she didn't dare to handle the situation the same way as she had done at Su Nan's clinic, and had instead used her mouth to set about, pouring at the man, otherwise she wouldn't have any advantage against him.

Jiang Fei made a gesture, and quickly sneered, he then said: ’’When did I turn your mother-in-law into a cripple? Your mother-in-law was almost dead that day, and I saved her. If you want to use this as an excuse to blackmail, it isn't a good one, we could always find your mother-in-law for confrontation.’’

Hearing what he had said, the people who had delivered the plaque to Jiang Fei immediately had a response. These people who delivered the plaque, had initially been at Su Nan's clinic, and had actually witnessed the scene at the time.

Previously, when these people bullied Su Nan, they firmly observed the scene from the start, moreover these people didn't have any favor towards Su Nan, so they had all chose to remain silent at that time.

However, this situation was different.

Jiang Fei was their benefactor, he had treated their illness that had persisted for so many years. Moreover, Jiang Fei was the region's divinity, so how can they just ignore what was happening right in front of them.

’’That's right. Even the hospital had given up on your mother-in-law last time, and could only wait for death, if it weren't for Dr. Jiang she would have died already.’’

’’What's the matter with this woman, how can she just insult Dr. Jiang?’’

’’What a joke. What kind of thing do you think is Dr. Jiang's medical skill, do you think he will prick people and turn them into cripple? You haven't asked around, but Dr. Jiang is indeed the Acupuncture King!’’

’’In the past when I saw this woman making trouble. The last time you wanted to make it difficult for Doctor Su, and this time you want to come and find trouble for Dr. Jiang! We won't let you!’’

Making noise, unable to reach a decision, everyone pointed at this group of people blaming them, and wasn't ashamed at all.

’’Who doesn't agree? Who dares not to agree!’’ A person with a height of about 1.9m, stood up and roared. A pair of cattle like eyes glared at four directions, letting off an imposing manner. ’’Today, we're here to solve personal grievances, we don't want to get you into trouble, so immediately get out of the way!’’

With the man's imposing manner, the crowd was immediately suppressed, not daring to speak.

’’Who would go with you to settle personal grievances? Have personal grievances, then we'll call the police!’’ Hearing these people making trouble without any reason, Jasmine Lin coldly shouted loudly. Right now she was also a part of this clinic, so how can she let people run amok here?

’’Yo, you look pretty good. This boy's luck in love is also great, to have such an attractive girl.’’ When some of the people saw Jasmine Lin, their eyes immediately brightened, and with a dirty smile, they said.

When the middle-aged woman saw Jasmine Lin, she was very disgusted. This was the same as when scholars tend to disparage with one another, and in fact these two women were belittling each other.

’’The police? Well, you try to report to them. Today, I'll smash this broken shop, we'll see if the police would dare to come! Acupuncture King, I think it's the king of shit of traditional Chinese Medicine is more like it!’’ The middle-aged woman angrily cursed. She then waved and said: ’’We'll give this king of shit of Traditional Chinese Medicine a lesson, and smash this shop completely. Take down that sign on the wall, and bring it to me to smash!’’


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