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The Alchemist God - Chapter 179


Chapter 179

Chapter 179: It's all about money

As the drizzle continued to fall, a large group of Flame Wolf Mercenaries raised their weapons and rode their horses as they left Blue Fog Town . This meant that Lin Mu Yu's convincing had been a large success, simply winning without any losses . He had won Feng Xi's close to two thousand people without spilling a drop of blood .

Lin Mu Yu put on his rain clothes and rode his horse beside Feng Xi . Behind them, the mercenaries were either walking or pulling a cart, which were filled with the mercenary group's property . The Flame Wolf Mercenaries were indeed quite poor, so much that they even brought along their tables and chairs . Lin Mu Yu said nothing because it was good to be good at housekeeping .

’’I've heard that sir captain is of common birth, right?’’ Feng Xi raised his cloak and blocked his face . He spoke while revealing a smile . This young Flame Wolf Mercenaries captain was filled with awe and fear of Lin Mu Yu, so he spoke very carefully .

’’Un . ’’

Lin Mu Yu nodded before saying with a smile, ’’However, sir Feng Xi can be assured that I am not like those people in the capital . In my eyes, commoners and nobles are all the same, all humans are equal . ’’

Feng Xi couldn't help being stunned as he said, ’’This subordinate has heard that sir had saved his majesty and princess Qin Yin in Deer Cry Court and has become his majesty's adopted son . With sir's current identity, why do you need to be a mercenary?’’

’’This status was given by others, it can be taken away whenever they wish to take it . ’’ Lin Mu Yu shook his arms, letting the raindrops fall onto the mountain road .

Feng Xi smiled, ’’Sir, can our Dragon Courage Camp really be honourable and fair?’’

Lin Mu Yu turned to look at him . His eyes were very terrifying as he said in a confident voice, ’’You have to ask yourself . Feng Xi, if you have the word ’’righteous’’ at the bottom of your heart, our Dragon Courage Camp will be extraordinary . If each one of our mercenaries has the word ’’righteous’’ at the bottom of their heart, Dragon Courage Camp will not degrade in mercenary scum that slaughters the innocent . ’’

’’Un . ’’

Feng Xi gave a heavy nod and his eyes lit up, ’’Sir, I understand . ’’

’’Help me pick out all the bloodthirsty members of the original Flame Wolf Mercenaries who would kill people for fun . After we return to Dragon Cliff Mountain, let them leave after we give them some gold coins . Dragon Courage Camp do not need anyone who would kill innocent people . ’’

’’Yes, this subordinate will achieve this!’’

They arrived at Dragon Cliff Mountain in the afternoon . Luo Yu had already received the news, so he led people down to welcome them .

Feng Xi led his people up the mountain with a serious look . When his eyes fell onto Luo Jian, he couldn't help giving a cold laugh as he said, ’’Vice captain Luo Jian is living a good life, you're already wearing the Dragon Courage Camp uniform?’’

Luo Jian's face became white, ’’Captain, I... . . I had no choice... . . ’’

’’Is that so?’’

Feng Xi's eyes were indifferent and he said nothing as he rode his horse forward .

Lin Mu Yu and Luo Yu smiled at each other . It seems like combining Dragon Courage Camp and the Flame Wolf Mercenaries will be a large problem . If it wasn't properly taken care of, the Flame Wolf Mercenaries might start an internal fight .

In the afternoon, the meal was served as usual . The meal was very simple, no different from that of the army, this was something specially set by Lin Mu Yu . Each meal had a few simple pies and a meat soup . Eating meat each every three days, this was the same for everyone, even Lin Mu Yu the captain was holding a bowl of meat soup, sitting beside Luo Yu eating his pies .

Feng Xi was holding a bowl of meat soup as he sat down beside Lin Mu Yu . He didn't know if he should laugh or cry as he said, ’’Sir, we... . . We only eat this every day? Didn't you say that Dragon Courage Camp wasn't lacking in money? Why are the meals so lacking?’’

Lin Mu Yu also smiled, ’’Feng Xi, this is the standard meal for the imperial guards in Orchid Goose City, so our Dragon Courage Camp will also use this standard . After all, our Dragon Courage Camp are not looting mercenaries and if we don't raise their appetite now, we cannot afford it in the future . Moreover... . . The more hardships they face, they might gain more strength in the future . ’’

’’Un . ’’

Feng Xi had a look of respect on his face . After drinking a mouthful of his meat soup, he said with a smile, ’’Hearing sir say this, this meat soup seem new and delicious . ’’

Lin Mu Yu and Luo Yu broke out in laughter .

Feng Xi ate as he asked, ’’Luo Yu, what level is your cultivation?’’

’’Level sixty Heaven Realm Realm . ’’ Luo Yu put down his pie as he responded with a smile .

’’Heaven Realm......’’

Feng Xi's face dimmed as he revealed a gloomy look and said, ’’Sir Luo Yu is a Heaven Realm expert and is one of the Dragon Courage Camp's vice captain . I, Feng Xi am only a Second Earth Tier Battle Venerate... . . Ai, I'm not worthy of being a vice captain... . . ’’

Luo Yu couldn't help smiling as he patted his shoulder and said, ’’Brother Feng Xi doesn't need to be this depressed, strength is slowly increased . You can become a vice captain because of your prestige . If you didn't stay in Dragon Cliff Mountain, do you think those two thousand Flame Wolf Mercenaries would obediently stay on Dragon Cliff Mountain and listen to our orders?’’

Lin Mu Yu also smiled and said, ’’Luo Yu's words are right . We'll need Feng Xi's help if we want out Dragon Courage Camp to be harmonious in the future!’’

Feng Xi put down his bowl and cupped his hands with bright eyes as he said, ’’This subordinate is willing to die for sir!’’

’’Alright, we'll talk after you pick the people to keep in the afternoon . ’’


After lunch, Feng Xi picked through them one by one and picked out one thousand four hundred and forty two people to keep out of the over nineteen hundred people . The others were giving twenty gold coins before they left . These people had killed innocent people and their hands were dyed with blood . Lin Mu Yu was not willing to allow these people remain in Dragon Courage Camp . Once a person was used to killing, they might lose their humanity .

It was Feng Xi who bore the greatest pressure . Many of them had followed him for many years and although they were numb from killing, they had been his brothers . Quite a few people were crying when they left .

Like this, the one thousand four hundred and forty two fresh blood was added to the seven hundred and forty two people members of Dragon Courage Camp . Like this, after absorbing the over two thousand people of the Flame Wolf Mercenaries, the Dragon Courage Camp had two thousand four hundred and fifty eight people . This amount of people was already considered a very powerful strength . As long as Luo Yu and Feng Xi took the time to train them, Dragon Courage Camp's battle strength would be unrecognizable .

In the afternoon, a large sign was slowly raised, being placed in the main hall that was set as the command center . This hall was the headquarters the headquarters of Swordsmen Hall, but all the luxuries inside had been taken away and what replaced it was an army's command center . The lamps lit the hall and there were ten guards, standing under the sign reflecting the light . There were two clear words written on it, Regulations Hall .

This was the name Luo Yu picked . Regulations, perfectly reflecting the ancient chinese officer rank, regulations officer, representing the authority to control an army . At the same time, the Regulations Hall also had another meaning .

’’Sir, this subordinate has thought of the Dragon Courage Camp rank grades . ’’

Luo Yu presented a scroll which had the ranks Luo Yu had thought up for Dragon Courage Camp, clearly written on it .

First rank, captain . Highest commander .

Second rank, vice captain . Second highest commander .

Third rank, Dragon Commander . Has the right to command one thousand soldiers .

Fourth rank, Tiger Commander . Controls five hundred people .

Fifth rank, Wolf Commander . Controls one hundred people .

Sixth rank, Leader . Controls ten people .

Seven rank, Squad Leader . Controls five people .

Eighth rank, elite soldier .

Ninth rank, normal soldier .

After Lin Mu Yu looked it over, he nodded with praise, ’’Un, it's very clear, only how do we implement it?’’

Luo Yu cupped his hands and said with a smile, ’’We'll use merits to exchange for rank . Only clear rewards and punishments can raise morale . Currently, there are two Dragon Commanders positions taken by this subordinate and sir Feng Xi . Once more officers rise from their merits, we'll give the positions to them . We'll just wait for people to fill the Tiger and Wolf Commander positions for now!’’

’’Alright, we'll do it like this!’’ Lin Mu Yu nodded in approval .

Feng Xi looked at Luo Yu with a gaze of respect as he said, ’’Sir Luo Yu is of common birth, yet you are so familiar with commanding an army, truly a good man . I wonder, where did sir learn all of this?’’

Luo Yu's face turned red as he respectfully said, ’’I won't hide it from the two of you . Although Luo Yu is of common birth, that is because of my family's decline . Luo Yu's ancestor is the second generation famous general of the High Cloud Pavilion!’’

’’High Cloud Pavilion?’’

Feng Xi was shocked, ’’Could sir Luo Yu's ancestor be... . . The second of the High Cloud Pavilion's twenty six heroes, Luo Tong Hai?’’

’’Un . ’’

Luo Yu gave a slight nod and said, ’’It's a pity our descendents did not have talent and brought disgrace to our disgrace to our ancestor . Speaking of it, it really is shameful . ’’

Lin Mu Yu revealed a faint smile, ’’It's fine, there are many chances to perform merits in this world!’’

Luo Yu's eyes revealed a burning gaze as he looked at Lin Mu Yu and said, ’’Sir, Luo Yu wants to ask you a question . ’’

’’Un, ask . ’’

’’Sir, will our Dragon Courage Camp always be a mercenary group, or... . . will there be a day where we fight for the Great Qin Empire?’’

Lin Mu Yu took in a breath and said, ’’If this world truly needs us, the Dragon Courage Camp will rush to the battlefield, this was the reason why I established Dragon Courage Camp . Relax, Luo Yu, as long as you keep pushing forward, you'll be able to find a chance to perform merits for the empire and even become a general like your ancestor . ’’

Luo Yu's body was slightly trembling . His eyes were wild as he excitedly cupped his hands and said, ’’This subordinate Luo Yu is willing to die for sir!’’

Lin Mu Yu gave a satisfied nod . He was truly understanding the principles of this world in this moment, gradually learning the path of a ruler . Luo Yu wanted to find a chance to perform merits and become a general . Feng Xi needed a strong backing and people to point his way for him . Lin Mu Yu had provided the things the two of them wanted, so these two were naturally willing to die for him .

They discussed matters until the night . Luo Yu suddenly reminded, ’’Sir, we will need to buy two thousand horses from the western region . This subordinate has already prepared things with the horse merchants and they should be able to deliver the horses within seven days . A single horse will cost eighty gold coins and the total is one hundred and sixty thousand gold coins . Adding in the saddle, horseshoes, and fodder, I'm afraid we can't raise them without two hundred thousand gold coins .

’’I understand... . . ’’

Lin Mu Yu opened his Qiankun Bag and took out three hundred diamond coins, handing them all over to Luo Yu, as his heart filled with pain . There were only sixty diamond coins left in his Qiankun Bag, so he was feeling a bit poor . To raise a powerful army, it was not something a normal person could accomplish . However, Lin Mu Yu thought about the hundred bottles of Dreaming of the Peak the Imperial Capital Store sold . He hadn't collected the money yet, but it should be enough!


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