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The Alchemist God - Chapter 178


Chapter 178

is robe and casually walking through the rain .

At this time, a horse carriage suddenly rushed by in front of him The driver had a fierce look on his face as he whipped his horse whip, loudly shouted, ’’Quickly move bastard!’’


The horse whip flew in an arc at Lin Mu Yu's neck, but Lin Mu Yu was faster . It was unknown when his left hand raised, but he suddenly grabbed the end of the whip and pulled . Instantly, the driver of the horse carriage fell down . Daring to drive a wild horse through a small town, truly too dangerous .


The driver fell down right on his face, covering his face in mud water . He quickly stood up and cursed, ’’Bastard, daring to offend me like this . Brothers, cut him to pieces for me!’’

Several large men wielding swords and axes jumped down from the cart, each one with a fierce expression on their face . There was even one who summoned out a martial spirit which was a Wild Wolf Martial Spirit, around the seventh-eighth grade . He raised his battle axe above him and angrily shouted, ’’Daring to block this master's path, seeking death!’’

The axe came very fast, but Lin Mu Yu did not dodge . With a low roar, a green gourd wall was released and it sent the large man with his axe flying away . On the other side, a mercenary holding a long sword stabbed as fast as lightning, wanting to pierce through Lin Mu Yu's chest . However, he never thought that Lin Mu Yu was even faster, dodging his attack and raising his right hand, causing the hit of the sword to slam into the other side's chest .


That person gave a grunt as he was forced back, unable to take it .

Lin Mu Yu raised the corner of his cloak and revealed a terrifying set of eyes as he softly said, ’’Don't provoke me, otherwise I can't guarantee I won't draw my sword next time . ’’

The several mercenaries were all stunned as they watched Lin Mu Yu martial spirit slowly disappear . Not a single one dared speak and they could only silently watch Lin Mu Yu turn to leave .

At this time, from a corner of the street, a monkey like man had seen everything and quickly mounted his horse, riding down the street . He wildly dashed to the outskirts and continued to a green gated yard before dismounting . He quickly entered the main hall and loudly said, ’’Captain, this is bad! Lin Mu Yu is here!’’

In the hall, there was a warrior wearing light armour who was around thirty years old, currently sipping tea . His brows knit and he said, ’’Wang Hou Er, why are you not calm? How could Lin Mu Yu come by himself into our Flame Wolf Mercenaries' territory?’’

’’But I was certain I saw him . His martial spirit was a green gourd . ’’

’’Green gourd?’’ Feng Xi looked up at him with a smile and said, ’’The tenth grade green gourd martial spirit, there are countless people in Orchid Goose City with the green gourd martial spirit . Even if there isn't ten thousand, there is at least eight thousand . How can you be sure it was Lin Mu Yu based on one green gourd martial spirit?’’

Wang Hou Er's face was a bit pale as he huffed and said, ’’But, his green gourd was a deep green gourd and he was not using true qi, but rather battle qi . I saw everything, he is clearly coming to us!’’


Feng Xi finally couldn't sit still . He stood up and shouted, ’’Someone come, prepare a team for me now . Have the archers and crossbowmen prepare themselves . There will be three hundred axe wielders laying in ambush on both sides of the main hall . Father wants to see just why Lin Mu Yu has sent himself here for!’’


On the green door covered in withered moss, there were several knocks that sounded . A mercenary carefully came forward to open the door . He instantly jumped back when he opened the door with a look of preparation on his face .

Outside the door, Lin Mu Yu was shaking his wet clothes, shaking off the rain, revealing the temple armour underneath his cloak . The white cloak behind him filled the mercenaries with even more fear . It was as if his armour was filled with a terrifying strength that made them tremble .

’’Is captain Feng Xi here?’’

Lin Mu Yu pointed at the mercenaries pointing spear at him and said with a smile, ’’Is this your Flame Wolf Mercenaries' hospitality?’’

At this time, Feng Xi's voice came from inside the main hall, ’’All of you can leave! Ha, it's sir Lin Mu Yu . I didn't know sir came and has failed to welcome you properly . Sir, please please come into the hall and let's chat . ’’

’’Many thanks . ’’

Lin Mu Yu looked over the surrounding mercenaries, walking into the core of the Flame Wolf Mercenaries bravely . Releasing his Spiritual Pulse Technique, he found that there were over five hundred people around them, with many archers behind the walls all around him . There were several prepare archers already pointing their bows at him .


With a faint smile, Lin Mu Yu directly sat down .

Feng Xi had an uncertain expression on his face as he asked, ’’Sir Lin Mu Yu, I wonder, what have you come here for this time?’’

’’To persuade you . ’’

’’Persuade me of what?’’ Feng Xi was stunned .

’’Persuade you to quit being the captain and bring your people to join the Dragon Courage Camp . ’’ Lin Mu Yu said with a faint smile .

’’What!?’’ Feng Xi's brows jumped up and he angrily said, ’’Lin Mu Yu, do you think my Flame Wolf Mercenaries have no people? You're here alone, do you believe that I can't chop you into mincemeat right now!?’’

’’I do! I do!’’ Lin Mu Yu cupped his hands and said with a smile, ’’I ask sir Feng Xi to give me a way out . Let me finish speaking before you turn me into mincemeat... . . ’’

Feng Xi suppressed his anger and said, ’’Alright, speak... . . My Flame Wolf Mercenaries still have at least two thousand elites, why should we work for you? If you can't give me a reason that satisfies me, you shouldn't think of leaving here alive today . ’’

’’Alright . ’’

Lin Mu Yu softly said, ’’Speaking of this, the empire is divided into twelve provinces and Orchid Goose City is situated in the Lingbei Province, so the most prosperous mercenaries are in the Lingbei Province . One cannot count how many mercenary groups there are in the Lingbei Province, but there are eight main mercenary groups . The first place Lingbei Mercenaries have over ten thousand members, the second place Sacred Flames Mercenaries have nine thousand members . In the Cloud County, other than you and me, there is another strong mercenary group, the Flame Dragon Mercenaries . They have a total of seven thousand and five hundred people, over two thousand horses, and are all well equipped . They are already eyeing you Flame Wolf Mercenaries, does captain Feng Xi not feel anxious?’’

Feng Xi took in a deep breath and his expression looked very ugly . . Lin Mu Yu had stabbed his weak point with only a few words and he couldn't say a thing .

’’Humph... . . The Flame Dragon Mercenaries are in a state of disunity and are not to be feared . ’’ He gave a cold snort and then said, ’’Sir Lin Mu Yu is this calm, do you think that after my Flame Wolf Mercenaries are destroyed, the Flame Dragon Mercenaries will let your Dragon Courage Camp off?’’

’’They won't . ’’

Lin Mu Yu shook his head before saying with a smile, ’’Therefore, we're weak separated and strong together . This is the reason why I'm here today . ’’


Feng Xi couldn't help smiling as he said, ’’Since you came to have my Flame Wolf Mercenaries join your Dragon Courage Camp, then tell me, what qualification do you have to have us join you?’’

Lin Mu Yu raised three fingers and said with a faint smile, ’’First, Dragon Courage Camp has Dragon Cliff Mountain which is easy to defend . Second, Dragon Courage Camp has full coffers, plenty of weapons, and we can buy more horses, enough to match the Flame Dragon Mercenaries . Third, Dragon Courage Camp have very strong generals, as well as Luo Yu who is in the Heaven Realm . Sir Feng Xi, these... . . Do you have them?’’


Feng Xi could not reply, so he instead said, ’’Since it's like this, our Flame Wolf Mercenaries do not have any reasons we have to join you . ’’

’’No, you do . ’’ Lin Mu Yu gave a soft laugh and said, ’’You don't have money . Whether it is weapons or horses, you are lacking . Look at the weapons those people outside are using, most of them are seriously worn out . Do you want your brothers to use these weapons to fight against the Flame Dragon Mercenaries?’’

’’I... . . ’’ Feng Xi was speechless, but then he said, ’’I......Our Flame Wolf Mercenaries has rarely gone looting in the past half years, we are only in Blue Fog Town to recover our strength, otherwise... . . ’’

Lin Mu Yu smiled, ’’Captain Feng Xi, since you're not willing to do anything that goes against your morale, then why don't you join the Dragon Courage Camp? As long as you join Dragon Courage, I will promise that each person will be equipped with horses, top grade weapons and armour . I will keep my promise . ’’


Feng Xi was a bit moved . He . He was a bit regretful after saying this, so he shook his head with a smile of ridicule as he said, ’’Poverty really inhibits one's ambitions... . . ’’

Lin Mu Yu said with a lost smile, ’’Dragon Courage Camp will never capture innocent people and will never slaughter the innocent . Just based on this, is it not enough for captain Feng Xi to join us? As long as you enter Dragon Courage Camp, I can make you a vice captain, how about it? But if you plan on making yourself a enemy of Dragon Courage Camp, then... . . ’’

Lin Mu Yu pointed at the military rank on his throat and said with a smile without any threat, ’’That is like making an enemy of the royal army . Even if you kill me here, my brothers, Feng Ji Xing and Qin Lei will lead several tens of thousands of soldiers to trample your Flame Wolf Mercenaries . ’’

’’Ai... . . ’’

Feng Xi was finally unable to take this pressure anymore . His eyes went red and he painfully said, ’’How can I be certain you will keep your promise . Do you have the capital to equip two thousand people?’’

Lin Mu Yu reached his hand into his Qingkun Bag to take out a handful of diamond coins which he threw onto the table and said, ’’Is this enough to prove it?’’

’’This... . . ’’

Feng Xi was stunned and the mercenaries to the side all had shock in their eyes . They were from humble birth and even if they made a lot of money as mercenaries, they only saw gold coins and had rarely seen diamond coins .

’’Alright, when should we move to Dragon Cliff Mountain?’’

’’Let's go today . It's better to be early than late . ’’

’’Alright . ’’

Feng Xi's eyes filled with a cold gaze as he said, ’’Then how is sir sure that I'm not using a trick to use this chance to seize Dragon Cliff Mountain and displace Dragon Courage Camp?’’

Lin Mu Yu revealed a faint smile and slowly opened the fingers of his right hand . A small dark green gourd slowly rose in his palm as his vast battle qi turned into the purple Seven Luminary Energy . A breeze of havoc was released as it forced everyone back . His eyes were indifferent as he said with a smile, ’’Because I can easily kill you all, so why would I be worried?’’


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