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The Alchemist God - Chapter 177


Chapter 177

Chapter 177: How can someone like you talk about integrity?

There weren't many people on Dragon Cliff Mountain, they would fall into a hopeless situation once they were surrounded . So, if they took the initiative to launch an attack, they could still have a chance to win otherwise they would only lose .

Lin Mu Yu did not have a deep understanding of tactics, but he could still understand the simple ideas . The Flame Wolf Mercenaries would take around six hours to march to Dragon Cliff Mountain . After a simple understanding, the Flame Wolf Mercenaries were not very rich and did not have more than three hundred horses, so they couldn't send out a cavalry unit . They could only send a mix of cavalry and infantry .

Luo Yu pointed at the map and said, ’’They have more people, so they will definitely take the main road . So, here... . . This Broken Claw Gorge is somewhere they must pass and the topography of Broken Claw Gorge is important, making it a very good ambush spot . ’’

Lin Mu Yu raised the warm fragrant tea . He said with a smile, ’’Then we'll ambush them in this Broken Claw Gorge . Bring some flags and arrows, we'll try to defeat these fifteen hundred people with the least amount of damage . ’’


Not long after, Dragon Cliff Mountain was filled with torches . Lin Mu Yu was a rich man in Orchid Goose City, so the Dragon Courage Camp did not lack money . They were all riding horses and each person was equipped with a bow, a lance, and a sword . They could fight from afar, from their horses, and could fight on the ground, this was Dragon Courage Camp's greatest advantage . The individual soldiers were all very strong, not to mention Lin Mu Yu and Luo Yu, these two Heaven Realm experts holding the rein, making them even more unstoppable .

They only left seventy people to guard to mountain while the other two hundred saddled up . Luo Yu gave the order and they all rode down the mountain .

The cold wind was like blades on their skin . Lin Mu Yu raised his temple cloak to cover his face while leading the group of cavalry forward . His heart had a different feeling because these were his men, so he felt like he was truly controlling the army . This was his first time leading troops on an attack, so he could only win and not lose!

They arrived in Broken Claw Gorge in less than two hours . Like the name suggested, the gorge was like a claw gouging out of the earth, with the ground looking very rugged . Luo Yu and the others stopped, surrounding Lin Mu Yu waiting for their orders . After Lin Mu Yu carefully examined the surroundings, he simply said, ’’Luo Yu, lead one hundred people to divide yourselves on both sides of the cliffs . Prepare stones, arrows, and flags, and when their group entered the Broken Claw Gorge, fire arrows and drop stones at them . Be sure to remember to wave the flags so they don't know we don't have many people . The other one hundred people will hide in the forest with me and we'll kill our way in once their formation is scattered . ’’

’’Yes, captain!’’ Everyone had bright eyes . Two hundred people ambushing fifteen hundred people, what kind of challenge was this?

But Lin Mu Yu's heart was filled with confidence because these two hundred people were well trained and well equipped . The other side's fifteen hundred people were all wandering mercenaries, so being nice, they could be considered a motley crew!

Everyone went to their positions . The cold wind howled in the air like an angry ghost, covering all sounds . The loud snorts of the war horses were even covered up by the wind .

After waiting for a long time, finally white flags appeared over the cliffs . Lin Mu Yu immediately gripped his Dragon Spirit Sword and said in a low voice, ’’Everyone prepare yourselves, they are here . Wait for my signal to attack!’’


The hundred Dragon Courage Camp mercenaries behind him mounted their horses with faces filled with battle intent . The majority of them were Human Realm and Earth Realm cultivators, so they were very strong . Faced with a group of wandering mercenaries, they were filled with confidence and fighting intent .

Finally, the sound of disorderly horse hooves came on the wind . In the distance, human figures appeared as bright small dots on the main road of the Broken Claw Gorge . This group of people were actually marching forward with torches lit . Lin Mu Yu couldn't help secretly laughing, these idiots, isn't this deliberately revealing their position? They really were a group of idiots... . .

’’Who is their commanding officer?’’ Lin Mu Yu asked .

Behind him, a mercenary said, ’’It's Luo Jian with a cultivation in the First Earth Tier . He is is the Flame Wolf Mercenaries' vice captain and he acts as the vanguard every one of their operations . ’’

’’Alright, capture Luo Jian alive . ’’


In the cold wind, the Flame Wolf Mercenaries slowly entered the Broken Claw Gorge . When their final person entered the Broken Claw Gorge, the sounds of battle drums suddenly rang out as arrows fell like rain from both sides and large rocks fell from the sky, making it look like a disaster . At the same time, several dozen Dragon Courage Camp flags were waving from above in the Broken Claw Gorge with roars sounding out .

’’Good fellow... . . ’’ Lin Mu Yu revealed a grin . Luo Yu actually made such a large move, it had made him very surprised .

The Flame Wolf Mercenaries suffered many casualties and they all had looks of rage on their faces . Among them, the vice captain Luo Jian raised his sword and shouted from his horse, ’’The road back has already been cut off, those villains from Dragon Courage Camp... . . Brothers, charge with me . Ignore their ambush, we will directly charge through and attack their lair!’’

Over a thousand mercenaries wildly charged forward, but them without any armour did not raise any momentum at all .


Lin Mu Yu raised his Dragon Spirit Sword and loudly shouted, ’’Kill!’’

Charging forward first, he released his gourd wall to protect himself and his horse . The other side immediately sent out a soldier wielding a three meter long lance to meet him . This wandering mercenary did have a bit of skill, at least he knew how to deal with cavalry, but how could Lin Mu Yu be a normal cavalry soldier .


The warhorse jumped out with a neigh and Lin Mu Yu suddenly raised his sword . The Dragon Spirit Sword went through like cutting mud and the lance was cut into several pieces . In the next instant, he had already charged into their formation . He raised his sword and chopped down, directly cutting off one of the roaming mercenary's arm!


Lin Mu Yu secretly praised this saint grade sword's sharpness, he never had such an easy time when he was wielding the prairie sword . His horse charged forward and his sword wildly danced, instantly killing several dozen people . The Dragon Courage Camp mercenaries behind him charged forward and their martial spirits exploded with light as the scene quickly became an one sided crushing .

’’Dirty things!’’

Not far away, Luo Jian raised a spear . A martial spirit martial spirit gathered on his shoulder and he charged forward on his horse . When he came close, he released his spear and it flew at Lin Mu Yu's neck like a venomous snake . This brat's spear art seemed quite strong .

But Lin Mu Yu's reaction was faster . His head gently moved to the side to avoid the attack and the spear stabbed the gourd wall . Seizing this chance to raise his Dragon Spirit Sword, he directly cut Luo Jian's spear in half .

’’What is going on?’’

Luo Jian began to run, but there was nowhere to go . Lin Mu Yu came forward with a punch and with the difference in strength, Luo Jian swayed on his horse before he was grabbed off the horse by Lin Mu Yu who loudly shouted, ’’Luo Jian has already been caught by me, do you still wish to struggle?’’

With the glow of the martial spirit, Lin Mu Yu's body was covered in a strong battle qi glow which soared into the sky .

Instantly the mercenaries were all stunned . No one imagined that it would end like this and never would have imagined that their vice captain would be seized .

Luo Yu was already charging down from the cliff wielding the prairie sword as he shouted, ’’Put down your weapons if you don't want to die!’’

’’Dang... . . dang... . . ’’

Lances and swords fell to the ground, they really were a motley gathered crew . The Dragon Courage Camp members had captured over twelve hundred people with little loss .

Lin Mu Yu put Luo Jian down . Luo Jian had a look of shame as he said, ’’I am not as good as you, kill me if you want!’’

’’Who wants to kill you... . . ’’

Lin Mu Yu looked at him and said, ’’Luo Jian, are you willing to join Dragon Courage Camp?’’

’’Don't shame me, just kill me!’’ Luo Jian's eyes were clear and determined .

Lin Mu Yu couldn't help smiling as he said word for word, ’’Are you talking about integrity to me? Tell me, your Flame Wolf Mercenaries kill and pillage, stirring discontent among the populace . You kill the innocent and bully the weak, what qualification does scum like you have to discuss integrity with me? Now I'm giving you one chance to turn over a new leaf and become a mercenary with morals . Are you willing to join Dragon Courage Camp?’’

’’I... . . I... . . ’’

Luo Jian's eyes shined as each word from Lin Mu Yu pierced Mu Yu pierced his heart . No matter how strong he was, he was a wandering mercenary looked down on by the people . A beast like person that slaughtered the innocent, how could he discuss righteousness?

’’Your Dragon Courage Camp are all good people? In this world, good people don't live long... . . ’’ Luo Jian suddenly said with cold laugh .

Lin Mu Yu also smiled as he pointed behind himself and said, ’’The Dragon Courage Camp definitely won't bully the weak or slaughter the innocent . If it does happen, they will be killed without mercy . It's fine if you believe it or not, but Dragon Courage Camp will surely do this . ’’

Luo Jian gave a sigh and finally made his decision, ’’Fine . I'll use my cheap life to see if you, Lin Mu Yu can keep your word and become a mercenary with morals . ’’

’’Un, you will achieve your wishes . ’’

Lin Mu Yu naturally was very confident . Didn't wandering mercenaries kill and pillage because they were poor? However, Dragon Courage Camp was not poor . With the income he received from the Imperial Capital Store, it was enough to raise an elite army that wasn't too big .

The remaining thirteen hundred wandering mercenaries were all brought back to Dragon Cliff Mountain and seven hundred and forty two of them were chosen to join Dragon Courage Camp . The others were all sent away after their weapons and armours were confiscated, at least he couldn't let Feng Xi use them anymore .

In the afternoon, the Dragon Courage Camp mercenaries were very happy as they drank their fill .

Only Luo Jian was sitting depressed to the side . Lin Mu Yu walked over and asked with a smile, ’’What are you thinking?’’

’’I'm just thinking... . . ’’

Luo Jian paused as he swept his eyes over Lin Mu Yu before saying with a smile, ’’Do you think captain Feng Xi will give up? Lin Mu Yu, you're celebrating too early . You have to know, the real elites of our Flame Wolf Mercenaries are the remaining fifteen hundred people... . . ’’

’’I know . ’’

Lin Mu Yu revealed a faint smile, ’’But it's fine, they'll be my people sooner or later! Luo Yu, you are responsible for the normal training in Dragon Courage Camp over these next few days . I'll be going out for a few days . ’’

’’Yes!’’ Luo Yu cupped his hands .

Luo Jian's eyes revealed a bit of a daze as he silently sat there .


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