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The Alchemist God - Chapter 176


Chapter 176

Chapter 176: Shrewd

’’Be serious, be serious . ’’ Lin Mu Yu glared at Wei Chou while also telling himself to be more serious . He said to the brothel owner, ’’Madame, I just want to ask... . . Do you have any that can be sold into slavery?’’

The brothel owner was stunned, ’’This... . . All the girls I have here are incredibly talented......If you want to buy them, it is very expensive . What is sir planning to do after buying them? What kind do you want?’’

Lin Mu Yu took a deep breath and said, ’’You don't need to care what I want to do with them . I want the kind that I am happy with, do you understand?’’

The brothel owner smiled, ’’Does sir want a kind that can welcome guests?’’

’’Un, forget it......’’ Lin Mu Yu's scalp was already itching as Wei Chou laughed from the side in schadenfreude .

The brothel owner realized that big business was here, so she said, ’’I have a total of one hundred and twenty seven girls here, do you want me to... . . call them all out and let sir choose among them?’’

’’Fine . ’’


The brothel owner immediately cupped her hands and loudly shouted, ’’All the girls upstairs and downstairs, quickly come out to greet a guest!’’

Very quickly, a large group of escorts gathered in the main hall, with Wei Chou staring right at them . Lin Mu Yu was born in a rich business family, so his father had taken him out to socialize many times and he had seen countless kinds of escorts before, giving him a firm temperament . He hadn't eaten pork before, but he had seen pigs .

The brothel owner raised her sagging chest and asked with a smile, ’’Sir, our girls being sold as slaves will cost around three hundred to five hundred gold coins . How many are you planning to buy?’’

’’Fifty . ’’ Lin Mu Yu softly said, ’’Can you give me a discount?’’

’’Fifty?’’ The brothel owner's mouth dropped wide before she said with a smile, ’’That... . That many... . . Sir really is generous . If you buy fifty of them, you can have a different every day for two months, so you won't tire of them... . . ’’

Lin Mu Yu glared at her, ’’Be quiet... . . I'm only asking you, if I buy fifty of them, how much for each of them?’’

’’How about three hundred and fifty gold coins? But these three hundred fifty gold coins are for me . As for whether these girls are willing to go with you is up to them, I do pamper them a lot . ’’

’’Alright . ’’

Lin Mu Yu nodded . He looked at the group of escorts and said, ’’I won't hide it from you, I'm buying you all because the orphanage lacks camp women . You will serve those soldiers after leaving with me, but I will not let you suffer a loss . As long as I buy you, not only will I give the madame three hundred and fifty gold coins, I will also give you three hundred and fifty gold coins . If you're willing, come forward . ’’

The brothel owner was stunned, ’’Sir truly is generous... . . Girls, you will never be able to earn this much in your entire lives, quickly... . . ’’

Immediately, several girls came out several steps . These girls' faces were filled with numbness and fake smiles, so Lin Mu Yu naturally knew that they were willing to do anything for money . This was fine, as long as you're willing .

Not long after, the fifty escorts had already been chosen . Lin Mu Yu calculated it and gave the brothel owner seventeen diamond coins and five hundred gold coins before going to exchange for more gold coins . Each girl was given a heavy bag of gold coins, but most of them weren't willing to bring all these gold coins into the military camp, so they deposited it in the bank .

Just like this, around two hours was spent and the sun was already setting .

When Lin Mu Yu led these fifty ’’beautifully attired’’ escorts into the military camp, a group of imperial guards seemed like they couldn't control themselves . To them, these girls were much more ’’interesting’’ than those unwilling girls they brought in this afternoon . Lin Mu Yu found the hundred man commander in charge of the orphanage and gave him one thousand gold coins as a reward before directly exchanging for these fifty women who weren't willing to be camp women .

The bright moon showered the street with a silver light . Lin Mu Yu and Wei Chou slowly moved their horses forward as they led these fifty women . Wei Chou was still smiling as he said, ’’It seems like after entering the Heaven Connecting Tower, sir's matters of handling matters has matured . ’’

Lin Mu Yu gave a sigh, ’’An experience encourages growth . ’’

’’How ’’

’’How is sir planning to deal with these women?’’

’’Hire several horse drawn carriages and bring them all to Dragon Cliff Mountain . ’’

’’Ah, sir is planning to... . . ’’

’’Most of them already have no home, so even if I sent them off, most of them would be caught as camp women again, which is equal to not saving them at all . So, I plan on creating a village at the bottom of Dragon Cliff Mountain to settle these homeless women . They will learn to till the soil and weave clothes to become self sufficient . They can use this to attract strong men which will allow them to live good lives . ’’

’’Sir is too heroic!’’ Wei Chou's eyes were filled with respect .

In the night, fifty Falcon's Nest soldiers were sent to deliver the five hundred shields and the fifty girls to Dragon Cliff Mountain . Lin Mu Yu personally escorted them . Although Orchid Goose City was the imperial capital, the Dragon Seeking Forest area could not be considered safe . Public security was lacking, especially at night when bandits, thieves and mercenary roamed .

They arrived at their destination in the middle of the night and they could see the torches on Dragon Cliff Mountain in the distance .

At the mountain gates, several dozen armoured Dragon Courage Camp mercenaries, guarding the place while holding long halberds . When they say Lin Mu Yu approach, a person recognized him and immediately said with cup fists, ’’Greeting leader . ’’

’’Open the door and escort us up . ’’

’’Yes, sir!’’

Lin Mu Yu looked over them and saw that they didn't have the aura of ruffians anymore, looking like real soldiers now . Luo Yu really was a talented person, he did not choose the wrong person to oversee the Dragon Courage Camp .

Before they arrived at the summit, Luo Yu led several dozen cavalry to welcome them . Luo Yu cupped his hands and revealed a smile, ’’Sir, you're back?’’

’’Un, I'm here to give everyone a bit of equipment . ’’

Lin Mu Yu waved his hand and on the carriage behind him, there were Dragon Snake Shields shining under the torch light . Luo Yu could tell it was good stuff with a single glance and he said with wild joy, ’’This is great, this is firewood sent in the winter . When we fought the mountain bandits yesterday, several people were injured and today sir has sent all these firm shields . Hei, this is great!’’

’’Let's is great!’’

’’Let's go . ’’


Luo Yu turned his horse around and walked beside Lin Mu Yu . He looked at the young girls behind and he said with a frown, ’’Sir, these women... . . Are they going to become maids on the mountain?’’

’’No, Dragon Courage Camp has no maids . ’’ Lin Mu Yu shook his head and said, ’’From tomorrow onwards, have everyone go down the mountain to cut wood as training . In one month, I want us to make a village protected by us at the foot of Dragon Cliff Mountain, are there any questions?’’

Luo Yu was stunned before saying, ’’As long as there is money, there should be no problems . ’’

’’Un, then do this . That's right, what's the current situation with the mercenary group?’’

Luo Yu revealed a happy expression as he said, ’’Sir, in the past four days, the Dragon Courage Camp has swept through three villages of bandits and two mercenary groups with below two hundred people . This subordinate has picked people from them to join our Dragon Courage Camp and now we have two hundred and seventy four people under our control . ’’

’’Good . ’’

Lin Mu Yu revealed a faint smile, ’’As for the money, is there still enough?’’

’’It's a bit lacking... . . ’’

’’No problem . ’’

Lin Mu Yu immediately took out some money, taking one hundred diamond coins from his Qiankun Bag . With a smile, he said, ’’This is one hundred thousand gold coins, spend it a bit slowly... . ’’

Luo Yu nodded, ’’Yes, sir!’’

’’Diligently recruit, the more people the better . Break the previous requirement, even if some brave and upright men haven't reached the Second Human Tier, you can still let them join Dragon Courage Camp . ’’

’’Alright, this subordinate understands . ’’

After resting in Dragon Courage Camp for the night, Lin Mu Yu had Wei Chou return to the Falcon's Nest with the fifty soldiers the next day, while planning to stay on Dragon Cliff Mountain for a few days . He was still the person with the highest authority here, it wouldn't be good if he didn't develop with the Dragon Courage Camp members . As for the young girls, they had been settled and were now just waiting for the village under the mountain to be built .

Twenty people were sent out in the morning to a small city to hire carpenters and architects . Later, looking at a map of the Dragon Seeking Forest with many red dots on it, Luo Yu said with knit said with knit brows, ’’Right now, there are two large powers that can threaten us . One is the Flame Wolf Mercenary Group and the other is the bandits on Purple Deer Mountain . ’’

’’Flame Wolf Mercenaries?’’

’’That's right . ’’

Luo Yu said, ’’The Flame Wolf Mercenaries are a wandering mercenary group . They pillage and kill people, normally causing trouble in villages in the Cloud County . The Cloud County government can't do anything against them . The Flame Wolf Mercenaries have gathered three thousand people and are very strong, while there are less than two thousand people in the Cloud County garrison . ’’

’’Good fellow... . . ’’ Lin Mu Yu held the hilt of the Dragon Spirit Sword and said, ’’Three thousand mercenaries is a bit much, that's ten times our numbers . If we really fight, we don't have a high chance of winning . ’’

Luo Yu nodded with a smile, ’’That's right, so we never moved against them . However, rumors say that captain Feng Xi of the Flame Wolf Mercenaries has been eyeing our Dragon Cliff Mountain . It's said that he is set on it . In just one-two days, the Flame Wolf Mercenaries will surely attack us!’’

’’This is fine... . . ’’

Lin Mu Yu's eyes revealed a cold glow as he said, ’’I'll stay on Dragon Cliff Mountain for a few days and properly socialize with this Feng Xi . ’’


After this, Lin Mu Yu gave his previous prairie sword to Luo Yu . Luo Yu's strength was worthy of this profound grade sword . Of course, Lin Mu Yu's Dragon Spirit Sword was sharper . Weapons below the profound grade could not even touch the Dragon Spirit Sword without breaking and the owner being killed, this was the strength of a saint grade weapon .

At night, the cold wind blew as Lin Mu Yu sat in the leader's room practicing his Dragon Forged Bone Tome and Spiritual Pulse Technique, increasing his strength and his soul . He wanted to become stronger because he couldn't set up a base in this world without strength, not to mention changing anything .

’’Dong, dong, dong......’’

Knocks came from the door as Luo Yu said, ’’Sir, we've just received a report . The Flame Wolf Mercenaries have sent out one thousand and five hundred people our way . They should arrive at Dragon Cliff Mountain in the early morning!’’

’’Alright . ’’

Lin Mu Yu sat straight and said, ’’Prepare to ambush them halfway . ’’



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