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The Alchemist God - Chapter 174


Chapter 174

Chapter 174: Dragon Spirit Sword

’’Hua, hua......’’

Streaks of Heavenly Flame surrounded the spirit stone like heavenly flame dragons, letting out low roars . Lin Mu Yu concentrated his battle qi and continued providing energy to the cauldron . Under the tempering of the Heavenly Flame, a corner of the Dragon Snake spirit stone cracked and revealed the fire red spirit energy layer underneath .

At the same time, with a loud roar, the fire red Dragon Snake Soul came charging out of the spirit stone . It fiercely began to fight back as it stretched itself out and opened its mouth to try swallowing Lin Mu Yu .

After performing soul refinement so many times, Lin Mu Yu already expected this . Without waiting, his battle qi quickly strengthened the defense of the cauldron . With a roar, his aura quickly entered the cauldron and formed a domain . Perhaps his power was not strong enough to form a domain outside, but the cauldron was his territory, so condensing the domain was not impossible .

Finally under Lin Mu Yu's strong pressure, the Dragon Snake's soul kept trying to bite again and again, but he just kept slamming into the cauldron's protective wall in front of Lin Mu Yu . Without knowing when, even without using the Seven Luminary Mystic Art to suppress beast souls, he did not have any problem forcing down this Dragon Snake .

Finally, the Dragon Snake's beast soul was exhausted from struggling . Lin Mu Yu slowly raised his hand and the Heavenly Flame in the cauldron turned into a giant hand which grabbed onto the Dragon Snake's body . Under the tempering of the Heavenly Flame, the Dragon Snake's soul instantly disintegrated, turning into bits of light that entered the Nine Heavens Spiritual Iron liquid .

’’Zhi, zhi......’’

With this faint sound, the impurities in the iron was continuously tempered away . The remaining iron was red and beginning to turn purple .

In his sea of consciousness, Lulu quickly gave a set of sword shapes and Lin Mu Yu finally found one he liked . This was a sword shaped like a ’’dragon’’ . The sword was thin, but the blade was a bit thicker and looked very majestic . The blade was about a centimeter wide and had an oriental design on it . There was a blood coloured line in the middle and two dragons carved on the side . The hilt of the sword was slender and was carved to look like a real dragon's head that looked very realistic, as well as a six starred design at the end that was hollowed out . There was a yin and yang symbol inside that was filled with a faint spiritual power, but the people of this world did not care about yin and yang, so there weren't people that understood what this circle meant .

Soon after, the shape of the sword was revealed . Lin Mu Yu closed his eyes and used his spiritual sense to temper the details of the sword . When he refined the prairie sword, he used multiple blade design for it, using a total of five layers of blades together to make it sharper and more wear resistant . However the material for this sword was rarer, denser, and finer than thousand year profound iron, so Lin Mu Yu used a lot of effort and refined for an entire hour before forming ten layers of blades for this new sword . It could be said that this weapon was the greatest weapon Lin Mu Yu could form with his current forging skills .

’’Ao, ao......’’

The majestic and ancient sword instantly appeared and the Dragon Snake inside the sword released the roar of a true dragon .

’’What name would be good?’’

Lin Mu Yu was very satisfied with this sword . After thinking for a while, seeing that this sword was formed from the Dragon Snake spirit stone and the Nine Heavens Spiritual Iron, taking a word from both swords, it would be good to call it the Dragon Spirit Sword!


The Dragon Spirit Sword was placed into the water jar in the room and steam was released, waking Tang Xiao Xi from her sleep . She rubbed her sleepy eyes as she sat up and asked, ’’Mu Mu, you're not sleeping yet?’’

’’Un, there is no where to sleep . Isn't the bed occupied by you... . . ’’

Lin Mu Yu turned around and found that Tang Xiao Xi had directly entered the bed after bathing, not wearing outer clothes, currently revealing a large patch of smooth as ice spring scenery . Lin Mu Yu felt his face turn hot and he quickly cycled his Spiritual Pulse Technique to calm down .

Tang Xiao Xi also noticed her appearance and her face turned red . She immediately immediately snuck back under the quilt and took a piece of clothing from the side, rustling as she put it on .

Lin Mu Yu did not look as he reached out to pull the Dragon Spirit Sword out of the water . This sword was far heavier than normal swords, weighing around fifty pounds . A normal person wouldn't be able to move it, but Lin Mu Yu was already a Heaven Realm expert and had shocking strength, not to mention his sword heart . When he was refining this Dragon Spirit Sword, he had already merged with the soul, so it seemed very light . He gave a soft wave of the Dragon Spirit Sword .

’’Weng... . . Weng... . . ’’

The sword blade generated an invisible breeze that made people shocked . The sharpness of this sword was something Lin Mu Yu had never seen before!

Because Tang Xiao Xi was present, Lulu did not fly out . She just laughed in the sea of consciousness as she said, ’’Congratulations to big brother for obtaining a peerless divine weapon......According to the classification in this world, this Dragon Spirit Sword is at the fourth saint grade!’’

’’Fourth saint grade?’’ Lin Mu Yu was secretly filled with joy, ’’Is it even better than the emperor's Desolate Sword?’’

’’Of course! The Desolate Sword is at the sixth saint grade and the Dragon Spirit Sword is in the fourth saint grade, it is higher by two grades!’’

’’Hei, can this Dragon Spirit Sword cut the ten thousand year old Dragon Snake scale?’’

’’Un, it definitely can . ’’

Lulu giggled and said, ’’Big brother, I never thought you were still caught up with the defense of the Dragon Snake!’’

’’That's right!’’ Lin Mu Yu said with a sigh, ’’My forging techniques are my greatest advantages in this world . If I can't rely on my weapons to fight people stronger than me, what can I rely on? If my prairie sword could penetrate the Dragon Snake's scales, Xiao Yin and big brother Feng Ji Xing would not have been in that much danger . ’’

Lulu revealed a faint smile, ’’Big brother doesn't need to rebuke yourself, your performance was perfect . If your performance was a bit better, some people might begin to suspect you . ’’

’’Un, you're right . ’’

Lin Mu Yu raised the Dragon Spirit Sword and cut the black cloth beside him, using it to cover this newly forged sword . But But at this time, there was someone who grabbed his arm, it was Tang Xiao Xi .

’’Yi, is this the weapon you crafted all night?’’ Tang Xiao Xi said in a sweet voice .

’’That's right!’’

Lin Mu Yu pulled aside the black cloth and showed the Dragon Spirit Sword to Tang Xiao Xi . With a smile, he asked, ’’Xiao Xi, are my forging skills enough for me to be considered a master?’’

’’Yes, yes!’’

Tang Xiao Xi giggled, ’’Mu Mu is the best . This sword... . what grade is it?’’

’’It should be fourth saint grade!’’

’’What, saint grade?’’ Tang Xiao Xi's little mouth opened wide . She looked at him and said, ’’Did I hear wrong? There aren't many saint grade weapons in Orchid Goose City already . The emperor's Desolate Sword is already the rumored strongest weapon in the empire, but this sword is even stronger than the Desolate Sword?’’

’’Of course it's stronger . ’’

Lin Mu Yu grinned as he said, ’’Xiao Xi, you have to keep this a secret for me . If others knew that I am a forging master, I'm afraid it might step over people's bottom line . ’’

’’That's right!’’ Tang Xiao Xi revealed a faint smile, ’’If people did know, I'm afraid his majesty, Duke Cang Lan, Duke Mu Yun, and even the far south Zhen Nan King will send people to invite you in, pulling you into their forces . After all, a person that can forge a saint weapon is rare in this world . Moreover, Mu Mu, the sword you crafted is weird, a normal scabbard wouldn't fit it . You should call people to help you make a scabbard for the blade, you just need to draw a design for it .

’’Un, Xiao Xi has thought of everything . I know . ’’

’’Then when you go to make the scabbard, I'll go with you . You can also accompany me on a stroll of Orchid Goose City . ’’

’’We'll go in the afternoon then . ’’


Orchid Goose City was very quiet in the afternoon, but there were people riding their horses, heading to the Imperial City Store . It seemed like those hundred bottles of Dreaming of the Peak was being auctioned this afternoon and it was sure to be an unprecedented lively scene . The princes and young masters would not miss a chance to obtain a legendary treasure like Dreaming of the Peak . the Peak .

Lin Mu Yu was not interested in the auction at all, he just went to the blacksmith with Tang Xiao Xi . Because Tang Xiao Xi's insistence, the scabbard for the Dragon Spirit Sword was paid for by Tang Xiao Xi . Scabbards were generally made of wood and metal, so Lin Mu Yu couldn't make it himself . He was skilled in forging, but he was not skilled at working with wood .

The boss' fact face saw Lin Mu Yu and Tang Xiao Xi, so he revealed a smile and said, ’’A normal scabbard can use different grades of wood and the higher grades would make it more firm . Young miss, please look at this . This is red wood and it will cost one gold coin, this is rosewood and it will cost three gold coins, and this Black Spirit Wood is even more expensive, it will cost ten gold coins . Of course, the more expensive it is the better . This Scarlet Gold Wood, it is very light and very firm, normal swords cannot cut through it . ’’

’’Just use the Scarlet Gold Wood!’’ Tang Xiao Xi said with a smile, ’’You can cast the scabbard's accessories with Scarlet Gold . Calculate it, around how much money will this scabbard cost?’’

’’A total... . of around one hundred and twenty gold coins . ’’

’’I got it . ’’

Tang Xiao Xi took out a diamond coin and said with a smile, ’’Make it as fine as possible, money is not a problem . ’’

The old boss' face turned red, ’’Alright . I definitely will not disappoint the young miss and your boyfriend!’’


Tang Xiao Xi was stunned and her face instantly blushed . She wanted to say that Lin Mu Yu wasn't her boyfriend, but thinking about it, there was nothing bad about it and she even silently agreed to it .

Lin Mu Yu coughed, but he also said nothing . Tang Xiao Xi was so smart and she was so nice to him, it would be heaven's blessing if he could have this kind of a girlfriend . Only... . . He was afraid Duke Cang Lan wouldn't think so . Tian Xiao Xi was a princess after all, marrying a middle grade military officer was impossible .

Thinking about it, he quickly shook his head . What was he thinking all this nonsense for .


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