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The Alchemist God - Chapter 166


Chapter 166

Chapter 166: Confiscating items

After they finished discussing politics and had finished setting their plan to suppress Swordsman Hall, Feng Ji Xing, Lin Mu Yu, and Chu Huai Sheng quickly went off to prepare their soldiers' weapons and rations. Lin Mu Yu as the emperor's adopted son did not remain long in the Ze Tian Palace, quickly returning to the Falcon's Nest to gather his troops. Soon there was only Qin Jin and Qin Yin remaining in the hall, as well as Qin Lei standing far of guarding the door.

’’Royal father!’’

Qin Yin's brows were slightly knit as she asked with a trace of anger, ’’Since you adopted big brother Ah Yu as a son, why did you not confer onto him a title? An adopted son without a title, isn't that unfair to him?’’

’’Conferring a title.....’’

Qin Jin slowly lifted a cup of tea and blew over it, but he did not take a sip. He then said, ’’Xiao Yin, royal father only has you as a child. If I were to confer a title to Ah Yu, what title would I give? Make him a king? There are only two kings in the entire emperor, one being the Southern Guarding King, Qin Yi and the other being the Peaceful Step King, Qin Huai, who are both your royal father's brothers. If I were to confer the king title to Ah Yu, I would also be breaking the ancestors' rule of 'never conferring the king title to members without the royal surname'. Moreover, although Ah Yu is brave and loyal right now, you can't guarantee that he will change in the future, right?’’

Qin Yin was stunned. Her beautiful eyes were filled with a trace of shock, ’’Royal father, you are worried......that big brother Ah Yu will compete for the throne with Xiao Yin?’’


Qin Jin did not deny it as he nodded before softly saying, ’’Father has already heard some rumours about Lin Mu Yu. His gourd martial spirit is just a tenth grade martial spirit, but it is as strong as our Qin Family's God Binding Lock. He is also skilled in alchemy, being able to refine even God Grade medicine. Not to mention that Ah Yu can also fight people of higher levels. Zhao Jin, Ouyang Qiu, Zeng Fang, and the others were all defeated by him. There were some people that say that Ah Yu uses a mysterious and evil power, one that has never been heard of before.’’

Saying this, Qin Jin gave a sigh, ’’People will always change. He is good to you now, but that is because of your natural beauty, don't you think so?’’

Qin Yin was stunned in place. After a while, she said, ’’If I.....I.....’’

’’Don't say anything.’’

Qin Jin waved his hand and said in a gentle voice, ’’Xiao Yin, be obedient, don't make it hard for royal father. The matter of conferring the king title to Lin Mu Yu stops here and will never be mentioned again. Even if he has joined the Qin Clan, the blood of others flows in his veins. As long as he performs enough merits, royal father will promote him, even becoming the marshal is no problem. However....he will never be a king!’’

’’Yes, royal father......’’

Qin Yin bit her red lips and her eyes flashed with a trace of sadness. The governing skills of a ruler, this was something she could never understand.

Falcon's Nest, there was confusion in the barracks.

When Lin Mu Yu brought Wei Chou, Xiahou Sang, and the others into the Falcon's Nest, the commande Meng Fang was holding a black metallic object as he respectfully said, ’’Sir, this is.....the Tiger Token for the Falcon's Nest. I ask sir to take care of it.’’

’’Sir commander, I didn't mean to replace you, I only just.....’’ Lin Mu Yu wanted to comfort him, but he did not know what to say.

Meng Fang shook his head and revealed a smile as he said, ’’No, it is not related to you, but rather my own blindness. Stopping you from leading troops to Deer Cry Court, that was my, Meng Fang's own fault. Alright.....this subordinate will descend the mountain now. This Falcon's Nest.....I hope sir Lin Mu Yu will properly take care of the Falcon's Nest, this is the many years of blood and sweat of me and my brothers.....’’

Lin Mu Yu said with a smile, ’’Be assured, I will.’’

Meng Fang mounted his horse and rode down by himself to the imperial guard camp. The respected camp commander was leaving by himself like this, it seemed very sad.

After sending Meng Fang off, Lin Mu Yu turned around to the Imperial Guards and said, ’’Alright, time to discuss official matters!’’

’’Yes, sir!’’

The Falcon's Nest had a total of seven hundred soldiers that were now in his control, this gave Lin Mu Yu an unprecedented sense of achievement. Damn, he was finally someone who had the power to determine life and death!

A group of Imperial Guard leaders, five different leaders split to two sides. There were two that were very eye catching, one being Gong Xun and the other being Xu Geng because they were former members of the God Marquis Palace. Since they were members of of the God Marquis Palace, they did not fit in with the members of the Falcon's Nest. Lin Mu Yu was a man that did not tolerate sand in his eyes, so he pulled out a set of orders and said with a smile, ’’Sir Gong Xun and sir Xu Geng, there is some good news here. His majesty has agreed to my request of transferring two hundred men commanders and now you can all descend the mountain to return back to the divine Battalion.’’


Gong Xun had a shocked expression, ’’We.....We are going to the divine Battalion? Lin Mu Yu, what do you mean by this? Don't forget how long you've been in the Falcon's Nest, you want to squeeze us two brothers out this quickly?’’

Lin Mu Yu had a faint smile, ’’This order has the emperor's golden seal on it, disobeying these orders means death! Someone, send Xu Geng and Gong Xun off the mountain and erase their names from the Falcon Nest's records.’’


Lin Mu Yu governed the Falcon's Nest with an iron fist, not yielding on anything. His goal was very clear, he was removing any dissident powers, bringing the Falcon Nest completely under his hands.

After a few minutes, Xu Geng and Gong Xun brought a few items with them as they rode off the mountain.

Lin Mu Yu immediately reorganized the Falcon Nest's command, installing Wei Chou as the vice commander, as well as promoting four hundred men commanders, each leading a group of one hundred soldiers. After everything was done, they marched down the mountain with beating drums.

Over six hundred cavalry came down the mountain, the hoofbeats generated was deafening. When they descended the mountain, there was a dense crowd of imperial guard soldiers waiting there. It was Feng Ji Xing's five thousand soldiers as well as the four hundred Imperial Guards under Chu Huai Sheng's command, coming to a total of over six thousand soldiers. This large group rushed for the Swordsman Hall's imperial capital headquarters.

The soldiers were very quick and although they had been delayed, they should still have time to launch a quick attack on the headquarters.

After half a day's march, they arrived beneath the mountain at dusk. In the distance, the Rogues on the mountain had lit their torches. They still did not give up their headquarters, with over a hundred people guarding the gate.


Feng Ji Xing gave the order and led the cavalry in a charge. His blade created a wild flurry when he neared the mountain gate and a strong blade swing could be heard!


The crude entrance was divided in half and half and over two thousand imperial guard heavy cavalry charged in, chopping the over a hundred Rogues to pieces.

’’We're going in as well!’’

Lin Mu Yu waved his hand and Wei Chou and the others led the Falcon Nest soldiers in a charge. They caught up the imperial guard soldiers and slammed into the Rangers at the headquarters together, knocking them over as they cried out. The Rangers were all injured last night, how could they block the attack of the Imperial Guards and the imperial guard army. Many people bowed down and shouted to Lin Mu Yu, ’’Sir Envoy Lin Yan, let us go. We didn't know anything, we just wanted to feed ourselves......’’

Chu Huai Sheng knit his brows and asked, ’’What do we do about these Rangers? Do we accept them into the imperial army?’’

Feng Ji Xing's brows jumped up and he proudly said, ’’The imperial guard soldiers are stainless, these people with contaminated hands are not suited to joining the imperial guard. Take them all away, send them to the border army.’’

Lin Mu Yu dismounted his horse and walked into the headquarters before saying, ’’Where's Ji Yang and Li Qian Xun?’’

A Silver Ranger with a broken arm was panting as he said, ’’The Great Envoy and Envoy left at dawn, we don't know where they are now. There were also a few Silver and Bronze Rangers capable of moving that left with them.....’’

Lin Mu Yu revealed a faint smile, ’’If nothing has happened, the treasures in the mountain should have been taken away, right?’’

’’They took a portion, but there is still a lot on the mountain they they didn't have enough time to take.’’

’’It's like this.....Someone, look over the items in the headquarters.’’

’’Yes, commander!’’

Wei Chou searched for a long time before running back with a joyful smile and saying, ’’Commander, there was another secret room under the headquarters. There are many treasures inside, does sir want to have a look?’’

’’Un.’’ Lin Mu Yu nodded before looking at Chu Huai Sheng and Feng Ji Xing, ’’Should we go together?’’


Lin Mu Yu held the torch as he led the way. He was shocked when he entered the secret room. The amount of gold coins in the headquarters was not less than what the Day After Mercenaries had. There were over a hundred gold coin boxes alone, but all the diamond coins had been taken and quite a few gold coin boxes had been spilled. It could be seen that the gold coins inside had been grabbed at. Ji Yang and the others were too rushed in leaving out of fear of being fear of being chased, so they could not take too many gold coins, otherwise all the money would have been taken with Ji Yang's greed.


Feng Ji Xing couldn't help giving a laugh, ’’Swordsman Hall really is fat with oil dripping out of it!’’

’’That's right!’’ Chu Huai Sheng said with an excited face, ’’Look at that side, there's even an armory!’’

Lin Mu Yu quickly came over and saw that there were many excellent weapons piled there. Lances, spears, swords, and axes were all collected here. Although the profound and spiritual grade weapons were all taken by Ji Yang and the others, there were still enough left. These weapons could be used to equip the normal soldiers.


Chu Huai Sheng opened up a normal looking wooden crate and he said with a smile, ’’I never thought that Ji Yang would be interested in ancient items and jade items, that old fellow......’’

This box was filled with jade bracelets, rings, necklaces, and other accessories, as well as several rolls of calligraphy and paintings that seemed like they came from famous people. However, Lin Mu Yu could not understand the calligraphy of this world and looking it over, he felt that they were truly ugly!


Feng Ji Xing took out a pure black ring from the box and said with a smile, ’’What material is this ring made of.....It doesn't seem like its jade and it seems like it is very firm.’’

Saying this, he placed the ring onto the table and slashed out with his blade. Sparks flew out with a ’’dang’’ sound as the blade was bounced back. There was no scratch on the ring and it was still smoothly glistening.

At this time, in Lin Mu Yu's mind, Lulu's voice sounded out, ’’Big brother, this is the legendary Azure Nether Stone. It is a kind of spiritual jade and is one of the strongest stone. Big brother can refine a beast spirit into the Azure Nether Stone Ring and use it to create a spiritual item!’’


Lin Mu Yu's heart skipped a beat before he smiled and said, ’’Big brother Feng, since this ring is this tough, can you give it to me?’’

Feng Ji Xing grabbed a handful of gold coins and placed them into his chest. When he was happily stuffing items away, he said, ’’Alright, alright, alright. The ring is yours and the gold coins are mine.....Damn, there are too many gold coins here, can I take a bit more?’’

Chu Huai Sheng's eyes looked at him in disdain, the meaning was very evident, ’’A person like you is not embarrassed to be the imperial guard army commander?’’


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