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The Adonis Next Door: 100 Days Of Forced Love - Chapter 108


Chapter 108

Her Eyes Are Seriously Goddamn Alluring (8)

There's a Liang Dou Kou living in his house. Bringing up his villa, is the same as indirectly bringing up Liang Dou Kou. He just had a falling out with Liang Dou Kou, by mentioning the villa, wasn't he serving himself at his door to be lashed at?

Lu Ban Cheng cleared his throat and was about to say something to cover up the words he just said, but to his surprise, Gu Yu Sheng, indifferently answered, ’’We'll eat at my place then.’’

Lu Ban Cheng stared at Gu Yu Sheng, instantly struck dumb by shock.

Upon not hearing any reply for a long while, Gu Yu Sheng disinterestedly turned his head to shoot Lu Ban Cheng a glance.

Lu Ban Cheng instantly woke up, and furiously nodded. ’’Then that's decided!’’

He then took out his phone and sent Wu Hao a reply, his heart pounding wildly at the same time. Sheng-ge is too difficult to predict. Just moments ago, he drove Liang Dou Kou away like it would kill him to see her a second longer. Turn your eyes away for a second, and now he wants us gather together in his house?


When Qin Zhi Ai returned home, it was just 10pm.

The housekeeper wasn't home. She was only person in this enormous villa.

She sat all alone on the sofa in the living room, carrying a first-aid box on her lap, and disinfected the wounds on her feet. She stuck on several plasters, and then limped up the stairs.

After stalling until midnight, Qin Zhi Ai knew that Gu Yu Sheng wouldn't be coming back, so she finally went into the bathroom to remove her makeup, and turned off the light to go to sleep.

She didn't sleep particularly peacefully that night, and had numerous messy dreams. She only managed to fall properly asleep in the early hours of the morning, but was woken up by the ringing of the house's landline phone.

The call was from the housekeeper. Her grandson was sick, and her son and daughter-in-law were out on a business trip. She needed to look after her grandson today, and wanted to take the whole day off.

As Qin Zhi Ai was the only person in the house, she agreed immediately without giving it any thought.

After Qin Zhi Ai hung up the phone, she went back to sleep again to catch up on sleep. When she opened her eyes again, it was already nearly 11am.

Even though she knew that the probability of Gu Yu Sheng returning home was really low, she still sat in front of the makeup table and carefully transformed her face with makeup.

As the housekeeper was away, Qin Zhi Ai had no choice but to personality go down to the kitchen to make food. Just as she had placed the vegetables in the pan, she heard the doorbell ring.

Qin Zhi Ai turned down the flame slightly, wiped her hands clean, jogged to the front door and pulled open the door.

There were two people standing outside, both people Qin Zhi Ai knew. One was Lu Ban Cheng, and the other one, even though she hadn't seen him for many years, she could still recognise him in one glance: that was, her best friend, Xu Wen Nuan's boyfriend, Wu Hao.

Qin Zhi Ai wasn't sure if Liang Dou Kou and Wu Hao knew each other or not, so to be safe, she greeted Lu Ban Cheng first.

Because of Jiang Qian Qian, Wu Hao had some impression of Liang Dou Kou, but wasn't familiar with her. Furthermore, after graduating from high school, he and Xu Wen Nuan had gone to Hangzhou together and hadn't returned to Beijing for many years. Hence, it was only after Lu Ban Cheng introduced her, that Wu Hao had some vague idea of who she was. He then held out a hand, ’’Miss Liang, nice to meet you.’’

Qin Zhi Ai gave a light smile, and replied back with a, ’’Mr Wu.’’ Right as she reached out her hand to shake Wu Hao's, another car drove in through the villa gates.


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