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The Adonis Next Door: 100 Days Of Forced Love - Chapter 107


Chapter 107

Her Eyes Are Seriously Goddamn Alluring (7)

However, no matter how hard he rummaged through all of the memories in his head, he still couldn't find leads regarding that voice.

He thought to himself, maybe he had imagined it, or maybe the wind of too strong on the street at that time and he had misheard.

No matter how panicky that voice's 'Gu Yu Sheng' made him feel, he thought that after that day, he would go back to the former natural, unrestrained and unruly Gu Yu Sheng.

However, when he actually experienced her evading him and keeping a distance, the load in his mind didn't disappear, but instead, became even more unsatisfied.

To the point that, he did a lot of things that even he couldn't explain.

For example, returning home last night on his own accord, braving the rain today to pick her up, and also..... getting Xiao Wang to buy porridge for her.

After a long time of contemplation, Gu Yu Sheng pulled back his wandering thoughts and turned his head to look at the spilled porridge which he had kicked onto the floor.

He thoughtfully stared at the already cold porridge on the ground. He thought for a long time, until he started getting a headache, but still couldn't work out an answer. He roughly shook his head twice and fished out another cigarette.

Who cares anyway? Can't work it out? Then don't think about it anymore.

After all, he would never want marriage, he would never want love and above all, he would never fall in love with any woman. Therefore, his current odd behaviour was most likely because of his brain acting up on him, causing him to do silly things. After some time, maybe his brain will eventually restore back to normal.

As if he was giving himself a subliminal suggestion, Gu Yu Sheng repeated these words inside his heart over and over again. After that, his heart finally relaxed a bit, and he unhurriedly stood up, walked to the front of the desk, gave the reception a call, and instructed someone to come up to tidy up the room. He then grabbed his clothes, and after he was fully dressed, he flashed to the opposite room.

When Lu Ban Cheng, who had just previously incurred Gu Yu Sheng's wrath, saw Gu Yu Sheng come in, he didn't immediately go over to talk to Gu Yu Sheng. He sat far away, observing Gu Yu Sheng for a while, and seeing that Gu Yu Sheng's temper appeared to have subsided, he finally held up his cell phone and ran to Gu Yu Sheng side. ’’Sheng-ge, Wu Hao's plane arrives in Beijing tomorrow morning. He asked us if we have time tomorrow noon to have lunch together.’’

Gu Yu Sheng really had calmed down. He lazily swirled a wine glass in his hand, and absentmindedly replied with two words: ’’Let's eat.’’

’’Then where should we go? Hai-zi[1] is still waiting for us to send him an address.’’

’’You......’’ Gu Yu Sheng was about to say ’’You decide,’’ but after only saying one word he broke off. He recalled that when picked up that woman in his car, when she bent over to wipe the car floor, the towel had been stained with blood. Her soles seemed to have been wounded. Xiao Wang left in a hurry. He hadn't had the time to tell Xiao Wang to buy her some medicine, and he didn't know whether she was home ye...... Why on earth was he suddenly thinking about her again? Gu Yu Sheng raised his wine glass, downed the Chinese wine, and then answered Lu Ban Cheng, ’’Where ever.’’

’’Hai-zi said that he wants to visit your house, that he's never had a look at your newly bought villa after it was renovated......’’ Lu Ban Cheng suddenly clamped his teeth together, and stopped his voice.

[1] Wu Hao's nickname, 耗子 (Haizi) also means mouse - sounds the same as Wu Hao's ’’Hao’’ but uses a different Chinese character.


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