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The Ability To Make Town!? ~let’s Make A Japanese Town In Different World~ - Chapter 59


Chapter 59

Mira had a dream.

It was a memory from the past.

Numerous reed dwellings were lined up in a certain ravine in the Kingdom of Sandra. That place was our village, the village of the Wolf Tribe.

In that village, we spent everyday hunting, fishing, and foraging for nuts and edible wild plants. There was no particular problem living in the village. The only concern would be natural disasters.

It could be said that it was a very peaceful and quiet life.

Then, there was my house, which was a little bit smaller than the others in the village. In that small house, I lived with my mother, whom I love very much.

I don't have a father. By the time I was aware of my surroundings, it was already the norm to have only the two of us. Mother said that my father died of illness as soon as I was born.


But, it's fine as long as I had mother. I didn't feel lonely at all because mother was very kind.

For example, at the meal time.

’’Mother is already full, so Mira can eat the rest.’’ Mother always shared her food with me.

Because I was still young, I never thought about it, and just stuffed the food into my mouth.

’’Is it delicious?’’ Mother will ask.

’’Un!’’ I answered happily with a wide smile.

Then, mother also smile happily.


I was so happy. I thought that my life would be like this forever. But, those happy days were destroyed in an instant.

One day, one of the tribesmen found a group coming from far away. They were humans with weapons.

We quickly hid into the mountains with all the things we could carry so as not to be found by the humans.

’’Mother, what will happen to us?’’ I remember asking.

’’It's alright. You don't need to worry about anything.’’ Mother hugged me, making me feel relieved.

But then, I saw fire destroying the village. The village had been burned down by the humans.

That day, we abandoned our hometown to escape.

We moved from the place we used to live to another land. As long as there was a mountain full of trees, the Wolf Tribe could still live there.

We headed to a distant mountain which we could see.However, there was already humans living there. So, we moved from one mountain to another.

Then, we were at a loss. There was no land without humans, so there was no place where we could live. Furthermore, whenever we stopped somewhere, humans with weapons would come immediately. So, we had to escape.

We were driven away to the south.

Eventually, we stumbled upon a big river, and we advanced along the river.

Everyday, we would finish marching early and search for food. Everyone shared the meat of the beast that the tribe had hunted to eat.

’’Humans are unfair! Even though they already have places to live, they still want more land!’’ When the meal was over, I complained to proclaim my optimistic sense of justice.

Mother only smiled and agreed as she gently stroked my head. But, it was a wonder that she could make my anger disappear with only that.

After that, Chief Jiharu explained to everyone that we would go south as we had no choice. In the south was a place called the ’’cursed land’’ where the earth frequently shook, which was why humans didn't live there.

Many people objected to that as it was reckless. How could we live in a place where humans couldn't live?

In response, Chief Jiharu answered that it was precisely because humans couldn't live there that we had to go.

I agreed with Chief Jiharu's idea. A land where humans couldn't live... It meant that we wouldn't have to worry about being robbed. Our life ahead might be difficult, but if we do our best, we can overcome everything.

If I am with mother, I can live anywhere. That was what I thought. However, I can't help but say that it was a naive idea now.

We crossed the territory of the Kingdom of Sandra, and went further south. There was not enough food and the heat during the day was sapping our strength. Many people became sick, and the marching speed was decreasing everyday.

It was harsh. The journey to the south was too harsh, and finally, even mother collapsed. While mother was being carried on the backs of other adults, I advanced together with them.

I tried to carry her on my back, but it's no good because she was too heavy for me. I felt pathetic. I never thought that my immature body was so useless.

’’Mira... Mira... Live for mother's sake too, okay...?’’ When we were taking a break, mother said this.


’’Don't say such a thing! You will feel better soon!’’ I had cried.

’’That's right... Sorry...’’ Mother apologised with a weak voice.

Somehow, I needed to find food to give nourishment to mother. The river was wide and deep, which made it difficult to catch fish. Then, I used my eyes to look at the ground, and used my ears to listen. I finally caught a mouse after much hardship.

If I feed this to mother, she would surely get better soon. She would go back to being cheerful and would show a gentle smile again. With that thought, I returned back to where mother was.



’’Mo... Mother...?’’ I croaked out.

There was sorrow on the faces of those people surrounding the place where mother lied. I knelt down at mother's side and looked at her face.

Mother seemed like she was just sleeping peacefully.

’’Hey, Mother...! Mother!’’ But, no matter how many times I shook her, no matter how many times I called her, mother never woke up.

Because, mother has already died.


The rat in my hand ran away without delay and went somewhere.

Leaving mother at that spot, we began marching to the south again. It was not possible to bring the deceased with us. It had been like this so far, and it would continue even after this.

I was sad. I was extremely sad. But, my feet were still moving for some reason.

’’Mira... Mira... Live for mother's sake too, okay...?’’

I think, mother's last words forced me to move ahead. I knew for the first time that day that no matter how long the tears flowed, it would never dry up.

The further we advanced south, the more the land seemed desolated. It was not a place where people could live at all. But, the huge river continued on.

The river was a blessing. As long as we moved along it, there will be a place that will receive us. This wish was something that guided the tribe.

We couldn't turn back.

We advanced forward, and didn't think about the hopeless thoughts beyond this point.

Then, we met Fujiwara-sama.

He was a person with with a strange appearance. We don't know which tribe he was from, but he gave us food and a place to live.

He saved us.

There seemed to be some people who didn't trust him, but Chief Jiharu desperately tried to persuade them. I also agreed with Chief Jiharu. To doubt the Fujiwara-sama who gave us food and a home was what I thought as a sinful thing to do.

Fujiwara-sama was the savior who had given us what we had been deprived by humans. But, it's not like everything that was robbed had returned since mother wasn't next to me anymore.

I thought that if only we had met Fujiwara-sama much earlier... Then my mother would not have to die.

(Why does Fujiwara-sama not make a town farther north?)

While thinking such a selfish thing, I thanked Fujiwara-sama, who saved us.

Then, after another month.

We spent everyday together with Fujiwara-sama. Everyone was puzzled by the rule of town and their first time farming. But as we continued our days, we started getting used to the life of the town gradually, and eventually it became the norm.

We were satisfied with the life of the town. Other than the painful trip to reach here, life here was much better than when we lived in the mountains before. Because of that, everyone seemed to have forgotten those painful days.

That was why I thought that we should not forget this grace granted to us. We should not forget about the hunger of the past.


That was why I told the children that thanks to Fujiwara-sama, we could live without inconvenience. This was a blessing.


But, that idea was betrayed when Fujiwara-sama revealed his face at the banquet.

When I saw it, I thought that there was no way it could be... No way. However, that thought was wrong.

Fujiwara-sama confessed that he was a human.

At that moment, my whole body was hot with rage. It was the humans who robbed us of everything. It was the humans who robbed mother from me. There was no way I could forgive them. If there were no humans, mother would not have died.

That was why I got mad. I took my anger out on the food, and everything become trivial.

And on that night, I ran away from the town. I thought that I wouldn't mind dying. Even if I died alone, no one would care. I would just go to mother, who was the only one who cared about me.


But, Fujiwara-sama chased after me. Fujiwara-sama was angry, and admonished me.

’’If it was your mother, would she not want you to smile more than anything?’’

I knew. Because mother always thought about me, there was no way mother would want this.

So, I cried. I cried like a kid.

Then, time passed and it had been six years.

The army of the Shugurin Dukedom was approaching the town. I participated in the war as an artilleryman. Currently, the enemy was asking us to surrender, and we rejected it.

The enemy messenger under the wall was returning. I saw him off from behind the cannon. I was careful whenever there were humans lurking around.

Then, at the edge of my sight, I saw Gobi, who was also from the Wolf Tribe, drawing his bow at Fujiwara-sama.


I thought. However, before I could think beyond that, my body moved on its own.

Perhaps, Gobi might be doing it because of the chief's the chief's will. Maybe Gobi's betrayal was the tribe's consensus.

Still, I wanted to help Fujiwara-sama. It was the debt of gratitude that I couldn't pay off, ever. But, I wanted to return it, even if it was just a little bit.


Using my body, I crashed into Fujiwara-sama and pushed him aside. The arrow missed Fujiwara-sama and pierced deeply into my side.

(This is fine.)

I thought so.

Next, I hear Chief Jiharu's screaming. Looks like it wasn't the wolf tribe's intention. Like this, the relation between Fujiwara-sama and the wolf tribe could still be repaired.

But, this was my last stop. I was losing all the strength in my body. My consciousness dimmed, and I couldn't keep my eyes open. I heard the surrounding noise echoing in my head.

I will surely die. But, I thought that it was fine because I could stick my chest out proudly when I go see mother this time.

Then, my consciousness faded to black.

When I noticed it, I was standing at an unfamiliar place.


’’Is this a dream...?’’ I looked around as I muttered.

It felt like I was looking back on my past life.

This place was dark. Then, I could see a light on the other side.

As if I was being drawn to there, I start to walk there. I would understand when I get close enough.

The light was very warm. It is a nostalgic warmth.


’’Mother...’’ I whispered.

Eventually, I arrived before the light. As I reached for the light, it turned into mother, who wrapped her arms around me.

’’Mother... I am glad to be able to meet again. I worked hard. For everyone, for the tribe. Because the tribe needs Fujiwara-sama.’’ I said.

Mother gently stroked my head, as if praising me for a job well done.

I finally felt mother's hand after a long while. It was warm, a really nostalgic warmth.

When I tried to say that we would be together forever, mother separated from me and left together with the light.

’’Mother...? Wait, please wait! Let's live together again, mother!’’ I chased after mother.

But, mother just smiled gently and shook her head.


Even if I run and run, I can't reach mother.


Soon, my foot was entangled in something, and my body fell forward.

Then, someone grasped me from behind. I was pulled by up that hand and did not fall down.

I was worried about who it was, but it doesn't matter now. Rather, I am more concerned about mother.

’’...Mira, this time I will say it clearly. Be happy for mother's sake too.’’


Upon hearing mother's voice, I raised my voice as loudly as I could.

The light exploded. At the same time, the pitch dark world brightened and I shut my eyes.

I start to awaken. I somehow understood that for some reason, I was still alive, and it seemed like I will return back to the real world now.

Even so, the feeling of an arm grasping me remained intact. I wanted to know whose arm it was, but I couldn't open my eyes because of the dazzling light. But, my fingers were touching their hand.

I noticed that there wasn't any hair there. In other words, the person was not of the Wolf Tribe. It was a human...

’’Mira, wake up quickly.’’ A familiar voice demanded.

’’...Fujiwara-sama...?’’ I muttered Fujiwara-sama's name.

I opened my eyes. This my eyes. This was the real world.

’’Hmm? Wrong.’’

However, Fujiwara-sama wasn't around. It was an unknown female human.


’’Huh? Huh?! Who... Who the hell are you?!’’ I unconsciously tried to stand up― ’’Ahh!’’

My head hit something.

I checked the situation while rubbing my head.

This place was the back seat of Fujiwara-sama's vehicle. My body armor had already been removed, and there was no scar.

Then, who's the human in front of me...?

’’Haha, are you alright, Mira? You shouldn't move too much because you are sick.’’ She was awfully overly familiar, and her voice sounded familiar.

In addition, it seemed like she knew my name. Was she not an enemy?

While thinking so, I tried to search my memory for information about the woman in front of me. She had golden hair and blue eyes. However, a human acquaintance...


’’You... Could it be, Mireille...?’’ I asked hesitantly.

That voice certainly belonged to Mireille. Other than Mireille's skinny appearance when she wasted away, I remembered her appearance before being captured.

’’That's right. You were dyi―’’

’’Fujiwara-sama! What happened to Fujiwara-sama?! What about the Wolf Tribe?!’’

’’Calm down. Fujiwara-dono and your tribesmen are safe.’’

’’Is... Is that so? I'm glad...’’ I was relieved, and a sigh escaped my mouth.

From the opened door, I noticed that there were people on board the trucks, and it was the wolf tribesmen in the drivers' seats. In other words, it seemed like the relationship between Fujiwara-sama and the Wolf Tribe still remained goof.

’’Hmm, the way you were surprised, and the relieved face you have now... You are unexpectedly full of emotion.’’

Because of her words, I glared at Mireille.

This woman liked to make fun of me. Then, without minding my glare, Mireille smiled happily.

’’Hahaha, yes, yes. You're finally back to normal.’’

’’...Then, why are you here?’’ I really wanted to hit her immediately, but I needed to grasp the current situation first.

The Wolf Tribe was here, and Fujiwara-sama too. However, I did not understand why Mireille was here. It seemed like it was related to my wounds being healed.

Then, Fujiwara-sama appeared from behind the open door.


’’You have woken up.’’ He greeted.

Fujiwara-sama's way of speaking was different from the past. His speech was polite up until now, but it seemed like he had some reservations. But now, it seemed more natural.

Then, Fujiwara-sama lowered his head towards me.

’’Mira, thank you.’’

’’Eh...? Ah...?’’

’’My life was saved because of you. That's why, thank you.’’

’’...Ah, please raise your head...’’ My voice didn't come out smoothly.

It's embarrassing. If it was before, even though Fujiwara-sama was our saviour, I still strangely kept up my guard. But now...

I was irritated by Mireille, who was grinning next to me, but I couldn't do anything.

’’I just did what I wanted to do. So, you don't have to say thank you.’’ I

replied bluntly.

I probably had a sullen face now.

Which reminded me, was this the first time I'm speaking directly to Fujiwara-sama?

’’Is that so... Then from now, please take care of me.’’ Fujiwara-sama smiled.

I heard about this later on, but everyone else besides the Wolf Tribe rebelled, so we had to abandon the town. Now, we are heading north, and we will make a new town in the far north.


As I thought, there was still a long way before I could return to mother's side.


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