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The Ability To Make Town!? ~let’s Make A Japanese Town In Different World~ - Chapter 58


Chapter 58

Chapter 58

The Youju Empire was located in the lower dragon jaw of the continent. In Count Vassari's territory, Juliano Gavino Vassari succeeded his father's position after his father died from illness when he was 14.

But, it was Nagai who was possessing Juliano's body now.

As the lord who governed this territory, he was the number one person in the territory.

Nagai, who was always seeking to be number one, used his power skillfully. Nagai had Juliano's memory. Hence, he was able to perform the duties of a lord without any incidents.

A week had passed after Nagai, who became Juliano, began his rule over the territory.

Up till now, there was no particular pressing problem. If there was one thing, that would be confining Juliano's mother and brother in one room.

Now, Nagai was busying himself with reports in his office. Then, a man knocked on the door.

’’Enter.’’ Nagai stated.

After Nagai gave his permission, one of his vassals entered while excusing himself.

This was the person who he gave a special assignment to.

Nagai stopped what he was doing, leaned his body back let out a deep breath, deciding to take a break.

’’How is the town? Has it been cleaned?’’ Nagai asked.

’’Yes. We have removed the waste on the streets and the back alleys to the side gutters.’’ The vassal reported.

’’Alright.’’ Nagai nodded, satisfied with the vassal's report.

The contents of the report was about the public health of the town.

As the people in this continent had insufficient knowledge regarding sanitary issues, in the castle town, excrements were scattered everywhere, and the drainage gutters were clogged. Thus, when it rained, the water would overflow, and the town would be covered in sewage.

In addition, livestock were strutting around the whole town. The residence in which Nagai lived in was no exception. In fact, there was a terrible stench coming from the mansion's garden.


Nagai, who had lived in Japan, couldn't bear it at all. In addition, it was common knowledge in the previous world that unsanitary places would lead to outbreaks of disease.

In fact, whenever Nagai patrolled the town, he would see flies around everywhere. It made him frown since they were vectors of disease-causing germs. 

When Nagai saw how bad sanitary conditions were in his territory, he immediately issued an order to improve public health.


Now, let's return to the main subject.

’’However, even if the town has been cleaned, would the townspeople not make a mess and return it to the previous state?’’ The vassal questioned.

The vassal's question was, indeed, justifiable. For the time being, thanks to all the townspeople's cleaning, there wouldn't anyone polluting the town for the time being.

This would be due to the immorality of staining beautiful things, and the sin of destroying everyone's achievements. All these would be enough to make someone hesitate in polluting the town.

However, someone someone will eventually pollute the town once more, and with that as the start, it was easy to imagine that the town would be covered in filth again.


Nagai then took out a piece of parchment from the desk's drawer, and handed it over to the vassal. The vassal received it carefully and looked over it seriously.

On the paper were the punishments Nagai had thought up for those who polluted the town.

’’Please inform all the townspeople one week from now regarding this. Place it outside of the castle gates so that even the people coming from outside will know that there will not be an exception.’’ Nagai ordered.

All the penalties could be said to be severe. The vassal who was looking over it seemed a little gloomy. It was because the vassal himself had also contributed quite a bit to polluting the town and the mansion's garden.

’’Is this not too strict?’’ The vassal asked.

’’What are you saying? If we give light punishments, it will not accomplish anything. That is why it would be natural to give a severe punishment. Otherwise, the people in the town are digging their own graves.’’ Nagai stated. ’’In the first place, as long as they throw the waste in the predetermined places, there shouldn't be any problems, no?’’

The vassal doesn't know what to say after listening to Nagai's words.

There were plenty of places in the town where waste could be discarded. But, the townspeople were too slovenly, and slovenly, and didn't use them.

The vassal could agree and leave the room.

However, Nagai didn't know at this time that with just severe penalties, the town would not be clean. Even in medieval europe, despite having penalties reaching up to capital punishment, there were still cases where the towns didn't become clean. The townspeople would simply stealthily scatter the waste under the cover of night so that no one would know they did it.

But, Nagai, who was already used to the clean world of modern Japan, didn't give up. He struggled hard everyday, and it continued for a while in the future.

Well, public health did not just include the public places of the town. The hygiene of the people also needed to be managed.


In this world, commoners do not have the habit of washing their bodies, so it could be said that most people were filthy and smelly. Just like medieval europe in his previous world, they had the misunderstanding that diseases came from water. Thus, people avoided washing their bodies with river and well water.


However, there was definitely a difference between medieval europe and this world, and that was the existence of magic.

The water created by magic was said to be clean, so wealthy people who had plenty of money would cleanse their bodies with that water.

In other words, the reason why common people did not wash their bodies was because they felt that it was waste to use expensive water, that was supposed to was supposed to be used for drinking and cooking, to wash themselves.

But, Nagai had already prepared a countermeasure for that.

One day at the office...

’’Here.’’ A map of the town was opened in front of them, and Nagai pointed at a certain place. ’’Make a large public bath here.’’

’’Ho-However, to vacate the townspeople and the costs...’’ One of the vassals stuttered.

’’I don't care. We can silence the townspeople who need to leave with money. I'm also planning to sell all the expensive art pieces in the mansion. We can use that to cover the expenses for the eviction and construction cost of the bathhouse.’’ Nagai decided.

Nagai was planning to construct a large public bathhouse in the town. By employing water and fire magicians, he could make them pour hot water in. If there was no bathing fee, all the townspeople would want to take a bath since everyone would prefer to be clean than to be dirty.

[TL: Free bath? That is not a good management.]

Like this, Nagai made another goal for the public health of the castle town. He didn't make any hygiene management plan for the villages as it was not necessary to worry about them in particular. After all, if there were fewer people, there would be fewer waste to manage, and that amount could be returned back to nature without worry of pollution.

Thus, a considerable amount of assets had disappeared just for this case. Even though there was still some..


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