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That Person. Later On… - Chapter 91


I stayed overnight in the castle on that night. But right now, I am alone in the balcony. Because it's precious family time, I didn't want to interrupt them so I sneaked out from the great hall to this place.

I am drinking while looking at the starry sky alone. I brought the drink from the town, of course it isn't alcohol that should be matched with this atmosphere. I have enough with alcohol..

(Haa~ it's delicious~)

I don't want to touch alcohol anymore. I don't like it because my head hurts the next day after I drink it. I have zero tolerance with alcohol. Perhaps I will become tolerant if I keep drinking it, but that's painful so let's stop.

I watch the sky while thinking such a thing, stars shine brightly, it's such a wonderful night sky.

I wish I could look at such a night sky together with my beloved one. But I don't have one.....

I am alone..... I wish someday I can find someone who truly loves me..... but looking from the past events, it seems to be difficult..... I wonder if I will be alone for the rest of my life.....

Let's stop, just thinking about it makes me feel down. It's ruining the taste of this delicious drink. Let's enjoy the night and forget about everything.

When I immersed myself in such thoughts, I heard the footsteps of someone approaching from behind. I turned my face towards the sound. There was Ragnil who was coming while holding a cask.

[What are you doing in such a place?] (Ragnil)

[Why did you come here, Ragnil? When I'm being considerate to give you some family time.....] (Wazu)

[Fuhahaha~ Since you are here, I'm thinking that I want to drink with Wazu!!] (Ragnil)

[I'm not drink alcohol] (Wazu)

[I don't care!! Because the most important thing is to be together] (Ragnil)

Saying that, Ragnil sat next to me and began to drink from the cask filled with alcohol.

[Puhaa~!! Sake is more delicious tonight because there is a friend next to me!! That's right, I am sorry for troubling you with Meru and everything] (Ragnil)

[Don't worry, I also enjoy traveling with Meru!!] (Wazu)

[I'm glad to hear that] (Ragnil)

With that, the cup and the cask clashed each other.

[I heard about the northern hero. It would be nice if she could be saved using my the tears of my mother-in-law ] (Ragnil)

[I hope so..... Hmm? Are you that concerned about Haosui? Even though You have never meet her in person] (Wazu)

[Certainly that ryujin is classified as human family, their life span or strength is far from us, dragons. But still, the same dragon's blood is mixed inside their body. Because of that we (dragons) recognize them as kinsmen] (Ragnil)

[I see..... I will do my best] (Wazu)

[Good, I leave her to you] (Ragnil)

We spend the relaxing time while looking at the stars.

[.....So, what do you really want to talk about?] (Wazu)

[Mother-in-law hasn't forgiven me.....] (Ragnil)

I thought so. Otherwise I wouldn't see the dragon king cleaning the castle by himself.

[So, can you put in some good words for me.....?] (Ragnil)

[There is the feeling that I'd like to help as a friend, but it's impossible. It's family's problem so I would like to avoid getting involved. Just endure it patiently!] (Wazu)

[You are a heartless friend..........] (Ragnil)

[If I'd get in the same situation as you, would you help me?] (Wazul)

[Well, I'd look at it from a distance and pray for you] (Ragnil)

So you do understand the position I am in.

[Come to think of it, I told you to introduce the problematic red dragon to someone, how about that matter?] (Wazu)

[Oh, I introduced her to a single blue dragon who is one of my aides. They clicked with each other the moment I made them meet. They are flirting around everyday, it's getting annoying] (Ragnil)

[...............] (Wazu)

How can beeeeeee!?!?

How can it go so well for everyone but me!? That's unfair!! Tell me it's a lie!! Damn it!! It's not reality!! Why doesn't it work that way for me!? Why am I still single!? What's my fault? Did I do something wrong to deserve this!? Dammit!!

I AM JEALOUS~~~!!!!!


I desperately poured the drink I'm holding in my hand into my mouth in one go.

[What's wrong, Wazu? Your atmosphere suddenly turned dark, you know?] (Ragnil)

[I feel like I can shatter the world if it's me now] (Wazu)

[Y-You jest!!] (Ragnil)

I can do it, right? With goddesses blessings and all, should I try it? Fufufu..... such world..... should perish once!! After that, the world which is friendly to me shall be made!!

[FU~HAHAHAHAHA.....] (Wazu)

[What's wrong Wazu? Please don't scare me!?] (Ragnil)

I see the figure of Ragnil who looks worried as I collapse on the spot while laughing. The stone floor is cold and feels good. Then, I see the bottle I brought lying beside my face. In the lower part of the bottle there was paper attached, it was written as follows.

※ This drinks contains small amount of alcohol as flavor ※

What is this..... contains alcohol..... you say..... zzzzz

On the next day, I woke up with a headache. I immediately drink water and rearrange my breath on the spot. I really want to beat myself from yesterday. I will check carefully before drink anything next time.

I come out from the room to looking for Meru. I meet Ragnil who is cleaning the castle on the way and explain about yesterday's circumstances.

Meru was in the hall with Meral and Megil, they seemed to be talking about something. Meru jumped onto my face at once after noticing me coming and started to climb up my head. It was somewhat uncomfortable because Meral and Megil smiled at the sight.

[Wazu-san, I leave Meru in your care] (Meral)

[Yeah, sure!!] (Wazu)

[Wazu, I leave the matter about Haosui to you. Please save her] (Megil)

[I'll do what I can do. Then, I will come again later] (Wazu)

I exchange greetings lightly and go back to Osen town with Meru.


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