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That Person. Later On… - Chapter 90


The place Ragnil guided me to was the great hall in the castle. There was Meral who was sprawling comfortably in that place. Meru, who saw the figure of Meral, separated herself from Ragnil at once and flew towards Meral's place. Ragnil who saw Meru leave him seemed lonely.

Be strong papa dragon!!

Meru was hovering above Meral before she dove towards Meral's face and started to rub her face against Meral's.

[Oh Meru? Fufufu..... it seems you came back home to visit. I'm glad to see you after a long time. Did you become a little bigger?] (Meral)

[Kyuiii~!! Kyuii~!!] (Meru)

[I see. You were having fun. I'm glad to hear it] (Meral)

I slowly got closer to the two.

[It's been awhile, Meral] (Wazu)

[Yeah, Wazu also seems to be fine. It seems you have taken a good care of Meru, I feel relieved] (Meral)

[Well yeah, though various things did happened. Since we are going to stay for the night, you should enjoy the parent-child time to the fullest] (Wazu)

[I see, thanks!!] (Meral)

Meral raised corner of her mouth and showed me a happy dragon's smile as I said so.

[I am delighted with the offer, but why are you here again? Are you just coming here to let us see Meru? (Meral)

[No, actually.....] (Wazu)

I told her the reason why I came here. I skipped the details that I heard this information from the goddesses just in case.

[I see, you are looking for mother with that kind of situation. Then, why don't you ask my mother directly? I think she will listen if it's Wazu who's asking] (Meral)

[Oh, she is here?] (Wazu)

[Yeah, she is here to monitor Ragnil. I think she is reading a book in the study room now. The place is in the innermost room upstairs] (Meral)

[I understand, thank you. There you heard it Meru. We are going to stay the night here so go enjoy your time with your parents] (Wazu)

[Kyuui~ Kyuui~] (Meru)

I head to the innermost room upstairs through the stairs on the right side of the great hall that Meral pointed out.

I enter the innermost room at the end of the corridor after knocking on the huge doors. There is an extraordinary hall that is bigger than the great hall from before.

Huge bookshelves reaching the ceiling, with height that is not reachable unless dragon flies, covered the surrounding walls. Every bookshelf is filled with books without vacant gaps at all. The books are stored in orderly manner.

Inside this room there is a number of desks and chairs sized for human that tells who will read there. In the center of it, there is a huge dragon sized desk and chair. White dragon Megil is reading while wearing glasses over there.

Megil, who noticed my presence, slowly closes her book and turns her attention to me.

[Oh? I'm sure you are Wazu, right? But Meru doesn't seems to be with you] (Megil)

[Yes I am, it's been a while. Meru is with her parents downstairs] (Wazu)

[I see, It's good as long as she is healthy, I also should go and see her later. So, you bothered to take the trouble to come here for some reason, didn't you?] (Megil)

[You can tell?] (Wazu)

[Because I have lived a long life not for nothing. Although I'd be glad even if you simply came so that Meru could meet her parents, but I feel that the atmosphere in this mountain turned somewhat strange recently] (Megil)

It seems Megil also felt the sense of incongruity that I felt when I entered this mountain.

(TL : Kinda messed up about this details at the previous chapter. Not changed the story that much but I already fix it)

[I'm sorry, it's not about the mountain but if you can, I would like to ask for your help....] (Wazu)

And then, I explained about the situation of northern hero Haosui. Like before, I skipped the details about goddesses.....

[.....I see. But Wazu, where did that information come from?] (Megil)

[Eh.....?] (Wazu)

*gulp!!* Why did she ask?

[What's wrong? You can't tell me?] (Megil)

[...............] (Wazu)

It can't be helped..... I am in the position of asking for help in this place. I'm not too close with Megil to begin with, let's speak honestly to gain some credits. Though I don't know if she can believe me. Well, in the worst case scenario I will show her my guild card.

I tell her that I got this information from the goddesses. Her countenance slackened and she began to laugh out loud.

[Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha!!! I see, you heard it from goddesses!!] (Megil)

[Do you believe me?] (Wazu)

[Yeah, I believe in you since the time I entrusted Meru to you. However, only limited number of people were informed about the tears of white dragon's power, even among the ryuujin race. I thought from whom you had heard it's goddesses, that's make a little sense. It seems that you are quite favored by them] (Megil)

[Ha-haha.....] (Wazu)

I can't say they favored me to the extent sought for physical relationship.

[However, that brings back memories..... I didn't hear anything since that time..... but it seems they are doing fine] (Megil)

[.....Eh? Are you acquainted?] (Wazu)

[There was a little story in the old days] (Megil)

[.....Old days?] (Wazu)

[It's not a good deed to probe the secret of a woman so much, you know?] (Megil)

[Excuse me.....] (Wazu)

It flew for a moment, ’’How old are the old days?’’ But I was discouraged in an instant when I thought about it. Perhaps it was just my imagination, but I got the feeling that goddesses in my guild card were beginning to clamor. Well, I won't check it out though.

[So, about the story of this hero.....] (Megil)

[Yes?] (Wazu)

[What is this Haosui girl's hair color ?] (Megil)

[It's green] (Green)

[I see..... I thought whose dragon blood she inherited that it would make her strong enough to become a hero..... But I see.....] (Megil)

[...............] (Wazu)

Umm~ there are a lot of things I'd like to ask since sometime ago but let's endure it.

[All right, rest assured. I am the thousands years old white dragon, if you can save that child with my tears, you can take as much as you want!!] (Megil)

[Thank you very much] (Wazu)

We came down to the first floor to get an empty bottle to store the tears.

Meru clinged to Megil firmly the moment we came to the first floor. It seems she was glad to see her grandmother.

Megil who is stroking Meru's back happily, Meral who is pleased to watch them, Ragnil who seems envious, this scene makes me remember how strong the bond of this family.

Megil put the tears inside an empty bottle that Meral prepared and we enjoyed our time in this castle afterwards.


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