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That Person. Later On… - Chapter 89



I am aiming at Ragnil's castle in the mountain summit. I run in a hurry because I can't spend too much time, so my speed is relatively quicker than usual. I hold down Meru who is clinging her claws against my head with one hand so she won't fall.

After running for about 1 hour, we arrived in a vast forest at the foot of the mountain. Since we found various tree nuts here and there on the way, we collected them and decided to take a rest in a little open space for the time being.

A group of about 15 people came out from the woods and surrounded us. They are holding swords, knives, axes, etc. they are bandits no matter how you look at it. Rugged man with the finest equipment and the best physique from the group, steps forwards and threatens us.

[Hahaha!!! The great me is the bandit who's ruling this forest!!!]

[I and Meru are in the middle---


---of snack time!!] (Wazu)


I sent the bandits flying somewhere away with punches in a blink of an eye. Goodness, they interrupted the healing time between Meru and me after a long time. I don't mind to give them the second serving if they are still alive. Oh, I will let Freud be their opponent.

No problem occurred after that. I started to climb mountain in the center of continent. I keep proceeding forwards despite the weather that's constantly changing. It has nothing to do with me.

I was relieved that Meru also did not seem to have any problems with the weather. Doing this and that while proceeding, I meet them again.

Cat-like monster and fish-like monster duo.....

The two surround bonfire under a big tree, it seems they are having meal now. Cat-like monster's eating grilled small fish, while fish-like monster's eating grilled big fish and some kind of meat alternately in each hands.

This is wrong. This scene is surreal. Or rather, Do your best cat-like monster. Don't look so pitiful. Because there is huge fish-like monster next to you, eat it!!

While thinking such a thing, they noticed our presence in this place. Meru and I stopped our movement while watching them. The two silently watching us back while keep moving their mouths on food eagerly.

Then, because cat-like monster's food was originally only a small fish, it finished it immediately. On the other side, fish-like monster was still eating because originally it had a lot more food. The cat-like monster was looking at fish-like monster enviously.

I couldn't endure it any longer. I rushed out at once and kicked them off with the momentum just as it.


[The cat should be fish's predator!!] (Wazu)

Those guys who were kicked by me flew somewhere far away until I couldn't be seen them anymore. Since it's monsters, they probably won't die. I never meant to kill them in the first place.

Because I thought that I wanted the cat-like monster to work hard. Be sure to defeat the fish-like monster and stand on the top. Show me that you are the boss. Surely, you can do it. I'm cheering you on!!

I looked at the direction that those two guys disappeared towards. I also thought I have to do the best myself and ran towards the castle again.

Monsters attacked several times before we arrived, but they all went down with one punch. However I felt uneasy. I'm not seeking power and yet, I keep getting stronger for some reason...... It was such a feeling.

Meru and I reached the castle within a day. It seems it's better to stay here for tonight. I would like Meru to spend some quality time with her parents too. While thinking such a thing, I slowly open the castle's door.

On the other side of the door, there was Ragnil who's carefully cleaning the castle with a feather duster.

I slowly shut the door back.

Hmm? I wonder if I was too tired? I think I have seen Ragnil doing something inappropriate for a dragon king. I'm sure it was just my imagination. I slowly opened the door again.

[Even though I'm not cheating..... Why do I have to be punished.....?] (Ragnil)

While saying so, he used the feather duster to clean the surroundings with pitter-patter. Have you not been forgiven yet.....? While wondering about what should I do in this situation, I feel the weight leaving my head. Meru flew towards Ragnil.

Ragnil noticed Meru who was getting closer to him while happily flapping her wings.

[Hmm? Ooh, Meru!! How have you been? Are you eating properly?] (Ragnil)

[Kyuii~!! Kyuii~!!] (Meru)

[That's good!! Come to think of it, how about Wazu.....] (Ragnil)

Our eyes met. It seems he just noticed me. We look at each others eyes in silent for a while.....

[....................] (Ragnil)

[....................] (Wazu)

[..... For the time being, please come in!] (Ragnil)

[..... Ye-Yeah don't worry!! I won't tell anyone!! I will forget everything I just saw] (Wazu)

[..... Sorry, please do!] (Ragnil)

I don't want to see the dragon king in miserable situation..... Ragnil guided me to enter the castle with Meru who is sticking to his belly happily.

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