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That Person. Later On… - Chapter 83



This is the fourth day of our journey towards Osen town. While we were tidying our camping equipment, Freud noticed a man approaching this place. I stop my hands and turn my attention to the man. He was walking here in a carefree manner and stopped at the point where each other's attacks could reach.

As he was getting closer, I could see him wearing very light clothes, deep green tights and short sword on his waist, a queasy feeling came from his long and narrow eyes, even though he has reasonably good face. I wonder if it's his habit to mess around with his bangs. While doing so, he looking at us with an appraising eyes.

[You've also come for That, huh? Could it be you are thinking that you can win?]

[What is it.....?] (Wazu)

[Huu~? Are you playing dumb here? I can tell, you see? You are also challengers, aren't you? In other words you are my rivals, got it?]

I want to hit him once for the time being.

[What is this ’’challenger’’ thing.....?] (Wazu)

When I asked what was that all about, a response came from Grave-san.

[You didn't know Wazu? Haosui-chan the northern hero who currently lives in the hot spring town --Osen, has vowed to become a bride for a man that win against her. Because of that, those who are confident with their strength all over continent have came to challenge Haosui-chan, but nobody could win even though various people have challenged her so far] (Grave)

[I see.....] (Wazu)

Haosui has never been defeated so far. She is quite strong, I guess?

[So~, in other words~, you guys have come for such a thing~, right?]

I'd like to say what kind of thing it is. For a moment I forgot about him, or rather are you still here? Get lost already!!

[Like I said~ You guys have no chance~ Because I'm going to defeat Haosui~ I will do it!! Got it? So, can you give me your money? Got it?]

(TL : this is the way he talks, there are some parts that I'm not sure the meaning as well)

This guy is annoying!!

In short, he is doing bandit-like things here, right? Targeting the challengers, I wonder if he is quite strong? I can't see that though. Moreover, this side has me, Grave-san an S-rank adventurer, and Freud a fake butler.

I don't think we will lose, except for Freud. However, such idea didn't transmit to the man.

The man in front of us while still fiddling with his hair, pulled out a short sword with his vacant hand and directed its tip towards us.

I thought would finish this quickly, but Freud interrupted me before I could advance.

[This fellow, there is no worth for Wazu-sama to lay his hands on him, please leave it to me] (Freud)

[Hmm? No, I don't mind it. Because I will get it done in a moment] (Wazu)

[Well, wait a moment Wazu. Let's leave this guy to Freud here. I have seen Wazu's strength on the ship awhile back, but I never saw Freud's fighting strength] (Grave)

Certainly..... I don't remember ever seeing Freud fighting in full power. Oh, I'm getting interested now.

[Then, I leave him to you] (Wazu)

[Thank you very much] (Freud)

Freud bows elegantly and turns back to the man.

[I will be your opponent] (Freud)

[Okay~ let's start with you~ I will make you a prey of my sword~!!]

The sword's tip lunged at Freud in a sharp thrust at the same time he said so, however Freud avoided it with minimum movement.

A man dropped his short sword when Freud hit his hand with a chop, before they passed each other because a man couldn't stop his advance.

Freud turned his body slowly, it had become a situation where each other standing position swapped.

More importantly, his hand hadn't stop playing with his bangs during that time, or rather he is more concerned with his hair than the fight.

[It was a splendid attack] (Freud)

[You too~ pretty good~ ..... I never thought~ you dodged my first attack brilliantly~]

[Because I am a butler] (Freud)

Oi, why are you praising each other without a care in the world? Just Hurry up and finish him already!! I mean, this guy was just playing around with his hair since beginning. I'm getting frustrated just by looking at him, also how he speak in roundabout way is annoying.

[Fumu..... his attack was impressive. Freud's also doing pretty well] (Grave)

A person next to me was calmly analyzing the battle. No, No, No, what Grave-san said may be true but..... I could care less whether Freud is strong or not anymore, I'm just bothered by this man who doesn't stop playing with his bangs since a while ago.

[Well then, this is my turn to attack!!] (Freud)

Freud is going to attack the man.....

[Wa-Wait a moment!!]

Freud put his hand on a short sword in front of him, but the man's words stopped Freud's advance. Freud waited dutifully.

[What's the matter? Is there a problem?] (Freud)

[Yeah, a big problem!! Because of the previous movement~ my bangs have fallen into disorder. Please wait a moment because I will fix it soon~]

Freud nods and waits on the spot in the meantime. Eh? What are you doing? No, that's enough. Let's finish him and leave this place.

However, on contrary to such thoughts of me, the man began to carefully fix his bangs.

[Hey, you're in the middle of fighting, right? Don't stop the fight just because your bangs got disordered] (Wazu)

When he heard my complaint, the man stared at me with serious look and shouted. Of course his hands didn't stopped touching his bangs. He is still doing it, stop it, please stop it now!!

[I won't be popular with women if my hair is disheveled!!!!!!!!!!]

What are you saying? There aren't any women here in the first place, you don't have to worry about such thing. However, I tried to ask a good-looking person next door just in case.

[Is that so?] (Wazu)

[No, I think it's important, but I don't think it's a good time for it] (Grave)

[I bet!!] (Wazu)

I have same thoughts as Grave-san. So, what's with this guy? The moment we turn our eyes to see his foolishness, two shadows jump from the woods behind towards me and Grave-san

[Yihaa~~!!~ Your back is open~~!!!]

I knew that there were people there since the beginning, the same goes for Grave-san I guess. We silenced each of them with a single blow.

I see, in other words this annoying man draw our attention as a decoy, and the other two people were going to attack us from behind.

Well, they were choosing wrong opponents this time.

If you look carefully, the man who is still playing with his bangs despite this situation turned pale.

[Eeh..... Aah..... Umm? Could it be I am in dire situation now?]

Stop playing with your hair already!!!!!






After that, the man who had been made bald, other two people, and a written paper containing --[↑these guys are criminals]-- were hung on tree. Good for him, he didn't have to worry about his bangs got disordered anymore so I'd like him to thank us later.

In the end, Freud's strength remained a mystery but I decided not to think about it anymore.....

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