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That Person. Later On… - Chapter 80


This is a story of the horror I felt that day.

Yes, that day. It was the day after several days has passed since we met Naminissa-sama and Narellina-sama, their family decided to step down from the royal line. It seemed they will head to the south with those, who wanted to follow them. Actually we also met the king, he was an easy-going person..... I mean, a friendly person.

When people see elves, most would normally think of how to capture and sell us. Oh! There were also a choice to make us a plaything, weren't there? But the people of this royal family lacked such atmosphere entirely and casually interacted with us, I was so glad.

Oops, I derailed from the story.

In these past few days we were staying with their family. The reason is simple, to help Naminissa-sama and Narellina-sama's travel preparation. Numbers of shoulder bags and magic item that has been imbued with low tier space-time magic, called ’’Item Bag’’ are being prepared, we are going to use it to carry things. This bag can store more luggage than its appearance allows it to, with this our journey will become easier. As expected of royal family, I thought.

Then, Orlando was introduced when we were preparing for a journey. He is an exclusive knight of Naminissa-sama and Narellina-sama's elder brother, Navirio. Orlando is a man who came from Linnic city together with Wazu-san. We were listening to the story about Wazu-san in the previous war.

I was surprised, even though I knew that Wazu-san's strong. He trampled down monsters that came to our village single-handedly, and this time his opponent were monsters + knights + S-rank adventurer..... I want to complain about how strong he is. I heard he made a guild card, I wish he'd let me see it later.

By the way, it seems that recently Sarona is suspecting me to have special feelings towards Wazu-san. I'll have to say it later that there are no such feelings..... I just want to be his friend. My ideal is a cool, rich and good-looking man like a prince, a strong and yet gentle person who will treasure me forever. Setting aside if such a person really exists.....

Our relationship became close during preperations. With a common acquaintance called Wazu-san as a clique, we were talking about various things. Eventually it reached the point where they were talking about what part of Wazu-san they liked, what they wanted to convey to Wazu-san when they meet, or how it would be nice to spend the wedding night together. I wanted them to consider about me a little who was also in this place.

In such heated conversation, Tata-san's ’’night lecture’’ attracts most of our interest. She is the only person experienced among Wazu-san's harem members. Although it's a painful experiance, but for our sake and in order for them to please Wazu-san, she taught us that knowledge. I truly believed that a time when I will need this knowledge will come in the future, so I also listened to it carefully.

Finally, tomorrow is the day. King and his followers will head to the south, and we will head to the north to chase after Wazu-san, because our preparation should be also finished at that time.

The day of horror.....

We have our dinner in the hall inside the castle to celebrate our departure. According to the king's story, Narellina-sama's knights order and Navirio-sama's knights order have merged and they will also follow them to south. Approximately half of the knights who served in this country and around 70% of the citizen seems to be planning to leave. The guild eadquarters are also going to move to another place. I understand well how much king and his family were loved by their citizens.

Still according to the story, it seems that the prime minister was delighted because he is going to become the next king himself. I think this country has already ended..... but that's a story for another time. We were talking happily to enjoy our time before temporary separation. But then our conversation stopped when the door opened abruptly.

The horror will begin soon.

Before everyone's line of sight, there was the prime minister we were talking about a short while ago. A lanky bald man dressed in clothes which were adorned with silver and gold in poor taste, there was a vulgar smile floated on his face. A bunch of knights behind him were observing us with an indiscriminate look, they were probably those who sided with him. Prime minister looked at the surrounding people inside the hall, then he bowed in exaggerated manner as if an acting.

[Greeting everyone, are you enjoying the meal inside my castle?] (Zizu)

[.....You are going to officially become the king after our departure tomorrow, got that?] (Narellina)

The princess answered without hiding her frustration towards the prime minister's statement.

[No, I am not wrong. Because the current king will die here!!] (Zizu)

The knights raised their swords under the prime minister's command. When we were surrounded, Orlando-san and other knights from our side stepped forward to defend us, keeping the opponents in check.

[Fufufu..... going to keep struggling until the end huh..... how troubling, I will also teach the citizens who is my slave, to know their place later] (Zizu)

[Bastard..... how dare you to call our citizens as slave] (Givrio)

[What are you so angry about.....? Well, it doesn't matter because you are going to die here no matter what] (Zizu)

He said so and his knights moved one step forward in unison.

[Bastard.....] (Givrio)

[Fufufu..... that's right, your daughters will become playthings for the knights in this castle, they will receive plenty of love so rest assured] (Zizu)

[Hehehe..... my lord, please also give us the elves over there]

[Sure] (Zizu)

The knights are licking all over us from bottom to top with their lustful gaze. Then, the prime minister said something that should have never been said.

[After I mess up their pretty faces, let's see.... the country's hero that people are talking about, Wazu was it? I will bring you in front of him and say --[Look at this lump of trash who once were worshiped by citizen]-- I shall have him die afterwards] (Zizu)


The horror begin.






[ The enemy of mine, listen to the sound of wind that calls upon death ] (Sarona)

The knights swords and armors were turned into scraps by Sarona's magic. Her smile frozen. It seems she doesn't intend to kill them with magic that easily.

While the knights who lost their equipments were frightened, a woman with red hair dashed forwards, Narellina-sama. She sent a jump kick towards a knight and started to beat down the surrounding knights in rage.

[Fu~mu..... my martial arts skills seem to be a little dull..... well, it's because I lack a suitable training partner] (Narellina)

There, she continued to fight in melee combat with the knights who siding with the prime minister. Orlando and the knights from our side also joined the battle on this side. I also joined in while felt the anger surging, because a person who rescued our village was being insulted.

Come to think of it, what about the prime minister? When I looked around, I found the prime minister was caught between a transparent wall and hall wall. Hmm? What on earth is going on..... Once I widen my field of vision, I noticed Tata-san and Naminissa-san were in front of him.

[Guge-ge.....] (Zizu)

[I see, there was also such a way to use barrier magic] (Tata)

[Yeah, because this is a kind of a wall, you also can use it to capture the opponent like this] (Naminissa)

They are talking with a smile but..... I feel a chill running down my spine.

[I wa-wa-was wrong!!! Pl-Please help me~~~~~!!!] (Zizu)

[Can I learn it?] (Tata)

[Of course, I will teach you later!!] (Naminissa)

They didn't hear the prime ministers plea and continued their conversation in calm manner..... I feel terror creeping inside my heart for some reason, I promise to not make them angry at any cost.

In the blink of an eye, the prime minister and his knights lost and were confined in the dungeon. The next day, after handing over the key to the knight who stayed, we started our journeys to our respective destinations.


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