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That Person. Later On… - Chapter 8


Chapter 8 - Unconscious Monster

I am falling from the house. . .

Well you see, I can't use magic so flying is out of the question. I can't get down except with this method. I heard two screams from the direction of house. I can't hear it well so I try to focusing my attention but what reached my ears was flapping sounds and monster's roaring.

Their flying over the forest.

The large number of bird type monster approached because they thought I was food. Each of the houses had been encased in a barrier, because of that they change their target to me.

They closed in order to cath me who was falling. And then---


I hit it. I was hitting it lightly. But the beak were shattered. . . huh?

Hey was the beak this fragile. . . well, whatever. Using the momentum, I rotated my body to unleash a kick to a monster's face, it flew towards the other bird-type monster.

The flying monsters were suprised and trying to turn their body to escape but it was too late. I kicked another monster, a bone breaking sound was heard. While at it I grab another monster's foot and use my falling momentum to throw it to the ground---


It was slammed, with full blast.

. . . Oh the ground were gouged out. Was the soil of this area brittle? I landed near the fallen monster, but the surrounding monsters were instantly attacking.

One-eyed muscullar Cyclops shot its big fist at me. I caught the fist with my hand, at the same moment I rotated the Cyclops.

(TL : At least the monster body is bigger than human but he rotating it and still didn't realized how strong he was :D)

[Eat this!!] (Wazu)

I rotated it 3 times. The surrounding monsters were devastated by the Cyclops body, I throw it and started to run towards the barrier in the center of monster crowd. But monsters appeared one after another as to block my way. I caught a monster and did the same thing as before. Because a large number of monsters I repeated this process while advancing. Oh the next are Wolves.

[Yo! Sarona-san, are you allright?] (Wazu)

I arrived in front of the barrier.

Behind me, The vast number of monster corpses were lying around. Sarona-san was taken aback, hmm?

[Huh? Sarona-san?] (Wazu)

[. . . . . Eh, Wazu-san. . . . . how could you be here?] (Sarona)

[How? I just came normally?] (Wazu)

[. . . . . Just. . . . . came. . . . . normally] (Sarona)

Sarona-san checking my back, sweat was dripping from her forehead. Huh? Are you suprised? Was there something to be surprised? Hmm. . .

Oh well. Gazuna is somewhat petrified but I don't care because I hate this guy.

[Then I will beat the monsters around here, Sarona-san you just need to settle your fight with Gazuna! I'm rooting on you! Good luck!] (Wazu)

[Ah yes. . . . . Wazu-san as well. . . . . hmm. . . . . do your best?] (Sarona)

[Yes!! I will do my best!!!] (Wazu)

I clenched my fist, I was fired up. . . .

She told me to do my best. Allright, bring it on!

But, even though I was full of motivation the monster were stepped back. Huh? Come! Bring it on!

. . . . . You won't come?

Haa~~. Then it can't be helped.

If this is what you want. . . . . . I will come to get you.

I rushed to the monster before me.


The monsters run away at full speed to escaping from me.

Ha? Why do you run away? Wait a minute!! I just thought of defeated you all in front of Sarona-san to looks cool, why do you run away? Damn you ruined it!! Or rather, I must be looks funny right now ~ ~ ~ !!!

[. . . . . that, who the hell are you?] (Gazuna)

Having understood the currrent situation, finally Gazuna spoke while his face turned pale.

[Huh? I wonder, I just a person who is under the village's care just recently] (Wazu)

[That's not what I want to hear!!] (Gazuna)

[Huuh. . . ] (Wazu)

Then what on earth do you want to hear? More importantly, I don't want to talk with a guy like you.

The other Elves still didn't come out from their houses that were protected by barriers. Huh? Although those guys have run away and won't come anymore. More importantly, at this state Gazuna will keep talking to me right? That's, I hate it. Yuyuna, Ruruna! Get down here!!

[. . . . . Impossible. . . . . that's impossible. Those monsters are at least B rank] (Gazuna)

Gazuna's words have no end.

At last pay attention to your surrounding a little. Sarona-san was, using this chance while Gazuna spoke to me she launched an attack with her knife. But the wound was being healed by automatic recovery in an instant. Still Sarona-san didn't stop her attack. She keep attacking, defending, and so on.

[Haa. . . Haa. . .] (Sarona)

[Haa. . . Haa. . .] (Gazuna)

They continued with offense and defense for a while and distances each other. Their breathing are disorder. Sarona-san's physical strenght dropped because she keep moving around, and Gazuna magic seems about to exhausted because he keep using his robe. They were both in the same condition, but it's likely Sarona-san has the upper-hand.

[Gazuna, why don't you give up already? When your magics exhausted, even your life will be in danger. Now that such thing was done it's no longer any use, but at least your life---] (Sarona)

[Hahaha!!! I don't care anymore. . . . . I thought I would exterminate everyone in front of your eyes but I changed my mind. So. . . . . .

I'll kill you first!! Sarona!!] (Gazuna)

Gazuna took out a Red Ball from the robe and tossed it to his mouth.


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