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That Person. Later On… - Chapter 75




I saw something fall to the sea, mixed beautifully, and flowing. A small rainbow was also formed. He was throwing up magnificently..... Freud.

On the edge of the ship deck we boarded, Freud is throwing up because of seasickness.

As a service because he lent me money to board the ship, I gently rub their back..... Yeah ’’their’’, because there were two people.


[There. There. Throw up everything to make it feel better] (Wazu)

One hand rubbed Freud's back and the other hand rubbed the back of a man who was throwing up next to him.

[I am so sorry Wazu-sama, to think that I am this weak to the ship so much---] (Freud)

[Sorry dude, I am not good with the sea---]

[ [*orororororororororororo*] ]

I wonder how it came to this..... Freud was fine at the beginning, but before I noticed it he was throwing up beside this man at the edge of the ship.

According to his story, it seems that this was the first time he boarded a ship and was saying something like he never expected to get seasick. I rubbed his back while listening to such a story. I asked the crew to bring me some water to helped rinse their mouths.

I didn't get seasick even though it was also the first time I rode a ship, I wonder if it's because of the skill?

The man who is throwing up beside Freud, he is a man with long black hair who lightly dressed, his body seems was well-trained because a muscle can be seen from here and there. Two swords that intersect each other was hanging on his lower back. Judging from his face, he was the most handsome man I have ever seen so far, but right now his handsome face was clouded by his painful expression.

Such a sight continued for a while until it finally calmed down and their complexion has also returned a little.

[Thank you very much for rubbing my back] (Freud)

[You saved me dude]

[Yeah, it was not a big deal] (Wazu)

The two people thanked me at the same time. After that Freud observing the face of man next to him to confirm his identity.

[Are you perhaps ’’Grave-sama The Whirlwind’’ by any chance?] (Freud)

[Oh! It's been awhile since I've being called by that name but please drop the ’’-sama’’ because it somewhat ticklish, we are throwing up companion after all, right?] (Grave)

[It was my nature because I am a butler, please forgive me] (Freud)

[The whirlwind?] (Wazu)

Who is he? Freud explained when I tilted my head because I couldn't understand the meaning.

[Grave-sama the whirlwind is a S-rank adventurer, he is the perosn who has many heroic tales about him] (Freud)

[Oo~] (Wazu)

[His another name which is famous is ’’The Harem King’’. It said that Grave-sama's wives are all around the world] (Freud)

[Ouu, currently I have 195 wives] (Grave)

[Haa..........?] (Wazu)

What to say, he is an amazing man.....

[I am on my way to see my woman who's working in the hot spring town, it seems that hero Hao Sui-chan was also there, I am looking forward to it~] (Grave)

[We are also on our way to hot spring town] (Freud)

[Oh, let's go together then] (Grave)

Eh? Are we going together? Even though we just came across in this ship, can he decide it that easily? How should I put this, he is a bold person different from his appearance.

[The introduction was delayed but I am a butler and my name is Freud. This person who nursed us until the end---] (Freud)

[I am Wazu, F-rank adventurer] (Wazu)

I said it. This reminded me that I am still a F-rank adventurer. I really have to deal with this somehow.

[Oh, a fellow adventurer! Nice to meet you!] (Grave)

The hull suddenly started to shake greatly when we are talking about each other. Due to the shake Freud and Grave-san went straight to seasickness state again.

[ [*orororororororororororo*] ]

[What on earth is this?] (Wazu)

I rub the back of these two and ask the situation to a ship crew that passed nearby.

[This is bad!! The sea lord has apperad!! We have to run away fast!!]

He said so and I turn my attention towards the direction he pointed at. There is a huge snake that came out from the sea surface. I don't know for sure because of distance, but its waistline should be around 3 meters in diameter. As if that huge snake found some prey, it approaches the ship bow while causing a big wave.

I stop rubbing the back of these two people. In a moment, I dash towards the ship bow where the huge snake was aiming and jump.

[You came at the wrong time~!!] (Wazu)


Then I go back by running on the sea surface. I received words of praises from the crew members, --[Thank you]-- or --[You saved us]-- were said. Thus I continued the journey while rubbing their back again.

By the way, part of the huge snake's body was tied to the hull. It will be brought towards our destination port town because it can be sold for a high price.

[No less of Wazu-sama] (Freud)

[You are strong dude~] (Grave)

Please stop with the praise. Freud with his usual expression but with a pale face. Even his complexion is bad, Grave-san shows a face as if admiring. However, they soon turns their face towards the sea again because a nausea still doesn't go away. I exhaled a big sigh and rubbed their back again.






[It's a pirate ship~~!!!]

Again..... how many times is it with this? Even after that huge snake appeared, I don't remember how many times monsters attacked this ship, and now it's a pirate.... I stop rubbing the two's back and dash off with a familiar feeling.

[Think a little more about the timing when coming!!!] (Wazu)

Under one blow, I destroyed the pirate ship and ran back over the sea towards our ship. You'll be able to survive if you are lucky.


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