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That Person. Later On… - Chapter 195


Chapter 195

Chapter 195 - If it's for my Brother and Sister.

Would it be okay for me to enter the Imperial Capital Iscoa? While I was thinking that, I present my guild card to the gatekeeper and he tells me ’’I have been already informed by the Royal Family, they are waiting’’ and starts to lead us towards the Iscoa Castle that towers the Imperial Capital.

Once we reach the castle gate, another soldier gets in charge of us and leads us through the interior of the castle and once we enter the castle, a veteran butler with a magnificent mustache guides us to a room. Hey, the one called Freud! Stop feeling competitive!!

And inside the room were Navirio with Princess Eris, Givirio-otousan and Mirelina-okaasan. The veteran butler shows us inside the room and with a bow, leaves.

The room we were lead to was richly adorned with gorgeous ornaments that it was perfect for a royal family to use.

Navirio and his family were sitting at the table inside the room but when they saw us they gave great smiles and came over to us.

’’Are you already fine?’’

The first thing that came out from Navirio's mouth were words of concern about my physical condition.

’’Yeah, I'm already fine. So, what's going on? Why were we called here? Hasn't the misunderstanding been solved?’’

While sharing Naminissa and Narelina's happiness from meeting their parents again, I ask that to Navirio. And when I do that, Navirio changes his expression to an apologetic one.

’’... What happened?’’

’’... Well, the misunderstanding about Eris has already been solved but, our marriage is being opposed... They say that they don't want anything to do with the Mabondo family...’’

’’Eh? Not with just you, Navirio but with the whole Mabondo family?’’

’’That's how it is. Actually, Tou-sama and Eris' father the King of this Country, King Rusona's relationship are like water and oil... Or more like King Rusona hates Tou-sama one-sidedly... Or rather, he's not good with him.’’

’’What's that? What do you mean?’’

’’Tou-sama and King Rusona are old acquaintances but Tou-sama's personality doesn't mesh with King Rusona's personality... So, because Tou-sama doesn't really care about it, they got to take care of each other reluctantly and that made the other party obstinate... And being stubborn has led us to here. But as I just said, it's not like they hate us, just they are not good at dealing with us...’’

’’And thus this?’’

’’That's right... But even then, Eris has set her mind. She is set on marring me even if that means having to leave the royal family... Or more like severing all blood relations.’’

While Navirio was recalling that scene, he turned to gave Princess Eris a delightful and kind glance and in return, she gave a small chuckle with a shy and red face.

Yeah, yeah, thanks for the feast.

It's time for me to clear my voice and and bring them back to reality...

’’*cough*... And now what? I understand that part but, how does that relate to bringing us here?’’

’’... It's something really difficult for me to say...’’

’’Mh? What is it? Is something bothering you? Don't worry. We will be cooperating in the future as brothers and sister so, something trivial is not a problem.’’

’’If you say it like that, it makes it even more difficult to say... Fuu... Actually, after Eris said that, Tou-sama also gave his consent and then it unfolded into a verbal dispute. And as a counterattack, King Rusona said 'Then we shall have a duel between one of our representatives to deal with this problem!!' And my father got carried on and accepted it...’’

When I hear that, I turn to look at Givirio-otousan and he lets out his tongue as if saying 'tehee'. What are you doing? Seriously...

I return my sight once again to Navirio and, with a really apologetic expression, he continues talking. Well, having hear up until now, I can kind of figure out the rest...

’’It's almost certain that King Rusona will bring out the hero. So we thought of also bringin out our mightiest power... And thus we came to the conclusion that you are the strongest person we know, Wazu.’’

’’Well, that's how it would turn out... I have fight in front of you too... So I was the one selected...’’

As I thought it turned into something bothersome.

Haa... But well, when I first heard it from the princesses I didn't believed it but, it turns out that Navirio and Princess Eris really want to get married and so I can't really say no to my future Brother and Sister in law... And it's not like I have nothing against the hero so I'll use him as a stress relief.

’’Fuu... Got it.... You owe me one, Navirio-niisan.’’

’’Thank you... But just please spare me from having you kill your opponent in this place.’’

’’I know.’’

When I give my approval, Navirio lets out a sigh of relief and looks at Princess Eris as if to tell her that with this, everything will be alright. Or rather, you aren't doubting my victory for even an little, are you?

Do you trust me that much?

While looking at my future brother and sister-in-law, the worried voices of the girls comes to me.

’’Are you really going to participate?’’


’’But if you do...’’

’’Don't worry. It's true that he is someone I don't want to have anything to do with, but since it came to this, I wan't to do everything I can for Navirio.’’

’’Thank you very much.’’

Naminissa and Narelina give me their thanks and lower their heads.

You don't have to worry that much.

I don't want to get involved with him but, now that I have, I will have him taste my full strength...

Let's see how strong is the Hero that defeated the Demon Lord...


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