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That Person. Later On… - Chapter 193


Chapter 193

Chapter 193 - I'm sorry I made you wait.

We sit again around the table. I softly stroke Meru who is over my head, and I wonder if she is happy to be once again in her usual place but she starts to lovingly bite my fingers. It tickles. I can't help notice the banner in the middle of the table. Aren't they taking it off?

’’Are you completely fine?’’

While I was playing with Meru, Naminissa asks me that with a worried face. The other girls too have a similar expression. Do they think that I'm just putting up a brave facade? Do they think that I'm forcing myself? I have to tell them that now I'm perfectly fine.

’’I'm completely fine. I'm sorry I made you worry... It was reassuring having always someone by my side these few days... I really thankful.’’

Together with my thanks words, I honestly tell them what I thought and what I feel to let them feel reassured. I'll be living together with everyone here from now on so I don't want to hide anything from them. I told them about myself just as it is. The girls too give me serious expressions not wanting to miss anything I say.

’’... And that's how I feel. So I'm completely fine now. I resolved everything with Aria and thanks to you all I was able to stand up again... I'm really grateful to you... No, that's not it. What I should say right now is...’’

I cut my words there and look at everyone in order.

’’I'm glad you were there for me, thank you... From now on I wish you would stay together with me... I won't ever let go of you... I love you all.’’

’’We won't let go fo you either!! We'll be forever together!!’’

’’Fufu... If you are fine with us, please let us be with you forever.’’

’’Our feelings for you will not change, Wazu-sama. We will always be by your side.’’

’’Our feelings remain the same since the begining. We all also love you Wazu!!’’

’’... Together forever.’’

’’He became dere!! Onii-chan became dere to us!! We won!! We won!! Sekihan*!! I want some sekihan right now!!’’ (T/N: Sekihan, or red rice, is japanese rise with azuki beans and is a dish eaten to celebrate special events)

’’Don't say something like that now... My face is burning...’’

Don't worry, I'm sure my face is crimson red right now. I mean, this is really embarrassing, and I know my skin is completely red but I won't avert my eyes from theirs. Besides, your faces are also red, you know? We're even...

I cleared my throat and after calming myself down, I once again ask the girls.

’’And...? What is this all about?’’

I point towards the banner and everyone answers me.

’’The Hero Party came as messengers from the Iscoa Kingdom a little before you returned from bringing back Navirio-sama and company.’’

’’And because you weren't here, we hid Princess Eris and we face them first.’’

’’We took into consideration that they might have wanted to meet Princess Eris by force, so that is why we hid her. And so we tried to explain to them about what Princess Eris wanted but...’’

’’Before we were able to do it, the hero attacked us.’’

’’... He said 'Doesn't matter if you know Aria, that's no reason to kidnap the princess of a country.'’’

’’Fu fu fu... Even remembering now, my blood boils... That damned hero!! You talk about it first!!’’

’’Of course we were going to retaliate so we took our stances but, at that moment, Aria yelled at him so he stopped... Then the hero sat down with an embarrassed face and at that moment you came in.’’

... Fumu... That means that the hero attacked my wives without listening to reason first...

’’... Let's kill him.’’

I fill my body to the brim with killing intention but for some reason, the girls look at me with enraptured expressions. Of course, I have no intention to actually go kill him, Is just that no matter whether it is the hero or any other man;if someone tries to lay even a finger on the girls... I WON'T KNOW WHAT COULD HAPPEN.

’’Now that I remember, Princess Eris told us that the hero has many wives but, how many could he have?’’

’’Let's see, from rumors I heard that they were about 30. I heard from Princess Eris that Aria is the legal wife.’’

’’Hee... He has that many.’’

’’Well, he did defeated the Demon Lord and that is a big achievement so I'm sure many nobles offered him their daughters.’’


Listening to Naminissa and Narelina's conversation, I honestly just feel as if it is someone else's matter and I can't say anything other than 'Hmm...'

Does it mean that I don't care anymore? Well as long as it doesn't involves us, I don't care.

’’... Does Wazu-san wants to accept more women besides us?’’

Tata carefully asks me that but I answer her honestly.

’’No, I'm more than happy with having you all with me. I don't want to increa...’’

’’Why do you stop there?!’’

Receiving Tata's scream, I remember something... The contract... I have to tell them about it too... Haa...

’’No, it's not what you think... Uhm... The truth is...’’

Saying that, I show the girls the crest engraved in my right hand and explain about the scheme of the Goddesses.

’’... So that means that the Goddesses might come to become my wives.’’

’’What dou you think about that, Wazu-sama?’’

’’Uhm... It's true that they have help me up until now, and even though they have given me some trouble, it's not like I hate them, and if they want that, I can only say that I do feel happy...’’

Or can it be that I actually want them near where I can see them so they don't give trouble to someone else? But well, it's also true that I enjoy being together with the Goddesses... It's a feeling close to 'If you want to come then come' or something...

’’Well, if it is the Goddesses then we don't have any complaints.’’

’’I understand that they helped you out of love, and the Goddess of War is a nice person.’’

’’Fufu... It seems that we will also become a big family.’’

’’Yeah, and to think that it will also include deities.’’

’’... It's expected from Danna-sama.’’

’’Fumu... We have to polish ourselves to in order to not lose to the Goddesses.’’

’’Yeah, we won't lose.’’

I'm glad for you Goddesses. It seems that my wives will welcome you. If they were to object, this conversation would be over. To me the girls are already my top priority...

... Ahh, talking about becoming my wives I remembered.

’’I just remembered but Haosui, how many days are left for you to turn 15 years old?’’

’’... Just about a month.’’

’’I see. Well, Kagane is already 15 and when you turn 15 too, let's get all married. I'm sorry I made you wait until now.’’

When I say that, they give me a smile like that of a flower blooming and being unable to hold it in, they come to hug me.

I hugged them back in order to support them.


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