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That Person. Later On… - Chapter 181


Chapter 181 - Who is the woman left as a parting gift?

'My identity?' Said the Goddess of Light and for some reason started to hit me in the back, I instead turned to check on the woman that Shiro left as a 'parting gift'. I put my hand close to her mouth and I can feel, although small, a breath which means she is alive.

She has a long golden hair, a well-featured face although childish, and as I said before, she is wearing a high class tailored dress.

But as I thought, I have never seen her before. Why did he left this person as a parting gift? While I was questioning myself that, the girls come to where I am. It seems that because the Goddess of Darkness is no longer here, they can already move, so I quietly leave the girl sleeping and then tell them my conversation with Shiro.

’’That person being the main culprit of what happened in the Elf village can be overlooked but I can't accept that he is the same as Wazu-san!! I'll crush him!!’’

’’The one behind the feudal lord was that person... It's thanks to him I got confessed by Wazu-san so I'm grateful for that, but I can't let him be... They aren't the same at all.’’

’’As a person living in this world I cannot aprove the revival of the Evil God... but worse than that is that he claimed to be a person similar to Wazu-sama and that I cannot forgive... Let's quickly kill him.’’

’’Fumu... This must be spread widely... We better contact the royal family to tell them what happened here... That Wazu is overwhelmingly more charming.’’

’’... It doesn't matter if is an Evil God or what... We'll exterminate everything... That guy might have the Goddess of Darknes with him... But we have Danna-sama at our side.’’

’’My Onii-chan is the best~!! Whaa~~!! I got fired up!! I'll make that guy and the Goddess of Darkness cry! And the Evil Good too as a bonus!’’

’’So the change in my father was because of him... Then as his daughter I must propperly pay him back... Moreover I can't stand that way of talking towards Otto-dono!!’’

’’I propose a change in how Wazu-san refers to me!’’

Those are the honest reactions from the girls, although a little pillar is saying something out of context. If that little pillar wants me to do that, I ask of her to take into account her actions a little bit more. Don't you care what happens to the world...? I got ticklish from the girls words and start to tear up a little.

I want to protect this world in where they live...

Those words can be taken as if I'm going to fight for them... But that's exactly it... The ears of the girls didn't miss that and with red cheeks they tell me their feelings while coming to hugh me tight.

Excuse me, the little pillar will slip in the confusion!

It would be bad if we stay like this and it will have an effect in my rationality so I ask them to let go for a moment and the girls reluctanly complied. Yes, yes, you too Goddess of Light...

I let out a sigh of relief then once again turn to look at everyone else and finally, turn to look at the girl sleeping and ask.

’’So there is something I want to ask all of you... This gir was left here as a parting gift but I don't know her. Does anybody know who she is?’’

I slightly move aside to let everyone look at the girl's face and see if anyone recognizes her but just from looking at their faces I can tell that they don't. An opinion came out that from her clothes alone you can tell that she is nobility, right? But just from that we get nothing... Will we have to wait for the girl to wake up? While we were thinking that, Kagane, who kept looking at the girl to the end, let out an 'Ah...' as if she had remembered something.

’’Kagane? Did you figure something out?’’

’’... I also have met her just once so I'm not 100% sure but... Probably... She is the only daughter of this Country's King, Princess Eris...’’

... Eh? A princess? No, no, no, you are joking, right? Kagane, try to remember. How's it? It's not her, right? Please say that it's not her...


Without uttering a word I turn to look to Naminissa and Narelina who are also royalty to confirm...

’’I am sorry, Although I have met the King of this Country before, I have never met the Princess...’’

’’Me as my sister...’’

Of course even though I have live in this country, I have never seen the face of the Royal Family... I mean, I was only an ordinary commoner... Or rather, I still am a commoner.

I'm really troubled as to what to do. Taking her and getting out walking is out of the question, and I can't either take her to the castle and say 'she was kidnapped'... What to do...?

While we were thinking that, the girl woke up while murmuring 'Mhh...'

The girl gives us a sleepy look because she is still half awake but gradually she starts to understand her own situation... Wait, doesn't it look like we were the ones that kidnapped her?

It seems that she came to the same conclusion because she took a big breath to scream. While thinking that this is bad, I reflectively take action in an instant.

’’Goddess of Light!!’’


Understanding my intention, the Goddess of Light puts up her right arm and lets out her divine aura. Is there a meaning in that pose...? But, influenced by her divine aura, the girl kneels down before being able to scream. The girls seem to have become accustomed to it because they remain calm. But this situation is also bad. A single person is kneeling down and we all are surounding her...

I cough once and have the Goddess of Light to suppress her aura, then I also kneel down to match my view with the girl's.

’’... Uhm... Might you be Princess Eris?’’

’’Yes... What might my situation be?’’

She is really the Princess of this Country... That means that Shiro has something to do with this so I have a bad feeling but, first I have to explain what's happening...

And we tell her what happened here after giving simple self introductions. Her being from the royal family we will need her cooperetion in the future so I tell her about Shiro, the Goddess of Darkness and about the revival of the Evil God.

After hearing everything, Princess Eris starts to ponder something and with a nod, she turns to look at us.

’’May I ask you to please take me out of the castle town like this?’’

... Haa?


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