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That Person. Later On… - Chapter 174


Chapter 174 - Imperial Capital Iscoa

In front of me is the most famous and biggest castle and the largest castle town in the continent. That castle and castle town were protected by a huge wall and the entrance gate to the Imperial Capital was a long queue.

Imperial Capital Iscoa

There is a reason for the country ruled by the Iscoa Royal Family being the most famous and the most populated one. It was located in the south of the continent where it became the trading center and thus various people came and went in great quantities from the Imperial Capital so it obviously became populated, and furthermore, the Hero that defeated the Demon Lord lives here. Of course he is the number one person I don't want to meet but, in order to meet Aria I have to resolve myself to meet him. He won't come attacking me all of a sudden, right? I don't know what kind of person he is so I should stay vigilan... not that he could beat me.

First I need to meet Aria, everything comes after that.

While thinking that we get in the line to enter the Imperial Capital when I felt someone glancing at me, so I turn around and see the girls giving me serious looks.

’’We finally came.’’

’’Yes, finally...’’

’’Time to defeat the incarnation of evil.’’

’’I'm itching to put my skills into use.’’

’’... Destroy.’’

’’Just you wait, you sow!!’’

’’Can I go violent? Can I? Can I?’’

... Eh? You want to kill? We came to kill Aria? That's wrong, right? We came to talk to her, right? Or, am I mistaken? No, no, I'm not... right?

’’’’’’Just kidding.’’’’’’

They were leaking killing intempt up until just a moment but now they look at me with a smile as if nothing happened, and in unison they say it's just a joke. It seems I was nervous without even noticing but now I relax a little bit thanks to thier words. Thinking that they did that just for me makes me love them even more.

I gather them in a circle and hug tgen tightly.

’’... Thanks... I fell in love with you all over againt.’’

I express myself honestly and see them looking back at me while smiling happily. I'm also happy because of that.

That's why I believe that their killing intempt from before was just my imagination...

Not long after, our turn comes so we show our guild card ans are allowed to enter without a problem.

’’... Let's see... First I want to go back to my house and apologize to my parents for leaving like that. I also want my mom's cooking after a while.’’

I stretch my self while saying that but for some reason Kagane says to me 'Stop!'.

’’O-Onii-chan!! You can do that any time!! L-Let's first find the so... Aria!! No, before that we need to have lunch! I'm sure everyone is hungry! It's been two years and a half since you left here!! The Imperial Capital has many new shops, and many new delicious food!! I'll get you to one I recomend so let's eat first!!’’

’’Mh~ That's fine too I think... I've been away from the capital for quite a while so it's to be expected that the townscape would change... It can also work as the girls tour so let's first eat in the shop Kagane recomends.’’

I check with everyone and they all nod saying that they don't mind.

’’... Ha... That was dangerous... What do I do? I forgot that I left it like that... If someone were to use...’’

’’Kagane! What happened? Do you hurt somewhere?’’

I was trying to move for here now when I notice Kagane murmuring something so I call out to her and her body jumps for a moment. What happened? Was she really hurting somewhere? Worried I tried to go where she was but before that Kagane turned to me and smiled as if saying nothing happened.

’’There's nothing wrong Onii-chan!! Let's go to the store I recomend! It's this way! Come on, come on!!’’

And like that, with Kagane in the lead we went to that store. I tilted my head to the side, said 'Oh well.' and followed after them.

The place where Kagane led us was in the capital's main street and it wouldn't be an exageration to say that it was the best district around. It seems to be a store that operates as a restaurant in the day and as a bar in the night. The facade was impressive too and it seemed that it was a store favoured by women because we took a peek from outside and saw many women customers inside. It certainly seems like a popular store but will we be able to get in? While I was thinking that, Kagane slipped in and talked something with an employee and in an instant, all the employees prepared our seats for us outside and showed us in.

’’Uhm... Is this okay?’’

While I seated, I asked Kagane if this was okay.

’’You don't have to worry, because the owner of this shop is me! Or to be precise, my company is managing this shop.’’

How wide have you spread to... I'll just take pride in my sister...

Afterwards, lots of dishes were brought to our table and we ate them all. Pudin is so delicious.

While we were being carefreely eating, suddenly the street in front got boisterous. What could it be? We all turn our looks outside and it seemed that the ruckus was caused by a single woman that was walking over here...


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