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That Person. Later On… - Chapter 166


Chapter 166 - Another Story 14: Haosui and Megil.

Lately everyday is very fun. Can it be thanks to the people that I'll call family in the future increasing in one go?

Sarona-oneechan has beautiful hair besides being so polite and reliable.

Tata-oneechan is kind and the food she prepares is always delicious, she is to me the ideal older sister.

Naminissa-oneechan is very knowledgeable and she is the mood maker of the group.

Narelina-oneechan is not only very strong, she also watches over us and she is always supporting us, I want to be like her.

Kagane is the same age as me and is the first friend... no, she is my first best friend and a wife, I can talk with her anything.

Mao-oneechan is the new wife but her animal ears are really beautiful and I realized in our conversations that she is someone really nice. I want to touch those fluffy ears.

If I use my dragonification, my tail gets covered in hard scales so it doesn't feel nice to touch it but Meru's tail is so nice to the touch. I wonder why are we so different even though we are of the same dragon race?

Freud-san is... a person I don't understand...

And then there is Danna-sama.

They are all my proud family that I love.

I finish the latest spar I had with Narelina-oneechan and Kagane and go to the room we are using as a changing room. I place down the bokken (T/N: Wooden sword) that I'm using during practice, take off the worn-out training gear to stay only in my underware and sit in a chair that is in this room while taking a breath.


Narelina-oneechan has become strong. She has become stronger than when we first met and her sence for fighting has become sharper so lately our matches are getting better. I'm looking foward to what the future will bring about. Kagane has been coached by Danna-sama and her magic has improved a lot, to the point that if we were to fight for real I don't know who would win. I can't let my guard down with Sarona-oneechan and Mao-oneechan either and Tata-oneechan and Naminissa-oneechan are becoming stronger bit by bit. I must also do my best...

’’Ah, Haos...’’


While I was in deep thought, Danna-sama entered the room. I immediately remembered that I was in my underwear but, although I woldn't really be emarrassed if Danna-sama looked at me like this, I recalled that Kagane said that screaming was good manners to scream at a time like this so I scream for the time being. Is just that she didn't tell me how should I scream so I thikng it came out a little in monotone.

’’Monotone?! Before that, cover yourself!! Why are you so composed?!’’

The look of Danna-sama getting flustered and turning around with a deeply red face is funny.

’’... It's not embarrassing if Danna-sama looks at me.’’

’’Well, let's bee embarrassed!!’’

Mou... can't be helpede. I cheerfully dress myself.

’’... It's okay now.’’

After I call out to him, he slo~wly turns around and confirms my appearance and lets out a sigh.

’’... Did you needed me for something?’’

’’A-Ahh, I'm making everyone's personal equipment so I need your measurements.’’

’’... Understood. Undressing myself again is a hassle so please undress me.’’

’’Why?! Why do I need to undress you?! Besides you just have to tell me yourself!!’’

’’... I haven't... measured myself so I don't know. Please take my measurements, Danna-sama.’’

When I say that to Danna-sama, he looks up as if saying 'So it has come to this' and I see him making a face of having given up.

’’... What about taking them yourself?’’

’’... I want Danna-sama to do it.’’

I act upon my boiling desire.

’’I got it. I'll do it. If I start grumbling about it, It would just look as if I don't want to do it... stop undressing!!’’

Even though I was already halfways undressed...

Afterwards I had Danna-sama take my measurements. Seeing him get all red-faced made me secretly feel relieved because it means that he is getting aroused by my body.

Some days later, I recieved my equipment from Danna-sama. A katana made of Orichalcum sheathed in a scabbard also made with Orichalcum and richly adorned with jewels. The blade was infused in the power of lightning with Danna-sama's God Magic. I tried to pour some magic into it and the blade gets surrounded with lightning, then I swing it and that lightning soars to the place I aimed at. It was so entertaining that I did it so many times that I got scolded. My armour was a lightweight armour that adjusted to my body covering only the chest and the hips. It had a special function that was installed with God Magic that made it possible to gorw big when I use dragonification.

Asked by Danna-sama if this was okay, I honestly gave him my thanks. I will wear this and give it a go against Kagane later.

I was guided to a room by Meru's mother Meral-sama and when I go inside I see that inside is Meru's grandmother Megil-sama. It seems that the one that called for me was Megil-sama. Meral-sama bows slightly and leaves the room, and Megil-sama narrows her eyes and calls out to me.

’’I'm sorry for calling you over here.’’

’’... I don't mind. I presume that you need me for something?’’

’’That's right... I want to confirm something... Can you use Dragonification?’’

’’... I can.’’

’’Can you how me your dragon form?’’

Nodding to Megil-sama's words, I take off my clothes and start my dragonification. Is not that I can't transform with my clothes on but, if I do that, the clothes I'm wearing would get torned so I took them off. As I invoke dragonification, my body starts turning into that of a dragon. The surface of my body gets covered in scales the same green as my hair and in a blink of an eye, I turn into a green dragon. When I turn to look to Megil-sama as if to ask her 'is this fine?', I glance upon Megil-sama's nostalgic eyes.

’’... those brightly green scales are exactly the same...’’

... exactly the same?

’’You can turn back now.’’

Been told so I deactivate dragonification and return to the form of a human. I put my clothes on.

’’... Is this it?’’

’’Yes... That's mostly what I wanted to know but... do you know about you dragon ancestor?’’

’’... I don't. My parents died before they were able to tell me.’’

’’Is that so... I made you remember something unpleasant, I apologize.’’

’’... It's okay. I will never forget my parents. Besides I already have a new family so I'm fine.’’

’’That's for certain. Be sure to get spoiled plenty by Wazu.’’

’’... I will.’’

’’And so, I can tell you about all I know about you dragon ancestor but, do you want to know?’’

’’... Please tell me.’’

It's the story of my dragon lineage that mom said me she would tell me about some day. I never thought that I would hear it in this place. If I can then I want to know everything, and then I want to tell it to my and Danna-sama's child...

’’Your dragon ancestor was a dragon that lived a few hundreds of years ago...’’

Megil-sama said that as if looking back to a distant past and remembering.

’’That was a time called the Age of Darkness, the world was ruled by a tyranical Evil God who possessed an immense power. We the Dragon race, the Human race, the Beast race and all of those who wouldn't approve the tyranical ways of the Evil God moved out to subjugate him. In between those were the God that was told had created the world and the five pillar Goddesses but, even gathering all that power, the subjugation of the Evil God was not a easey feat... that was how much power the Evil God had and his tens of thousands of minions were also powerful... In the end we suffered great sacrifices but were ultimately able to seal the Evil God and that gave birth to the current age... Your ancestor was the most powerful of the Dragon race a Green Dragon. And he was not just powerful, he also was extremely kind to everyone else, he was the hero of the dragon race... but that Green Dragon fell by the hand of the Evil God and left this world... but just before that, the Green Dragon left a child of his own, and later, that child left descendants too and so on and so forth... and lastly, you were born. Your green scales are exactly the same as those of the Green Dragon... there was no other dragon with scales as green as his so there's no mistake.’’

’’... Is that so... That means that I'm the last living descendant of that Green Dragon.’’

’’That's how it goes.’’

’’... But I'm still happy that I got to know about my ancestor.’’

I got to know what mom told me she would some day tell me.

Afterwards, Megil-sama and I kept talking about that Green Dragon and about other things, and after I got completely satisfied, I returned to my room. I was still to excited so I wasn't able to sleep...


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