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That Person. Later On… - Chapter 157


Chapter 157 - Did we came in a bad time?

We climb the mountain while maintaining the barrier. Inside the bad weather we kept getting attacked by monsters but Kagane completely wiped them out with her magic, and even if they were to get close, they would be unable to break the barrier and would become easy targets for our attacks. And I wasn't included in the attackers. The girls really became strong, and thanks to their strong hopes and cooperation, I leave the monsters to them and I focus in Mao's training. She comes from a family with high physical abilities, and she herself is a member with one of the highest abilities in her family, so we are training for the sake of her dream of being able to weild dual swords and engage in close combat.

And as we kept climbing, we finally got up the clouds. Now that we are here, Ragnil's castle is not far. And although the weather has stabilized, it's still a little cold. Also now that we have climbed this high, we already don't have to worry about monsters. The part above the clouds of this mountain is the dwelling place of superior beings so the monsters that live in the lower parts rarely climb this high. And those superior beings know my face too. Even if they were to attack us, they are all understanding guys so there's no problem. From the begining I'm completely fine and the girls are inside the barrier so, even if any superior being were to come this way we would be alright. But for the sake of getting used to this place, they will be removing the barrier from time to time while we advance. Because is the first time the girls come up here, their hearts get stolen by the sight above the clouds. I really don't feel that moved from the scenery because I have been up here so many times I can't remember, and all of those times I was desperately trying to survive. In fact all those hard moments are starting to surface...

Right now there is a castle that looks as if out of a fairytale or a picture filling their visual field. Is a castle that no matter how you look at it was not build for human-sized beings, and is more like a dungeon but in fact is one of the sacred places that has been used as headquarters by the king of the dragonkin for generations, is what Ragnil told me.

’’I see, is there where the Dragon King of the legends lives?’’

’’He must be a haughty being.’’

’’We are in a place that is like it came out of a fairy tale.’’

’’A Dragon King huh... he must be a splendidn ruler.’’

’’... This is my first time meeting an adult dragon, I'm looking foward to it.’’

’’This is it!! When you think of an alternate world, it has to be like this!!’’

’’How strong would he be... I almost want to test where do I stand right now.’’

The girls are excited and they are highly anticipating meeting the Dragon King Ragnil and Meru and I who know what kind of guy is Ragnil are praying that those expectations don't get betrayed. As we are praying, I catch a sight of Freud's demeanour. His expression is as if he was looking at something nostalgic when looking at the castle.

’’Freud, don't tell me that you have been at that castle.’’

’’Of course not, I'm just a butler... or so I want to say but, I'll just say 'many times before.'’’

And after saying that his usual Butler Smile comes back as if saying 'I won't say any more'. Or rather, this guy's suspiciousness grows bigger everyday. His Butler Smile is probably his way of saying that even if you keep asking I won't talk, so I just responded 'is that so.' Well, if he wants to talk, he'll do it without me having to say it and it really frightens me that I can just dismiss it while thinking that's just how Freud is.

As we put out the barrier, we continue and arrive at the castle without a problem. The girls get their breaths taken away by the majesty of the castle but, as I have come here countless times, I open the gate without a thought.

’’Come on, let's get inside!!’’

I rudely enter the castle and the girls follow me closely while raising their awareness of their surroundings. You really don't have to be so carefull you know, Ragnil and his family are all nice dragons and there are no traps anywhere. Although there are residneces of higher beings that are full of traps. I star walking in front of the girls while lightly showing them places around the castle like the garden or the dining hall.

Now, where are Ragnil and his family? While we are walking I start to search for their presences and find a place where there are three of them. I looks like they are all in the Audience Hall which is fitting for a king. Mh? Three presences, is Meru's grandmother Megil, still here? While I'm thinking that, we reach the giant door of the Audience Hall that is gorgeously decorated with jewels. Yup, from inside I certainly feel three presences. Since the door that is usually alway open is now closed I believe that they might be having an important conversation, I just quietly open the door so that I don't disturb them and confirm the situation inside.

The Dragon King Ragnil is making a dogeza.

I slowly close the door.

’’Why are you closing the door? Is there nobody inside?’’

Sarona asks me from behind me but I'm not even paying attention.

Oi, oi. Again? Really, again? What is it? It's kind of turning into Dragon King = dogeza but, what's with that? Or rather Ragnil, aren't you a Dragon King? It's starting to give the impresion that the only thing you do is dogeza. Is that what a Dragon King is? Moreover, if I just let the girls in like that they'll see that, right? Is that fine? As another male I really want to avoid it. It really is impossible to stand. What should I do?

As I sweat large drops, I realize that no matter how hard I think I can't come out with an answer so I secretly open the door once again and peek inside.

...Yup, he is still doing dogeza...

I once again slowly close the door, let out a big sigh and turn around to the girls.

’’... It seems that they are discussing an urgent matter so I'll go inside to check if everything is okay... only Meru and I...’’

After saying that everyone nods and raise their vigilance... I'm glad they didn't ask anything... I exhale to calm myself and enter the Audience Hall with Meru.


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