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That Person. Later On… - Chapter 152


Chapter 152 - About Maorin.

Maorin-san releases my lips...

and gets dragged by the girls.


I remained a spectator to the girls power but I can't really let it stay like that, can I? I got stunned by Maorin-san's sudden kiss but... It is that, isn't it? But I can't remember being liked by Maorin-san.

I take a breath and go after the girls while scratching my head.

The girls were in a room inside the castle. They were surrounding Maorin-san and blocking her escaping path. Inside that room was also Maorin-san's father, Deizu. He was folding his arms and overseeing the situation. Aren't you going to help her? Thinking that I get close to Deizu.

’’I know I shouldn't be saying this but, are you just going to look?’’

’’Is my daughter's problem, son-in-law.’’


’’Son-in-law... are you talking about me?’’

’’Is there anyone else?’’

I look around the room and... yeah, there's only me.

’’I leave my daughter in your care.’’

Deizu lowers his head as he says that.

’’No no no! Why are you convinced already!? I mean, as a father are you alright with me? I have already other wives you know’’

’’There is no problem. Besides, your wives are all strong. My daughter will be delighted, son-in-law.’’

Deizu gives me a thumbs up while saying that. I sigh and turn to look to the girls. It seems they are still in the middle of their conversation.

’’I will not allow it... I haven't done it yet.’’

’’Yes I will not allow it either... I haven't received one yet.’’

’’I firmly oppose... I still have not...’’

’’Maa, maa... her feelings seem true too...’’

’’... We are Danna-sama's generous wives.’’

’’Those are animal ears! Animal ears! Whoo~! I wanna touch them and pat them and fondle them! Her personality doesn't seem bad either, I don't see a problem in letting her into Onii-chan's Wives Alliance.’’

’’My feelings are true! Please let me be a part of Wazu-dono's Wives Alliance!’’

It has somehow totally split in two, the ones with whom I have kissed and the ones with whom I have not... by the way, Kagane is my sister and I haven't recognized her as my wife... or rather, as I keep hearing the conversation, it seems that to Sarona, Tata and Naminissa with whom I have not kissed yet, can't seem to agree to the fact that, although somehow abrupt, I have already kissed with Maorin-san. I can se bloodthirst in their faces... I'm really scared.

But none the less I have to intervene, right?

I take a glance at Deizu and see him signaling towards the girls with his thumb as if saying 'Go, son-in-law.' I let out a big sigh and walk to where the girls are, and as I get close they finally realize that I'm here and now I am the one that gets surrounded by Maorin-san and the girls.

’’What are you going to do?’’

’’Are you going to accept her as your wife?’’

’’The final decision is yours, Wazu-sama.’’

’’I don't have a problem with it, really’’

’’... Danna-sama's word.’’

’’Onii-chan! Animal ears! Animal ears!!’’

’’My feelings are true! Please let me into your harem...’’

’’’’’’’’’’’’’’Please decide!!’’’’’’’’’’’’’’

Yeah... it comes to that, huh.

’’Er... f-firstly, Sarona, Tata and Naminissa, your faces are scary. Please stop that.’’


Ah!, now they making a crying face! I get it, I get it!!

’’I really love you all, and... I will certainly k-kiss you too, so would you please show me your usual smiling face?’’

Did my words gave them peace of mind? Not only Sarona, Tata and Naminissa smile to me but the other girls also show me a smile. Yep, they are cute, too cute. Kagane is still out you know, also is Maorin-san.

’’And so, about Maorin-san... can you give me some time? I have already told this to the other girls but until I put in order some pending stuff will I want them to wait for me. I will properly think about what Maorin-san has said... although your father has already acknowledged it.’’

I take a look towards Deizu and see him arms-crossed nodding in silence and then doing a thumbs up with one hand for no apparent reason.

’’That's fine. My previous action was to let you know of my feelings. What's important is that's to come. As long as you can make time to get to know me, I have no objections. Actually I'm relieved because I thought you would reject me right away.’’

Maorin-san answers as she lets out a sigh of relief and then Deizu speaks to his daughter.

’’Maorin, bear a strong kid!’’

’’Yes Papa!’’

That's too fast! You are being hasty! We haven't reach that far! I just said that we will first get to know each other so why are you going that far!? You are scaring me! The scale of your thoughts scare me! Moreover, Deizu's words are having an effect on the other girls too as I can see them putting their hands on their bellies with wild delusions! I tell you that I haven't done anything yet, so there is nothing inside!

’’Anyway, you all are okay with it, right? Maorin-san is going to travel with us from now on so that we can get to know each other.’’

I ask them like this if they agree and all of them look at me and nod.


Yup, for now I understand that at least you are already in coordination.

After that, Maorin-san asked me to call her ’’Mao’’ so I agreed, and she asked me to allow her to call me Otto-dono (Tl:Another way of 'Husband', like Haosui's 'Danna-sama') and was made to agree. I think she is jumping the gun, but Deizu already is calling me ’’son-in-law’’ so I give up thinking that it's to late to complain.


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