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That Person. Later On… - Chapter 11


Chapter 11 - Trauma And Awareness

Right now, I just sat down on a stump near the forest's exit.

It's been three days..... all this time, I just stayed at this place. When I got hungry, I caught a rabbit or picked edible plants from the surrounding. If I wanted to go to the toilet, I using the bushes. Otherwise I had been crying the whole time while sitting on this stump.

I don't want to do anything. It's painful being alive.

Just as I tired from crying I somehow fell asleep.


I was in a melancholy mood when I woke up the next day. I had a dream, Sarona-san and Hero-sama was.....

..... I don't want to remember.

A thought was floating on my head. The memory from the past.... ugh.... I thought I had forgotten everything about Aria.... but Sarona-san....

That day, once again I cried myself to sleep.

When I wake up, it was midnight. I scrubbed my eyes and absent-mindedly look up to the sky

The stars were so beautiful~.....

Before I know it, I fell back to sleep.

On the next day, I spent a whole day in daze.

On the next day, I spent a whole day in daze. I went to bed while crying.

On the next day, I spent a whole day in daze. The stars were sparkling

On the next day, I spent a whole day in daze.

On the next day, I braced myself up a little. Nuts are good.

On the next day, a monster had attacked. I

On the next day, my energy had returned.

On the next day, I washed My body and clothes in a river. I feel Refreshing.

On the next day, I went out of the forest and heading to the town.

There is a highway right after I exiting the forest. I don't have any purpose in particular so I just walking there leisurely.

The things about Aria, also Saronasan as well, even now I almost cried whenever I thought of it. I forced to convince myself that these two will surely be happy. We won't meet each other anymore.... Yuyuna, Ruruna,

even though we had such good relationship. I feel so sad when I think about it, but it can't be helped because they are Sarona-san's friend....

Face forward. Even someone like me will find another friend later!!

I'm sure..... maybe..... probably.....!!

It's better to give up looking for a lover.....

I didn't believe there was someone who would fall in love with me right now.

Setting that aside, right now there was something on my mind.

Is about my status.

The battle at the Elf village doesn't make any sense.... my opponent was too weak. No matter how much I was confident with my mediocrity, I can't convinced myself right now....

Don't tell me.... it's not like they are weak.... but I was too strong.... no.... no way.... but....

This is the first time I doubted my mediocrity.

At that time, when a horde monsters attacked the village, I thought they were just F-rank monsters.... but maybe... they were higher.... also, I thought my status was around an F-rank adventurer.... but, is there such a thing as an F-rank monster.... I walked while wondering that endlessly but still didn't came to any conclusion.

[Oh well, I can see that when I make a guild card] (Wazu)

I stopped to think deeply. As I said before it can be solved with a guild card. This is a magic tool which can confirmed a status of an individual. When seeing the status indicated on that, my worries will be settled. I am strong or just ordinary, I will understand at that time. It's no use in worrying about it right now.

Well then..... I wonder what is this place. At that time I didn't know how I ended up at the mountain..... I wonder what town this road was leading to..... if possible, I hope is not the Imperial Capital. Please anywhere except that place.....

I walked along the way while hoping so.

I thought either be attacked by monsters and bandits, but none of that occured, the distance from the forest gradually increased, I walk the road while looking at a horse-drawn carriage passing me, finally a large town came into my view. It's surrounded by a high wall, I saw a lot of horse-drawn carriage line-up in front of the gate.

Oh! The town I didn't know!!

I was saved...... with this the worst case scenario was avoided.

I lined-up to enter the town while feeling relived.

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