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Terror Infinity - Volume 23 - Chapter 8.3


Chapter 8.3

Vol 23 Chapter 8-3: Initial battle! That Once Upon A Time Comrade!(III)

Luo Yinglong was both anxious and angry in his heart . He was anxious because he had some urgent things to tell Xuan, while he didn't know how to broach the topic . He was angry because he had consumed a significant amount of Refined Qi and vitality to divine team China's position . Who knew a fellow from team Devil would suddenly appear to fight . Wasn't his Refined Qi and vitality wasted if so? He grit his teeth, disregarding what Gando said . He just put his hands together to form a seal as he stepped forward with a majestic air .

’’Borrowing the force of heaven and earth! Eight Trigrams form!’’

’’Water! Floods!’’

As his hands came together, a continuously revolving Eight Trigrams formation diagram appeared in the sky . At the same moment it appeared, the surrounding rainwater seemed to fall under some sort of control, flowing backwards as it rose up and rapidly gushed towards the formation diagram . For a moment, there was not even a single drop of water left in the area for kilometres around . All of it had flown into that Eight Trigrams formation diagram .

Gando knew it was no longer time to hold back . With a wave of his hand, a cross-shaped silver light flashed past in the Eva's mouth again . The area Luo Yinglong was in was completed enveloped in the resultant cross-shaped explosion, which was much stronger than the one before . Several of the nearby buildings were shattered to the point of collapse . It was a level of power equal to Wangxia's miniature nukes .

When the explosion of silver light passed, Luo Yinglong who had been in the centre of it was unharmed . Those ancient swords swam around in his surroundings . He didn't do anything flashy . All he did was put his hands together and stomp down with force twice as he shouted, ’’River Surges Forth!’’

The Eight Trigrams formation accelerated in its rotation, a stream of water flowing forth . At first, it wasn't too large . Its diameter was at most metres . But when it reached a hundred metres from the ground, it began to rapidly expand, reaching over a hundred metres in diameter . The mid-air Gando and Eva were swallowed within . This wasn't an ordinary water stream . The water stream carried a strange collision force with it, like a knife, and the buildings struck by it were instantly pulverised . The Eva which had been the first to be struck could only let out a howl as it was smashed into the ground . The water flowed ceaselessly, and the ground quickly became a vast and boundless body of water . . .

’’Hahaha, it's just a robot . How could it be the equal of Cultivation? This 'borrowing the force of heaven and earth' draws power from all things in the world . The water spell is several times stronger than usual in this rainstorm . Let's see if you survive this or not!’’

Luo Yinglong's reaction was as how team China remembered him, still that hothead from in Lord of the Rings . He began to make a ruckus, before finally recovering a few seconds later . He anxiously shouted at Xuan, ’’Hey! Chu Xuan! I have something urgent to tell you! That fellow, Adam, he... errrrr... he...’’

Xuan was lost in thought for for a moment, before asking with some surprise, ’’Huh? What about Adam?’’

’’I can't tell you!’’ Luo Yinglong was dazed for a moment, before muttering .

’’Did you specially come over on a flying sword to mess with us...?’’ Zheng was both in a good mood and amused when he heard this, and he loudly asked, ’’Since you can't say anything, don't say anything . If you want to say it, just say it . ’’

’’It's not that I don't want to say . It's that I can't . . . ’’ Luo Yinglong replied with a bitter expression . He was planning on continuing to speak, when he suddenly waved his hand and manipulated an ancient sword . A silver laser shot up from below, much more intense than the explosion before . Its might was much greater than before, and even Zheng who was standing far away had to squint his eyes slightly . The shockwaves spread hundreds of metres away, and the buildings in this area had already completely collapsed .

At this time, a giant lifeform slowly floated up from the ground . The figure was purple and had a metallic body surface . A ridiculous amount of Light of the Soul, or A . T . Field, was visible on its body . The Eva Unit-01 had been completely unharmed in the turbulence before, and so was Luo Gando who stood in its palm .

’’Alright, fine . I admit I underestimated you before . Forgive me for calling you this, but, Cultivation Man, I'll start getting slightly serious . That's the only way to live up to our team Devil's position as one of the three strongest...:

Gando extended his arms, and nine pairs of wings abruptly extended abruptly extended out of his back as well as the Eva's . They clearly weren't just for show, as the wings of light could be seen continuously drawing in minute points of light that faintly appeared in the surroundings . What exactly the points of lights were was unknown, but their absorption caused the suppression the Eva was emanating to spike up .

Luo Yinglong appeared within that explosion of silver light unscathed . However, on closer inspection, the azure light on the ancient sword had dimmed some . . .


’’As expected . An 'accident' occurred . Although there were already omens of it happening, it appearing in this manner when Gando provoked team China... looks like fate is our enemy now . ’’ Xuan sighed . He suddenly gave Zhang Xiaoxue a look, before muttering .

Zhang Xiaoxue froze . ’’Should we give him some help through the Godseal Board? Quickly defeat that Cultivator then continue to deplete team China's power?’’

’’No... Matters have their own momentum when they unfold . The momentum the accident before us produced can't be easily counteracted . It has begun . The final battle has truly begun, the prologue opened by these two surnamed Luo...’’ Xuan looked up at the sky . He quietened down after he finished speaking . After a long while, he continued, ’’It's a true pity . You can't see the stars in this sort of weather...’’

’’Stars?’’ The people around repeated curiously .

Suddenly, someone shouted, ’’No good! Zhao Zhuikong is gone!’’

’’No need to look for him . As I said, matters unfolding tend to have their own momentum to it . When it starts, it usually needs a much greater power to force it to a stop . stop . Instead of wasting energy stopping it, why not just go with the flow and exert energy alongside it? Let's begin . Our team Devil shall join the final battle as well...’’


In a plaza not far from team Devil's base, Zhao Zhuikong was gently smiling as he stood there . Facing him was another man gently smiling as well . The man was very similar looking to him, practically identical to him .

’’So? Has it been exchanged? Don't tell me you haven't . ’’ Zhao Zhuikong smiled at the man he was facing .

’’Ah, but of course I've exchanged it . How interesting . If I weren't about to meet with little apple, I'll really want to go at it with you before we fuse . Right, my clone?’’ The other Zhao Zhuikong smiled gently to the other him .

’’Ah yes . Apart from my little apple, you're much more to my taste than the rest of those vegetables and potatoes . But it's no good . Little apple is already waiting anxiously . If I don't quickly handle you, she'll get mad . A pity that we can't split again after fusing using this item . Fighting with myself does sound quite entertaining otherwise . ’’

The two gazed at the other in silence for a long while . They then took out the thing in their own hand, a pair of earrings where each held one of the pair . Each put it on their left and right ears . In an instant, an indescribable power sent the two colliding towards each other . There was a flash of bright light, and the two lost their consciousness at the same time . . .


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