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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (WN) - Chapter 4


That surprised me.

I'm sorry for looking down on you.

You're dangerous beyond doubt. Absolutely!

I vaguely remember taking an awfully rude attitude while I couldn't see, but that's really all in the past now.

(Oi. You remember your promise right? ...though I should say, for having complained so much, you sure learned it quickly.)

(Of course! I was just joking a little. I can see my surroundings, and even hear sounds. You were a great help!)

(Hmph. It would have been fine to take your time learning it...)

Well, it'll be okay.

I was scared by his appearance, but this dragon was really kind.

More than anything, he's a lonely guy as I expected.

He's the type that loses out by appearance. Just like ’’The Red Ogre Who Cried’’.

*Red Ogre Who Cried

(So, what do you plan to do from now?)

(Let's see~. For the time being, I'll try searching for any ’’Other Worlders’’ from my world that might be out there. Although I won't mind if I can't find them.)

Finding them is good and all, but getting along is a different matter.

Other than that, I've finally regained my sight, so it's not a bad idea to travel around the world.

Being able to see and hear has really broadened my horizons.

With this, there'll be no need to munch on grass to kill time.

Anyway, this dragon.

The more I look, the more fearsome he appears, but he doesn't move so much as an inch.

Come to think of it, wasn't he sealed from 300 years ago?

(By the way, Verudora-san mentioned being sealed...or something, is that right?)

(Mm? Well yes. Though I admit underestimating my opponent a little...and I did get serious halfway, but still I lost!)

For some reason when he proclaimed 'I lost!', it was as if he was proud of it.

Though from the looks of it, leaving aside magic, I really doubt that swords or spears would be able to make a scratch this dragon....

(Was your opponent that strong?)

Could it be that there's quite a few beings even stronger than a monster like you?

It's possible that the outside world is far more dangerous than I expected.

(Alas, it was strong. My opponent was what they call a human ’’Yuusha’’, blessed with ’’divine Protection’’.)

*Yuusha = hero


An existence I'm familiar with that appears in various games.

Although recently, as a consequence of too many games themed on heroes, the impressions they made weren't so overwhelming anymore.

But in this world they seem to be truly powerful.

(Which reminds me, that Yuusha had claimed to be a ’’Summoned Being’’. It might even be from your world.)

(Eh? No way, if that person was from my world, he wouldn't be that strong you know?)

(No, it is common for ’’Other Worlders’’ that come into this world to possess special abilities. That is the power imbued into their souls at the time of crossing worlds.

In the case of ’’Summoned Beings’’, it is 100% sure that they hold special abilities. In addition, it would be something one of a kind in the world, a Unique Skill.

Unlike the ’’Other Worlders’’ that accidentally drop into this world, their souls are strong enough to endure the summons.

The fact that the success rate of summoning is lower than 0.03%, is a testimony to their strength.)

(When you say summoning, do you mean calling them over through magic...or something like that?)

(Exactly. With no less than 30 magicians, the rite of summoning must be performed over 3 days. Though the success may be low, they have great value as powerful ’’weapons’’.)

(Ha? Weapons?)

(Indeed. So that the ’’Summoned Being’’ cannot go against the summoner, a curse is cast upon their soul using magic.)

(What the heck?! Aren't they ignoring the human rights of summoned people?!)

(Human rights?...’’Other Worlders’’ do occasionally mention this. That sort of thing, in this world is nothing more than an illusion.

Survival of the fittest, that is the absolute truth of all living creations in this world.)

I see...

It appears that, there is no choice for those who are summoned but to accept these harsh rules, different to the original world.

(If so, are the ’’Other Worlders’’ also treated like slaves?)

(No, it depends on the person. Since you are not afflicted by the ’’Curse of Control’’, so long as the public accepts, are you not free to live an ordinary life, or even to become an adventurer?

Actually, there were several occasions when I had to fight back the adventuring ’’Other Worlders’’ that came to defeat myself! Fuhahahaha!!!)

(So that is to say, you're forced into slave labor, only if you are summoned...)

(It is not quite labor, but well, I would say that is the gist of it?

Though I know much about humans, it is not as if I know of everything.)

(That's're a dragon after all.)

Rather, he's really well-informed for a dragon.

Anyhow, seeing as being able to converse made him so happy, it seems he'll answer whatever questions I ask.

And for a while after that, I talked with the dragon, Verudora-san, about many various things.

How he had fought the Yuusha.

How strong the Yuusha was.

White skin.

Deep crimson, dainty lips.

Raven black, long hair.

Not too tall, with a slender and petite figure.

Supposedly, the eyes were concealed behind a mask, but the person was doubtless a beauty.

It was a woman, apparently.

When I asked, 'Weren't you defeated by her looks?', he only yelled at me, 'You must be joking!'.

It seemed the Yuusha did not use a shield but instead wielded a peculiar curved weapon, a sword called a ’’Katana’’.

Unique Skill 『Absolute Cut』

Unique Skill 『Infinity Prison』

'Using these skills, as well as employing all kinds of magic, she brought me down!', is what I was delightfully told.

I've gathered this from our conversations, but this dragon seems to like humans.

Though he calls them weaklings and trash, I don't think he ever kills any of those attacking him.

As long as they don't incite his wrath...

At one time,

300 years ago, a certain incident happened and the town involved was burned away, returned to ash and dust.

That event had caused the Yuusha to be sent against him, ultimately leading to Verudora-san's sealing.

It was possible because of the Yuusha's Unique Skill 『Infinity Prison』.

I can't understand the feelings of this dragon.

Because in the end, you can only guess at what others could be thinking.

Even so, I believe that this fellow isn't a bad dragon.

After all, I've grown quite fond of him.

I already no longer think of him as scary.

That's why,

(Alright! Then...won't you become friends with me?)

I'm a, considerably embarrassed.

Right now, I'm sure my face is totally red.

(Wha-, what did you say? For one such as I, the one feared as the ’’Storm Dragon Verudora’’, to become friends with the likes of a s-, slime?!)

(N-,'s fine if you don't want to.)

(Fool! You!!! No one said anything about refusing!!!)

(Eh, really? Then...what will you do?)

(...Well let's see. ...if you so insist...I may consider it...)

For some reason, I got the feeling that he was sneaking glances at me.

I wouldn't have minded if it was a cute girl, but when it's a wicked looking didn't make me happy.

It's rather amusing though.

(I insist, really! I've decided! If you don't want to, we're over. I'm never seeing you again!!!)

(Wha-! cannot be helped then! I shall become your friend! Be grateful!)


This dragon really was a shy one.

I'm the same though, so we're even I guess.

(Well then, best regards!)

(Likewise! ...That's right, I shall grant you a name. You shall also do the same for me!)

(Ha? Why's that? What is it all of a sudden?)

(It is like a mark of equal ranking, to be etched into our souls. It is like what humans call a family name. What I shall bind unto you, will become ’’divine Protection’’. Right now you are ’’Nameless’’, but with this you shall become a Named monster!)


So basically, I have to think of a family name (=shared name with this dragon).

I have no naming sense though...

(Since your title is ’’Storm’’, how about ’’Tempest’’...or not?)

That's probably no good.

I guess it's too plain to go with a simple vibe like Storm=Tempest.

(It is settled!!! It has a wonderful ring to it.)

He actually likes it!

(From this day onward, I shall be called Verudora Tempest! As for you...I grant you the name ’’Rimuru’’. You may call yourself Rimuru Tempest!!!)

That name was now engraved onto my soul.

On the outside, there was no change in my abilities.

But in the innermost depths of my soul, something was different.

And I'm sure that it was the same for Verudora.

It was in this way that we became friends (or looking at it in another way, it could be said we became ’’Soul Mates’’).

*魂=Soul | 友=Friend | 魂友=Soul Mates | Just my personal interpretation

(So, before I go I'd like to ask, can't that seal be removed?)

(With my power it cannot be done. Although, for the holder of a Unique Skill on the same level as a Yuusha, it may be possible...)

(You don't have a Unique Skill, Verudora?)

(I do. However, from the moment I was sealed I could not use any abilities. I can only barely manage this telepathy...)

Originally, the effect of the Yuusha's Unique Skill 『Infinity Prison』 was to eternally confine the target into an imaginary space, hence it was not an ability so simple as to permit interference from the real world.

In this case, thinking that he could only use telepathy was already quite odd in itself.

I was sure that the seal would not weaken with the passage of time.

Perceiving and influencing the real world, even if only with telepathy, the Verudora that was capable of such a feat was truly abnormal...

But of course, both Verudora and I hadn't realized that yet.

(Alright. let's see what I can do...)

After saying that, I moved to touch Verudora.

And then,

<Using Unique Skill 『Predator』 - Predation on Unique Skill 『Infinity Prison』.... Action failed>

As expected, the seal of a Yuusha was on a different level.

A dazzling light flashed as I attempted to interfere with the prison, but my power was cast back in an instant.

A small tear was caused in the seal, but that was it. I'm sure it'll mend itself in no time.

In the first place, can it be broken with an equal level Unique Skill? Well if it was only that simple I wouldn't be going through this difficulty.

Can't something be done?

What should I do...

*From this point on, for the sake of consistency I will be mostly using the term spirit to refer to consciousness/awareness/sense of self.

<Answer: Partial analysis of the Unique Skill 『Infinity Prison』 has been completed. Proceeding to suggest escape methods.

Escaping with the physical body determined impossible. Probability of destroying the prison using physical attacks is 0%.

Cannot analyze the escape method of cancelling the imaginary space.

To perform an analysis, the user must be exposed to the identical situation=imprisoned in the 『Infinity Prison』. Therefore, it is impossible as of now.

Probability of escaping in a spiritual form is 1%.

In the case of transmigrating the spirit into an external vessel, the probability of success is 3%.

Furthermore, this process is the equivalent of reincarnation. In the case of poor affinity with the vessel, all memories and abilities will be purged.

*Vessel = in this case, it is an object which can contain a spirit

**Soul and spirit is confusing, so if it helps to differentiate, think of soul as the very essence of life, whereas spirit is the mind/sense of self, but they can only co-exist. Like waffles and honey.

***Don't ponder on it too much orz

End of explanations>


The success rates are too low.

All I could see of the Unique Skill 『Infinity Prison』 was a flickering transparent filmy barrier.

But to think that destroying the prison using physical attacks was impossible..

It's likely that the skill had another ability that allows absolute defense.

(Hey, Did the Yuusha at that time receive any attacks? Or how should I put it, did she suffer any injuries?)

(An excellent question! Though most of my attacks had missed, I did score a few direct hits!

However, none of them had any effect.

My skills, 『Death Calling Wind』, 『Black Lightning』, 『Storm of Ruin』, are all impossible to evade, yet none had effect! I gave up!!! I could not help laughing!!!)

Verudora was laughing so loudly even as he prattled.

The Unique Skill 『Infinity Prison』 can most likely also be used to enclose the user's body to be used like a shield preventing all external attacks.

What a convenient skill.

Unique Skill 『Absolute Cut』

Unique Skill 『Infinity Prison』

With these two skills at your disposal, wouldn't you be virtually invincible?

Though I wouldn't want to meet her, she was a person of 300 years ago.

Seeing as she must have already passed away, I'll probably be alright.

There's no doubt that she was of the strongest class.

(Author's note: as a matter of fact, Verudora is also of the strongest class. At this time, Rimuru has no means of finding out.)

At any rate.

The only valid escape method for Verudora would be to transmigrate his spirit into an external vessel.

(It seems that to escape, an object to become your new vessel is required. Though there's a possibility of saving only your spirit, chances are low.)

I'm sure there's no need to go so far as telling him the exact probability.

It's possible that the success rate might go down further if Verudora loses hope.

(Mm? So there is a way to escape! To tell you the truth, I was expecting that my magical power would not hold out for another 100 years!

After all, I cannot stop my magic essence from bleeding out...)

(I see. That must be why the magic essence here is so rich.)

(Indeed. Even the considerably superior demons cannot approach this place. The land here is tough even for weeds to grow in.The only things that can flourish in this place are the rarest plants!)


That reminded me of the Hipokute grass.

So that's why there was almost nothing but precious medicinal plants.

(Well...since that's the situation, do you want to try escaping? With a vessel, it seems the success rate will increase. ...So, do you know what kind of vessel you'd like?)

(... I dare say, that even on the off chance that my spirit alone could escape, it would be difficult to collect the magic essence needed to reform my core. Most likely, even that small hope of successful escape was due to the small rip in the prison you caused.

The alternative, a vessel. To sum up, if a new core can be prepared, I need only to transfer my spirit. In other words, this is reincarnation!)

*Verudora deliberately refers to the vessel as a core

**So uh, vessel=core=body. Just in case, you know. Hey don' look at me like that original terms are all over the place -excuses-

This fellow!

I was under the impression he wasn't too smart, but his comprehension ability is wonderful.

It's impressive that he came to the same conclusion as [Great Sage].

(That's how it is. So, if there's a vessel that can be prepared, should I go find it?)

(Hmm. To be honest, I have no need for a core...this is a secret okay? I am a ’’Perfect Being’’. Something of a special existence.

As a spiritual life-form, I am not bound to flesh and blood. This physical body of mine was only formed as a response to the faith of others.)

Again, he had said some things that I couldn't comprehend.

We kept conversing until I could understand.

The result,

We had talked about the possibility of collecting magic essence with his spirit, and building another body from within the prison.

Only that this time, though there is also the fact that just his body was confined, he was in no condition to gather the magic essence outside with the spirit alone.

Or so I was told.

Then I had asked, 'If so, can you leave the prison with just your spirit?', to which he replied,

(That is impossible. I require something to contain myself!)

Well that's how it is.

Without a vessel, his spirit would be forcefully dispersed along with his magic essence, causing his existence to vanish.

And then somewhere, a new ’’Storm Dragon’’ would be born, apparently.

Breaking out of the prison may be possible, but there's no point if it means turning into someone different.

I'm really at a loss now.

Since it's come to this, should I just eat Verudora using 『Predator』?

Isn't it possible to analyze the prison from inside the Stomach of 『Predator』, or else use Isolation to erase its effects?

<Answer: It is possible to use the Stomach of Unique Skill 『Predator』 to accommodate Verudora>

So it's possible...

If he agrees to this plan, I'm all for it.

At this rate, he would only suffer another 100 years of solitude before simply disappearing.

So I explained to Verudora about the abilities of 『Predator』, and what I intended to do.

Although, it would have been impossible from the beginning without the assistance from 『Great Sage』....

(Kuahahaha! How amusing!!! By all means, do it. I shall entrust everything to you!)

(Is it okay to believe in me so easily?)

(Of course! Rather than waiting here for your return, it would be much more interesting to destroy the [Infinity Prison] from within you!

No matter! If it is you and I together, I have a feeling we may be able to break this 『Infinity Prison』!)

I see.

Not alone, but together.

Sounds good to me.

I would use 『Great Sage』 and 『Predator』 to analyze the prison, and Verudora would try to breach it from the inside.

Inside of my Stomach, there's no fear of his spirit dispersing and perishing.

I felt that we could actually succeed.

(Well then, I'm going to eat you now, but you better hurry and escape from 『Infinity Prison』, you hear me?)

(Kukuku! Just leave it to me! No need to wait long, because I will be back before you know it!!!)


I resolved myself.

Touching Verudora, I used Predation.

Instantly, his large form disappeared before my eyes.

It really was too sudden.

He was still talking just moments ago.

It was lonely now that he was gone.

When I had used 『Predator』 on 『Infinity Prison』, my power was repulsed and it had failed, but as expected, when the skill target was Verudora himself, there was no resistance from the prison at all.

But I was surprised that his huge body was actually swallowed up.

The current amount of space being used in my Stomach is only about 25%...

I have no idea how much more room there is inside.

And now...

<Will you begin analyzing the Unique Skill 『Infinity Prison』? YES/NO>

I'm relying on you!

And as if praying, I thought ’’YES’’.


Name: Rimuru Tempest

Species: Slime

Titles: Crest of Storm

Magic: None

Skills: Unique Skill 『Great Sage』

Unique Skill 『Predator』

Slime Inherent Skills 『Dissolution, Absorption, Self-Regeneration』

Skill 『Hydraulic Propulsion』

Extra Skill 『Magic Perception』

Resistances: Heat Fluctuation Resistance EX

Physical Attack Resistance

Pain Immunity

Electrical Resistance

Paralysis Resistance


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