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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (WN) - Chapter 217


Vs Dagruel Part 6

Shion's innermost thoughts were swirling in fury.
She was angry at having been toyed with by Dagruel, as though she stood no chance whatsoever.
Her rage, as she watched her Elite Guard fall one after another
Her feelings of powerlessness and dismay, and her yearning towards the strong she acknowledges all of these emotions, except envy which has swelled up, and restrains her remaining emotions.
This was unlike her past rampaging self, who simply faced her opposition with all her hatred, seeing them only as her enemy, she was now observing with her soul.
Is it good or is it bad. That itself, is not the point.
What really important is whether she can suppress it or not.
These swirling emotions within her, were but a hindrance to Shion.
But, the thorn of envy which was supposed to have disappeared, interferes with her thoughts regardless, as though stabbing at her heart.
Shion has always thought of being the number one most important existence to Demon Lord Rimuru. But, that is simply self conceit. But it was also because she understood this emotion all too well, that it was so difficult to extinguish her envy towards other beings that were stronger than herself or showed greater promise.
But even so――
Shion has put into practice, the act of accepting things for what they are.
As per Rimuru's words, it is the concept of seeing the true nature of everything with your soul.
As a result, though it didn't cause any drastic changes, Shion's true nature underwent a placid change.
She now fully understands her own strength that is not swayed by her emotions, her own true worth.
With the exception of the thorn of envy, all of Shion's remaining thoughts are now clearly unified.
It was a mental change, not a physical one.
Shion's evolution was occurring in a manner not visible to others.
The battle with Dagruel began.
Her soul understood right after that. Just how unfathomable and overpowering Dagruel really was.
When they first met she never did notice, that hidden under his unassuming appearance, lied a furious raging soul.
It can also be said, that seeing her ideal, the ultimate complete form that she pursued, gave Shion the shivers.
If she was to think about it calmly, the fact that the difference in power between herself and Dagruel was decisive, it was all too obvious that this wasn't a matter where she was able to stand against him or not.
But, even so.
The word ’’retreat’’ does not exist in Shion's dictionary.
Rimuru's strategy is flawless. That is how it must be.
What that means, is that so long as there are no further orders, she has no reason to fall back. That, was what Shion thought.
Purely believing in Rimuru, following her orders to the letter.
In a sense, one could say she has stopped thinking. But, to Shion, Rimuru's orders are absolute and is the only thing that mattered to her.
(That Person, won't blindly give orders without some form of insurance elsewhere. Then, until further orders are given, all I need is to do what I was ordered to.)
This was why, Shion shows no fear in the face of death, and holds the lines with the resolve of not retreating.
Ruminas'cooperation was mostly unexpected.
The prideful vampire princess, vehemently hated putting herself at risk.
With as much wisdom she had, she more than understood how impossible victory is at this point.
Shion thought, that Ruminas should have already fled from this battlefield, if she already knew that much.
(This is really unexpected. If I was alone, I should have been taken out of the picture long ago.
Demon Lord Ruminas, is my impression of her mistaken...
Hmm, maybe that's also――)
Such idle thoughts surfaced briefly, but Shion quickly shoved that to the back of her head.
Shion doesn't have the elbowroom for such thoughts, she fully understood that.
At any rate, now that she has crossed swords with him, she could tell, that Dagruel still has something up his sleeves.
If he were to really get serious, she would be swallowed up by that power all too easily, that was what it felt like to Shion.
If so, her objective would be to resist as much as she possibly could, so as to properly understand the true essence of that power.
With that firm resolve, Shion has continuously took to the challenge in an almost reckless manner.
Against Dagruel, whose essence was similar to her own.
Shion brandishes her blade, to carve into her own soul the form she pursues, which she sees in Dagruel.
And so, the cycle repeats as Ruminas revives her――
――The World's Time stopped――
Before Shion's consciousness, lied a world without color.
’’Not yet! It's not over yet!!’’
She tried to open her mouth with the intention to roar out as such, but Shion's body showed no response.
Her body was stopped where she was, unable to stand up. Rather, she was unable to even open her mouth.
As this happened, the thorn of『Envy』which has been a nuisance to Shion's emotions for the longest time, the root that was lodged in her Core (heart) which caused all her emotional problems, it felt as though it just went and disappeared.
As the same time, ’’White Frost Dragon’’ Velzard awakened the Ultimate Skill『Envious Lord Leviathan』, but this was not something Shion knows of, and it wasn't something she would care about either.
The important thing, was that the emotion that was hindering her is gone now, that was all.
(As expected of Rimuru-sama. To have even foresaw this happening!)
This was but Shion jumping to conclusions, but it was the truth to Shion.
Elation and yearning filled Shion's heart, and what felt like an unbelievable amount of power welled out from within.
Pure unbridled violence.
The power to destroy.
Irrelevant to good and evil, the Tyrant's Power.
《Individual: Shion undergo ability evolution, Ultimate Skill『Tyrannous Lord Susanoo』was acquired.》
The voice of the world resounded.
Shortly after, Shion's consciousness returned.
She was in the colorless world still, but she has no problems with her cognizance.
In place of sound, an individual's will is transmitted directly. Which meant, that words are not needed.
In this Frozen World, which is governed by its own set of special ’’rules’’, Shion started to adapt immediately.
Ultimate Skill『Tyrannous Lord Susanoo』, made that possible.
The foundations of her skill evolution were more than sufficient.
(Much appreciated, Rimuru-sama!)
That, was Ciel's handiwork, with her foresight of Shion's evolution.
Even though she has only just obtained Ultimate Skill『Tyrannous Lord Susanoo』, it easily became fully optimized, and was ’’fitted’’ onto Shion.
For Shion who has constantly been evolving her mental state, controlling this boisterous energy was all too easy.
In fact, it was because this was possible, that she awakened to this ability.
Mind over body.
Thus, with the evolution of her mind, it also triggered Shion's racial awakening.
She is now a Combat Spirit Oni (High Rank divine Monster Spirit), a being which specializes in physical combat.
A spiritual entity that can infinitely regenerate its physical body. But, has attacks that are capable of destroying the opposition's soul.
Shion has evolved into what can be called the Natural Enemy of Spiritual Lifeforms (Energy Creature)[1].
She makes use of the Energy borrowed from Veldora, to compensate for what she could not make up for herself.
And, once again.... , Shion recreates her own body. Into a body that is optimized and purely made for combat.
She notices at this moment, that she has been unconsciously borrowing power from Veldora.
Her consciousness which felt like it was mostly instinctual and roaming within a fog, now felt refreshed as though under a clear blue sky.
Shion has now fully awakened.
Shion takes her stance, with her beloved katana ’’True: Hercules' Edge[2]’’.
「I have kept you waiting. However, as you hoped for, I shall give you some amusement.」
She speaks to Dagruel, in a polite manner.
In this Frozen World, Dagruel and Shion's true battle begins.
A flash of blades crossing.
That was but a metaphor, as such phenomena do not happen in this world without light.
But, this was the only appropriate way to describe what was happening, as Shion's swings assault Dagruel.
Hardening his body beyond the hardness of diamonds, Dagruel receives the attack with his two arms.
But, due to taking the impact from the katana swung from an overhead stance, both of Dagruel's knees sunk into the ground.
Dagruel opened his eyes wide.
In this Stopped World, the air won't get vibrated.
As there is no medium now, energy transmissions do not happen.
It is now a situation where one would need to push their way through the molecules with their own bodies.
Which also meant, it is also impossible to gain momentum from kicking off the ground. Impacts generated by the force directly dig into the earth, which results in what just happened to Dagruel at this moment.
The laws of physics do not apply in this Frozen World.
As for the laws of magic, it is impossible to activate almost every known type.
It's obvious, that combat in such special circumstances will differ from the norm.
Dagruel clicks his tongue, releasing excessive amounts of his power, and pushed back Shion's katana. Inversely, this time it was Shion whose legs were caught in the ground.
The two continued exchanges between blade and fist, and slowly both sides naturally grasped the nature of how combat flows.
Dagruel followed his instincts, while Shion learnt from the situations that happened.
The battle intensified.
It wasn't just the appearance that looked intense, the invisible battle between abilities was taken into account too.
Dagruel, had no Ultimate Skill of his own.
His existence alone can be called ’’Ultimate’’, as a being who is almost equal to the True Dragons.
His fists alone could cause destruction on levels that warp the laws of physics, the special vibrations caused would interfere with the earth and the atmosphere, resulting in storms of destruction.
But, even such special powers, held no meaning in this Frozen World.
「Shion, I have no clue how long that sister of mine is going to stop time.
What's definite, is that your chance at victory is only possible within this Frozen World, that alone.
When time flows, Dagruel's powers will come into effect. Keep that in mind.」
Veldora's words, were delivered telepathically to Shion.
「My gratitude for the advice. Veldora-sama.」
Shion gave her thanks, but in truth she did not understand the real meaning of those words.
But, on a instinctual level she recognized the danger.
As of now, the destructive vibrations in Dagruel's fists, only affect the area that it hits. That was the reason how Shion is battling on equal footing with Dagruel, as she is responding on that assumption.
But, it was very likely what Veldora's words meant, was that Dagruel's attacks are able to connect in a wider area when time is not stopped, that much can be assumed.
This wasn't anything conclusive unless she took a hit for confirmation, but the danger wasn't hard to imagine.
That's not something anybody would want to test out.
With the intent of a short decisive battle, Shion increased her swinging speed one more level.
Dagruel with his hardened body, repels Shion's katana with his bare hands.
「Hou, having exchanged this many blows with me, not even a chip on that blade.」
Conversely, Dagruel commended Shion's katana which was unblemished.
His praise was not empty, and Shion also felt that he meant what he said.
「Naturally. This beloved katana of mine, was given to me from Rimuru-sama.
I pour my heart and soul into it every day, you can call it another part of my body at this point.」
Just as Shion said, she polishes her katana daily, and it has become accustomed to her aura.
Calling it a part of her body is no exaggeration, as ’’True: Hercules' Edge’’ also evolved into the God class together with Shion's evolution.
It was because of this that it is immune to Dagruel's Weapon Destruction ability, but this should be called good luck for Shion.
And, what was really lucky, would be the similitude of their abilities.
Shion's ability, which could be called the natural enemy of spiritual entities, Minus Break.
Activating the effects through her normal attacks with her katana, she plunders the target's Energy. The effect activates even if the attack is blocked.
In addition, along with the fact that she is capable of converting the energy borrowed from Veldora into her own, she is able to make use of any energy that is plundered.
Though she has an upper limit to her own Energy, she can just use her opponent's Energy to cover for her own losses.
It can be said this ability further exemplified Shion's immortal status.
And finally, as per the name of the Tyrant, being able to control any kind of riotous Energy, is what should be said to be the true worth of Shion's ability.
For Shion to be able to even properly exist before a being such as Dagruel who is a mass of Energy, is precisely thanks to the abilities of the awakened『Tyrannous Lord Susanoo』.
In comparison, Dagruel's very existence is a supernatural phenomena.
Hardened Defense・Weapon Destruction・Existence Destruction・Magic Immunity・Neutralize Attribute・Ignore Defense――
These, are but some of the abilities he wield as an Ultimate Living Being.
Under normal circumstances, engaging in melee combat with Dagruel is utterly suicidal.
Transcending physical and magical elements, an existance likened to a God of Destruction. That, was Dagruel.
But, the ability『Tyrannous Lord Susanoo』that Shion awakened to, gave Shion the means to stand against Dagruel.
Which meant, the ability is capable of something similar(to Dagruel).
The ability of Unique Skill『Cook』, to ’’bring a desired result of the user’’ has evolved――into complete manipulation over the law of causality
This isn't something on the level of Majin Laplace's『Future Vision』, it is an Absolute ability.
It is not prediction, but purposefully causing a result that is intended.
Before Shion evolved, her being able to move when time was stopped, was due to the effects of her Unique Skill『Cook』.
Being able to control the law of causality, meant becoming unrivaled, in a world where time is stopped.
All cause and effect, so long as they are in a world where time does not flow, Shion's will is given the highest priority in such a world.
「――how unbelievable.... For her abilities to be above mine――」
In terms of Max Energy, Dagruel had many more times the amount Shoin had, but Shion was able to stand toe to toe against him because of that fact.
However, even with Shion's new abilities, it is impossible for her to overpower Dagruel.
That, was proof of the similitude between Shion and Dagruel.
If you were to compare their abilities, Shion is superior. But, the two of them are on par with each other if you take the overall power into account.
After a number more exchanges, Dagruel noticed this.
His face turned bitter, as he glared at Shion.
Dagruel has noticed, that his abilities were being nullified. That, was caused by an ability that was similar to Dagruel's true nature.
Which was why they rejected each other, and both sides were nullified.
In this『Suspended World』where all forms of disaster causing supernatural powers are sealed, Shion and Dagruel lacked the power to deal a decisive blow to either side and were locked in an unending brawl.
Attacks which were supposed to ignore defense and cause damage, were being completely evaded so fatal damage is avoided.
Both sides nullified the opposition's attacks, and simply consumed their Energy.
If this went on, in this Frozen World, it looked like a scene which would make one think of a never-ending battle.
But that balance, would be broken in a single moment.
That's right, time started moving once more.
At that exact moment, Dagruel became certain of his victory.
His superpowers which were sealed are now released. What that implied, was that he is now able to unleash those superpowers which gave him the nickname ’’Earthquake’’.
Dagruel, releases a massive all range attack onto Shion.
They were equal in the Stopped World due to her abilities, but things are different now that the laws of physics are back in motion.
The number of rules to control exponentially increased, which created many more results from cause and effect.
Complete predictions, and phenomena control has become more difficult to accomplish. That was already a feat, when the opponent was on equal footing.
As per Veldora's warning, Shion's only chance at victory was while the Stopped World was in effect.
The ground quaked, with tremors that made standing up nigh impossible. At the same time, the atmosphere roared as it twisted, and lightning crackled.
All of that, culminated into the attack onto Shion, assaulting her all at once.
With the effect of the absolute ability of Ignore Defense attached, all for the express purpose of taking Shion's life――
Even with Ultimate Skill『Tyrannous Lord Susanoo』, nullifying all of that was impossible.
(The overwhelming difference in Energy, is the biggest wall between you(Shion) and me!)
Dagruel's inner exclamation, did not reach Shion.
All of the attacks had the intent to take the target's life.
And so, Dagruel who had total confidence in his victory――
「Chaotic Fate!![3]
Opened his eyes in disbelief.
Shion, has moved in for the counterattack.
Shion understood that she was unable to totally defend against the attack, so she discarded defense, and put in everything she had into offence.
(The fool! Do you intend to perish!?)
Toward the blade which was swinging upwards in his direction, Dagruel extended his left hand out to nullify it ―― only to show confusion when that very blade disappeared.
Right after, the burning sensation of pain ―― pain, which he has not felt in a few millennia ―― reached his brain.
Shion's finishing attack slipped through Dagruel's cognizance, and reached his body.
Shion's body too, took the full brunt of the multitude of attacks that were born from Dagruel's superpowers.
Even if Shion's body had gone through evolution, this attack was fatal ―― or, should have been.
「Re:Birth (Resurrection)!!」
A chilling voice, reverberated across the battlefield.
Shion who was doomed to perish, was brought back from the abyss of death, by Demon Lord Ruminas'Ultimate Skill『Lustful Lord Asmodeus』.
If time is flowing, that means support from Ruminas can be counted on too. With that reasoning, it was Shion's strategic victory.
Shion placed her bet on Ruminas reviving her and not retreating.
「Fufufu, thank you very much, Demon Lord Ruminas.」
「You blockhead.... You totally anticipated me giving a helping hand didn't you?」
「Of course, I believed in you. Demon Lord Ruminas.」
「Just call me Ruminas. I too, shall address you as Shion from today onwards. Any complaints?」
「No.... Not at all, Ruminas. I too, shall think of you as a friend from today onwards.」
「Fuhn! Do as you like![4]
Ruminas'face was flushed scarlet, even though she said that. The same can be said for Shion――
When their two faces met, both averted away as though embarrassed.
The battlefield's tension in their vicinity loosened.
The fighting was still ongoing at the other locations, but with the fall of the head of one side, it affected the morale of both sides in no time at all.
Anxiety could be seen in the Giant Army, which resulted in the defense forces gaining the upper hand.
The one on one battles between Grasword and Albert, Fenn and Adalman restarted, but the giant side lost much of their earlier momentum.
The defeat of their elder brother, has probably affected the both of them too.
And amongst all of that,
A certain someone not reading the mood laughed.
It was Veldora.
「Well done! You did splendidly, Shion. Well done indeed. You went above and beyond what I have predicted!」
Veldora laughed pleasantly.
Ruminas glared at the laughing Veldora,
「What, you were around? You stupid Lizard (Evil Dragon)[5]!
And spat her piece.
Veldora was spooked for a moment, he then puffed up his chest as he pulled himself together.
「Of course I am, I was worried for the whole lot of you, so I was watching over everyone!」
He said that as though he wanted to be thanked for it, but there was no change in Ruminas'icy cold attitude to him.
But, it was the truth that he did help out albeit in the shadows.
Fact was, while the『Suspended World』was in effect, the being(s) that were responsible for suppressing Grasword and Fenn ―― his clone that was in charge of Fenn sent out distress calls multiple times, but they were ignored. At that time, much of his Energy was being ’’borrowed’’ by Shion, so he didn't have much to spare ―― were none other than Veldora's Parallel Existences.
Despite that, it's not like he can proudly say that now considering the current mood, so Veldora was at a loss for words.
He broke out in cold sweat, before Ruminas'devilish heterochromia gold and silver eyes, words were unable to exit from his mouth.
(Gu, gunuuu.... Why, am I being treated like a villian――)
You couldn't really blame him for getting slightly teary eyed.
「So, what have you come here for? Everything is more or less wrapped up.」
To Ruminas'cold words, Veldora felt like running away.
But, the one who saves Veldora from his predicament, was Dagruel who should have been defeated by Shion.
「Fu,fuhahahahahaha! It has been quite the few millennia, since my knees have made contact with the ground.
More so, the feat of getting blood to flow from me, there have been none except Veldanava himself.
Shion, you, have every right to be proud!」
Dagruel got back up, as he said that.
The blood flowing down from his head, showed no sign of stopping due to the effects of Shion's ability.
Despite that, Dagruel's Aura only increased in vigor.
「Humph. Still standing huh, as expected of Dagruel.
Shion, take a breather where you are.
As I thought, I'm the only one who would be able to be his opponent.」
Veldora advanced, towards where Dagruel was.
「You should revert to your original form. Let us conclude this battle, with everything we got!」
He grandly exclaims.
Dagruel nods,
「Fufufu. Dragon and Titan, let me show you which is greater.
Don't you hold back now, Veldora!
Grasword, Fenn, come to me.
Now is the time, for us to show our real power!!」
He bellows, in response to Veldora.
His body releases an overpowering Aura. In addition to a strange atmosphere.
Utterly oppressed by the pressure, Shion and co. were unable to say anything at all.
Veldora glanced to Shion and co.
「Shion, when the battle begins, you should put everything you have into defense.
Adalman and Albert too, everyone need to pour everything to maintaining the barrier.
Better not lose focus, or all of you will get dragged in and get blown――」
Veldora spoke as though as stating fact, like everything was already decided.
But, to his serious tone, Shion and co, not even Ruminas refuted him.
Veldora continued speaking.
「Dagura, Ryura and Debura ―― Pay attention to what you three are about to witness.
I, am going to kill your father. Watch the battle, and burn everything that happens into your eyes.
What's about to happen, is a battle of Myths. All of you are witnesses to this battle――」
Veldora subtlety finished speaking.
The 3 brothers were dumbfounded unlike their usual selves.
However, they seemed to have understood that something extraordinary is about to happen.
「「「Understood, Veldora-sama!」」」
They nodded in unison, to show their acknowledgment.
With a satisfied look, Veldora turned to face Dagruel.
Over on that side, Dagruel and his brothers have finished their preparations too.
「Seal Open, Trinity (Three in One Body!!」
With Dagruel's roar, the ancient seal was broken.
The brothers Dagruel, Grasword and Phen, were enveloped in a dazzling light.
This is, the second coming of the Destruction God from the Age of Myths.
Clad in unimaginable amounts of Energy, Ashura[6] of the Titan manifested.
Shion and co. understood immediately in one glance, that Titan is not something any of them can match.
All except the most powerful of beings, a True Dragon, who was before them.
「Kuahahahaha! Is that form are your true visage? Dagruel!
Very well! I shall take you on with everything I have!!」
Veldora transformed into his Dragon Mode.
And so, the battle of Myths, between two supernatural beings begins.
(Oh I'm so glad! Here I was worried that I wouldn't get my turn――)
No one would ever guess that this was what Veldora was really thinking of at that moment.

[1] 精神生命体(エネルギークリーチャー)The author give us how to read the Kanji, the kanji is Seishin Seimeitai, the furigana is Enerugii Kuriichaa. Should I stick with Spiritual Lifeform etc or go with Energy Creature from now?
P.S. I would also changed it from the beginning.
[2] It has kanji of 真 (shin=True) in front of the name.
[3] This also have addition of 真 in the kanji of the attack so 真天地活殺崩誕= True: Apocalypse and Genesis of life and death of universe.
[4] Tsundere vampire...... XD
[5] Oira wa Tokage ja neyo! XD do you guys get it ^_^)/
[6]三面六臂 Sanmenroppi means 3 heads 6 arms, Ashura/Asura.


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