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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (WN) - Chapter 176



I succeeded in freeing Veldora.

But the danger still loomed.

Basically, these were ’’Scorch Dragon’’ Velgrynd, the Emperor, and finally, the army uniform guy who had shot at Veldora.

There were several others who could also be placed under the label of ’’danger’’, and I wanted to get rid of them all at once.

But really, other than those first three, the others didn't feel like a ’’danger’’ at all.

My body, having transformed into that of a ’’True Dragon’’ with its Energy reaching the greatest heights, had yet again drastically exceeded in power in both quality and quantity.

So much that, now, I could probably pack a punch against even Milim or Guy.

But, I shouldn't get conceited, or something bad might happen;truly, negligence is sin.

I will finish off all of them, leaving behind not a single drop of blood.

That being said, the Black Numbers had already done quite a number on them, and it seemed like only the strongest of them remained.

Well, as long as there weren't any casualties......

Were they following my order to not die?

I'll worry about that later.

As there was an enraged Velgrynd approaching as we speak.

First, I think I should let Veldora come out using Storm Dragon Release.

My Energy wasn't always at full capacity probably because, I let Veldora roam freely.

But because Veldora's power was overflowing into me, the circulation had caused a revitalization effect on my body.

Before attaining the nature of a ’’True Dragon’’, I had been using a large portion of energy to maintain releasing Veldora―― but that neither caused me inconvenience nor did I particularly feel anything from it ―― but now, I only needed to allocate around 30% of my energy for the upkeep.

Well, there weren't any problems using large scale magic despite that, so I didn't think too deeply about it.

Thinking that, as I was about to perform Storm Dragon Release,

(Wait. I requested that Wisdom Lord to enhance my Skills.)

《Alert. Currently in the process of synchronization of Master and individual: Veldora's abilities.

Currently engaged in evolving 『Investigation King Faust』into 『Chaos Lord Nyarlathotep』.

Please delay usage of Storm Dragon Release until completion.》

Both of them stopped me.

Apparently it was Veldora's request.

She hadn't informed me, so that must have been the case.

I wanted to tell them to do it some other time, but it's probably something that can't be done after Releasing.

I guess it couldn't be helped, and would be harder to do later, but then,

《Solution. From the analysis of individual: Veldora's Skills, ability to evolve Ultimate Skill 『Storm King Veldora』confirmed.

Consequently, Ultimate Skill 『Covenant King Uriel』will be erased.

Would you like to synthesize Ultimate SKill 『Stellar-Wind Lord Hastur』? YES/ NO 》

Wisdom Lord Raphael informs me almost as a side note.

Good lord...... this Raphael-san doesn't intend to slow down at all.

To think of reconstructing Skills mid-fight, just how relaxed was she?

As if ’’Scorch Dragon’’ Velgrynd didn't matter at all.

For now, it's a NO.

Really, I did still have Gluttony King Belzebuth, but that didn't mean we should let our guard down.

Rather, to fight a ’’True Dragon’’ with only Belzebuth?

Aren't you overestimating me a bit too much? I kept thinking.

After this battle, along with my subordinates getting their Demon Lord ascensions done with, I guess I'll also undergo a massive Skill overhaul.

Just what was I going to be made to become, I decided to think about it later.

Now then, what to do about this ’’Scorch Dragon’’.

The quality and quantity of my Energy had increased, and so had my strength.

I was thinking of testing out these powers, and wanted to dive into battle, but as Wisdom Lord Raphael was in the process of refining Veldora's Skills, close-quarters combat seemed like a bad idea.

I guess it wasn't too bad to fight head on, but getting damaged on top of using up Energy for attacks could make things troublesome.

I didn't want any weird effects from damage.

Therefore, I wanted to maintain some distance, and finish this with ranged attacks.

This was strategy, not cowardice.

If I could win easily, I shouldn't hesitate and just do it.

Though I say that, I didn't really have many ranged attack options.

Covenant King Uriel's Severance Series abilities were powerful, but their effective range was rather small.

It was a fearsome power like Dimension Severance, so obviously it was restricted to a certain range.

So that leaves, Magic?

Among the Nuclear Magics, there was one emission type attack more suited to ranged combat.

’’Nuclear Cannon’’, a type of laser cannon.

It was relatively easy to control, so human Great Mages seemed to prefer it.

That is to say, it was the easiest to control of the Nuclear Magics.

Furthermore, the cost-performance was pretty good too. Right now, my mana recovery rate was higher than its usage cost, so I could fire all I wanted without worrying about depletion.

That catch was, it definitely wouldn't have any effect on Velgrynd.

This was an emission attack that used concentrated mana particles, but at the end of the day, it was a heat based attack.

Against Velgrynd, who governed ’’Heat’’, it would be useless. Even if it was overlapped with the effects of Ultimate Skills, she could probably easily Resist it.

It was the most powerful of the Emission type attacks, but it was useless if there was no effect.

Really, what to do......

It suddenly came to me.

There was a new ability added to ’’Storm King Veldora’’.

Reconstructed from ’’Storm Blast’’, it was an ability called ’’Storm Lightning’’.

At present, it was in fact the strongest long range attack in my possession.

This may just work on Velgrynd from a distance.

I wanted to try out this ’’Storm Lightning’’ right away but ――

―― I happened to notice another thing I just had to try.

Bladed Storm: Crystallization, Transforming into a Blade Core...... ?

It'd been re~ally bothering me for a while now, what was this thing?

That said, I couldn't let my guard down around Raphael-san.

What in the world do you have to do, to evolve this overpowered Storm King Veldora into an Stellar-Wind Lord Hastur;I had not Idea at all.

Apparently it would integrate with Covenant King Uriel, but what about the usability?

Well whatever.

The Bladed Storm did seem interesting, but it looked like it was a non ranged power.

I'll ignore it for now. I don't even know what I'm supposed to crystallize in the first place.

《Solution. Ranged attacks possible with ’’Bladed Storm’’.

Condensing the full spirit strength of Storm King Veldora, it is possible to launch a vectorized Energy blast.

Unlike Storm Dragon Release, which is being withheld to reconnect the Soul Corridor, it is possible to use this at present.》

So crystallization means, the power from releasing Veldora, is directly injected into a sword?

Which would mean that this sword represented all of Veldora's power......

《Solution. That inference can be considered correct.》


It's probably like Veldora and me attacking at once, so it's the most powerful attack I have right now.

Since I decided not to relax, I'll go for it.

I timidly attempted to perform the Bladed Storm.

《Alert. Individual: Veldora's consent affirmed. Initializing Crystallization.》

Right then, the handle of my sword crystallized with a purple glow.

I felt my hand connected to Veldora through the sword.

It seemed that the sword had become part of my body.

As expected, my Energy levels dropped by 30%.

As I thought, it wasn't the Summoning, but the Release that drained the 30%.

And the crystallization seemed to cause the same effect.

In other words, this sword was like the manifestation of all of Veldora's Energy.

Along with the Bladed Storm, as if right on time, Velgrynd started to move.

It was a good time as any, so as a little test, I made a swing at Velgrynd.

Well, it was more a thoughtless flick of the wrist really.

And seeing that move, Velgrynd attempted a dodge.

It was likely a normal reaction for her.

Or maybe, it was her instincts doing the work.

But as a result, that very act of evasion saved her life.

A single swing of that sword had pierced the heavens, and split the seas.


The deadly shockwave had no resemblance to the action of a sword, and cut down Velgrynd's wings mid-evasion.

It's strength still not waning, it split multiple Imperial Airships in two along its path.

And It didn't end there either.

The Energy of the swing even cut apart the ocean.

The waters divided.

I couldn't represent what unfolded below me in any other words.

Something like an electric field coating the split ocean, was keeping the waters apart.

The released Energy seemed to be further increasing the gap.

What kind of joke is this......

I think I had the right to think that.

I didn't mean to do this at all, it was only a simple swing.

Et Voila the result, I also felt a large quantity of my energy being used up.

《Report. Failure occurred in controlling ’’Sword of Tempest’’. Energy usage was higher than predicted.》

Failure, huh.... That aint the problem!

No one cares about the Energy usage!

Well, it's certainly not good, but back to the point.

The point was: the output.

We literally broke the ocean dammit! Normal environmental destruction looks like a joke in comparison......

Plus, the range was super long, and the damage was unreal too.

It was so big, I probably needed to blacklist it.

(Kuahahahaha! My bad, my bad. Put a little too much umph into it.)

So he was the cause....

I was really glad we were in over water.

If this was in the middle of a city, it wouldn't just be a town disappearing, there was enough power to endanger an entire country.

It seemed that control was divided between the wills of both me and Veldora, and it seemed like the output this time was caused by Veldora.

Does that mean, if i also wanted to attack, the output would be even higher?

That's too scary!

This sword is too dangerous, it felt like a cheat item.

(Hey, that was way overboard you know?

Look, even your big sis looks like she doesn't understand what just happened, and is totally out of it.)

(Heh, that's fine. If it's my elder sister, she wouldn't die even if she took a direct hit.)

(That isn't the point...... But enough, I'll be controlling the output from now on.)

(Yeah, got it. No problem!)

Geez Louise.

If this happened every time, sooner or later places would become uninhabitable.

Veldora had given the green light too, gotta keep the power down.

「B-bastard! What, was that? What the hell was that!!」

Velgrynd who came back to her senses, screamed at me, in a mix of anger and fear.

Really, someone needs to tell me.

But, if i had to answer,

「Uh, Veldora Sword?」

I answered so.

With that single attack, it looked as if the battle was decided.

That one attack which pierced the heavens and split the seas was enough to utterly crush the spirits of the Imperial soldiers.

Multi-layered barriers were sliced through like a hot knife through butter, there was also nowhere to escape being out at sea.

Even if they managed to move beyond the speed of sound, it meant nothing if they couldn't outrun the attack.

The hearts of the Imperial soldiers filled despair, and those feelings became the most delectable ’’food source’’ for the demons.

And then....

「No way, why?

Why, did the effect of my Regalia Dominion.... my ’’Sovereign Rule’’ disappear?

Why, was Veldora defeated?!

Impossible, that's just impossible!

It was just a lowly Demon Lord, a puny slime!

It should have become powerless, after the source of its powers, Veldora, was taken away....

How, could it consume it's master, and take that power for itself!!

I was this close to finally achieving victory against Guy!!

To get in the way of my plans.... Unforgivable, you lowly Demon Lord!!」(TN: Spaghetti status: DROPPED)

Emperor Rudra, was furious.

He was so angry that he wasn't conscious of what was happening around him.

He had been ecstatic when he saw he could finally emerge victorious against Guy in their never ending game.

The moment right before victory is when one should be the most wary.

The cost of forgetting this ironclad rule, and being so careless, had now come back to bite him.

The ones who defended the Emperor, had no cards to play to deal with the situation at hand.

Everything was happening too fast.

With no means to turn the tide in the present situation, the act now moved towards the finale.

Now for something off topic, but not totally unrelated.

The cause of the『Calamity』being a battle between ’’True Dragons’’ would be verified by scholars in the future.

But, the real cause was something else.

The emergence of the sea monsters in the 『Calamity』stricken seas, was caused by that one swing of the Veldora Sword.

The Energy overflowing from that attack, pressured and pushed aside the seawater.

That phenomenon lasted a fairly long amount of time, which resulted in noxious amounts of Demonic Energy settling into the depths of the ocean.

Thereafter great amounts of that Energy gradually spread throughout the ocean, causing ludicrous changes to the ecosystem.

Although the『Calamity』was named the ’’Scorching Tempest’’, the massive downpour from the evaporated seawater couldn't have caused such an impact on the ecosystem.

In truth, the clash between Veldora and Velgrynd couldn't have caused this much damage.

Of course, the location was obviously amazingly lucky, but there was no way it was planned by the perpetrators......

The point was, the resulting aftereffects of that single attack, would be the cause of headaches for future historians;but the truth of what transpired would never be known to the world.


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