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Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (WN) - Chapter 162.1


Chapter 162 Reward and Evolution Part 1


It's now the second day after I revived the 700,000 soldiers of the Empire's forces.



Since there wasn't sufficient space in the grand hall of Tempest, I gathered my subordinates in the battle arena to test out the evolution ritual.


This will also serve as the rewards for repelling the empire's armies.


It's also a victory celebration of sorts.


Actually, since the war hasn't ceased yet we shouldn't let down our guards, but it'll be an exception this time.


This is also for the sake of improving soldier Morales.


The Ten Lords of the Labyrinth also made their formal appearances, and the battle arena's jam-packed with soldiers.


Oh, for confidentiality, the human volunteers, the adventurers weren't invited.


The city around the Dungeon――the fact it's now named Labyrinth-Gard――hasn't been conveyed into the inside of the dungeon yet.


This is in consideration of the fact we may face surprise attacks during a war, it's for the sake of caution.


The barrier stones haven't been implemented into the surroundings of Labyrinth-Gard. Once the war is over I plan to perform a defensive ritual targeting wide-scale attack spells.


Due to present situations, there isn't enough time to implement any defenses, but it can't be helped.


Although the dungeon can't be explored at the moment, food ingredients can still be traded.


Other than the adventurers, business is going as usual.


The volunteer soldiers have returned to Labyrinth-Gard, currently on standby in their own homes.


Only a section of individuals such as Masayuki and Arnaud were allowed to participate as representatives.


Anyways, rewards and commendations were given.


Incidentally, I also experimented on the Demon Lord Ascension.

TN Note: for those who don't remember, 魔王への進化 was dubbed Demon Lord Ascension all the way back at chapter 71.


My evolution took 2~3 days, my level of activity has dropped due to the effects of Harvest Festival, however at the moment the empire's armies aren't here.

TN Note: 収穫祭, Harvest Festival is the term used by the author to describe the evolution of a monster into a demon lord, probably because they harvested a load of souls for this.


It would seem the airship corps would take 3 days to fly around the back of The Holy Empire Ruberion's territory, but after adjusting their advancement speed, they would hit open seas in 2 days.


When flying near supersonic speeds, they could reduce travel time by 1 day. However, magic consumption was immense, and they could only maintain their top speed for a short amount of time.


In this world, the ability to move at supersonic speeds is quite a threat, so I think a short amount of time is enough.


In any case, since the average speed for an airship is about 400km/h, when compared to a ship or a train this is pretty fast.


That's why, you can say this is good timing.


It was an overwhelming victory this time, but the possibilities of a strong adversary lurking in the midst of the enemies still exist.


If Yuuki appeared, among all of my executives the only ones who could deal with him would probably be either Diablo or Benimaru.


If they messed up badly, there would be the risk of being dominated effect due to the information overwriting over the soul, resulting in the possibility of having a subordinate


Regarding the information overwrite on the soul, Wisdom King Raphael seem to provide protection against it.


However, I think it's probably only a temporary effect.



I think it's possible to set up a perfect defense against it if I directly saw Yuuki's ability, but at the moment this is only a conjecture so overconfidence is very dangerous.


The improvement of overall abilities through the Demon Lord ascension will serve as insurance for those ’’oh shit moments’’.

TN Note: well, raw says emergencies, but ah who cares, love gato-san's interpretation better.


Perchance, even if my subordinates were still defeated after they ascended and their souls were rewritten, it's still possible for them to stall for time.


The plan is to contact me in the event of a chance encounter, commence a pincer attack with me and finish him off.


According to Wisdom King Raphael's prediction there would be no problems in resisting the rewrite;even so I still want to be extremely cautious though.



Naturally, Benimaru was the first to be nominated.


As supreme commander of the army, he commanded the troops wonderfully.


There was a situation where a demon went wild and wrecked everything, but that's not a problem.


You could probably even call it a job well done.


’’Alright then, Benimaru. Do you know as of today you might even become a demon lord?


’’What are you saying, Rimuru-sama?’’


Shuna is currently giving a speech to all the soldiers with words of appreciation for this battle.

(TN: And for some reason, literally just cuts off from their conversation into the actions of the other Executives...Whyyyy are you so confusing?!?!?!?!?!?)


With my words as the introduction, she read a script out loud


Naturally it wasn't me who came up with the manuscript. It was Shuna, but let's not mind the small details.

(TN: Rimuru turning into a politician with his speeches being written for him? Wait wut, did I translate this correctly?)

TN Note: Loads of politicians do that. You translated it correctly.


Recently, techniques relating to fabrics and sewing have been completely passed down;Shuna herself has been allocating her time for her hobbies.


Even so, she spends a lot of her time as my secretary.


At the moment Shion was listed as my chief bodyguard as well as my chief secretary but is currently busy training her subordinates.


Thus recently it was mainly Shuna who was handling the work of being my secretary.


That's why, while Shuna was giving a speech the conversation between Benimaru and I continued.

「いや、魂を獲得したろ? あれで魔王級への覚醒進化が可能らしいのだよ」

’’Well, we acquired some souls didn't we? It seems it's possible to ascend to a demon lord using them.’’


’’Why haven't I heard about this?’’

「え? だって今言ったし?」

’’Oh? Didn't I just explained abut it?’’


I and Benimaru locked eyes.


I wonder was it distasteful for me to not tell him beforehand?


No, I'm pretty positive I've already told him I would be

granting him new powers.


’’For the moment, did you just say that you're granting some power to me?’’


No no no, it's usually some kind of weapon, that kind of




’’Mu mu mu, If you say so it might be but...

But you know, there wouldn't be much change right?’’


’’there will be!’’


We once again locked eyes with each other, the stare was broken this time by Benimaru's sigh as he gave up.


He seems to have decided to prepare himself.


You may have resigned yourself to this, but I'm sure there won't be any significant differences.

「俺だけじゃないんだろ? どう考えているんです?」

’’It's not just me right? What are you thinking?’’


Good question.


In my case, my magic essence and my magic increased 10 folds, and everyone soul-linked to me was bestowed a blessing.


It's unknown how it will turn out this time, but it's certain that he will drastically increase in power.


But, this guy was stronger than I was before I ascended, if he underwent the same evolution wouldn't he be stronger than I am now?


To be honest I feel a sense of anxiety.


Basically, I don't think my follower will betray me, but the possibility of them unable to control their powers and go berserk couldn't be denied.


Although Veldora is nearby, someone of my level going berserk ――or rather an unreasonable level――would be a serious matter.


Hence I'll start off with performing the evolution ritual on only one individual to make an absolute confirmation.


I explained the circumstances to Benimaru and he seemed to have understood.


And, he boasted he would definitely not go berserk. What a reliable thing to say.


As Shuna's speech ended, I quickly tried to reward him.

「此度の戦、良く働いてくれた! 今日から’’赫怒王フレアロード’’を名乗るがいい!」

’’You have done well in this battle! You will be known as

’’Wrathful King’’ from today on!

(TN: Changed from Angry to Rageful)

TN Note: changed from Rageful to wrathful, I felt the latter had more impact

「はは! 有り難き幸せ!!」

’’Haha! I am thankful for this blessing!!’’


The ceremony was performed.


He was usually friendly, but as expected before his soldiers he was their supreme commander.


Benimaru has perfectly differentiated between public and private.


Wrathful, it meant extreme anger.


Benimaru was usually impatient, but now he could calmly control his anger, his nature is like that of a raging fire.

  • 俺に仕える(魔)王の一人として、これ以上相応しい呼称もあるまい。

As one of the (demon) lords who serve me, there is no better name than this.

(TN: Uhhh...........10 dollars on someone finding a better name than him?)

TN Note: 魔王 actually means demon king, I don't even know why we call them demon lords in English instead, but in the raw it fits pretty well.

  •  二つ名というか、位になるのか?

So, would this be a second name, or a rank?

(TN: Beats me, you already have a storyline that's more complicated than Legend of Zelda)

《告。規定量[魂:10万個]を使用して、個体名:ベニマルの進化を行いますか? YES/NO 》

<<Announcement. Using fixed quantity [soul: 100,000], will you evolve individual name: Benimaru YES/NO>>




When I had commemorated him, I have also simultaneously sent 100,000 souls from the corridor of souls to Benimaru.

  • 授与されると同時に、ベニマルの進化が――開始しなかった。

Once the souls were awarded, Benimaru's evolution ―――― had not begun.


There was no change.


hmm, did it fail?







’’There seems to be another condition....

This problem, seemed to be on my end.

I heard the voice of the world.

It seems, procreation becomes impossible after evolving from an Ogre to a Demon Lord.

Because the concept of life span would disappear, the ability to make a child does not seem necessary.

’’Regretfully, until i complete my job as the leader of my species, I cannot complete the evolution....’’


’’....In other words, you wouldn't evolve unless you bear kin?’’

(TN: ...Okay..)

TN Note: Big thx to lion san for the pun idea
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