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Tensei Shitanode Tsugi Koso Wa Shiawasena Jinsei Wo Tsukande Misemashou - Chapter 5


4 Years Old - Chapter 5: His Highness's Rebellious Age

Now then, I, Lizbeth Adelcian, will begin my pursuit to persuade his highness.

..... I wonder how should I carry out the persuasion?

Why it would be strange to be told off frankly by a unfamiliar child. Even if the first son of the royal family allows it, I'm just an unrelated outsider. An unconcerned unrelated outsider.

His highness can be said to be the future king who will be responsible for shouldering his nation. To be concerned with such a person is awe-inspiring. ..... Well, it's worrying having to stake my opinions whilst painstakingly avoiding offending and causing the collapse of the aristocracy.

Without understanding my mental state Father said, 「If it's you, you can do it」whilst providing me with his full support as though it was someone else's matter, and forced me into the library where his highness was against my will. Sigh, I braced myself.


The library that I was forced into was chilly and dimly lit with a dusty aroma.

Although it was a little unhygienic, unexpectedly I didn't hate the stale aroma. Tickling my nose was the fragrance of paper and ink. Or rather you could say dust was tickling my nose physically.


「..... Who's there!」

..... Ah, I've found his highness.

I had not actually seen his highness but from the edges of the bookshelves, a boy's face was peeking out so I realized instantly.

He looked approximately two or three years older than me.

Even with the low lighting from the lantern and the trickle of sunlight from encroaching ceiling, thesilky quality of his blonde hair was unmistakable. That snow-white skin like porcelain, even women do not readily possess such smooth skin.

Peeking through his bangs with blue eyes, open wariness was projected at me. ..... You asked me to handle a really troublesome matter didn't you, father.

「May I introduce myself? My name is Lizbeth.」

The words - it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance - I didn't bother to continue, I didn't want to concern myself with royalty to the utmost. Nor be embroiled in the power dispute.

Pinching my skirt slightly to curtsy, his highness gazed at me suspiciously. It would seem from out of nowhere, a child appeared so suddenly.

Perhaps, in his highness's head, he had arrived to the conclusion that the child had been sent for by an adult.

「Please relax. I'm not here to take you back against your will」

「..... That can't be trusted.」

「Right? But there is no power that I could possibly possess to force your highness to return」

Because even if it was said, I'm just a four year old girl. Even if there will be hereditary qualities, if physical growth is not accompanied, it can't be done.

In the first place, if I were to conduct myself rudely to his highness, he could have me sentenced to death. I don't intend to just flatter and manage the upkeep of this big-shot's mood though.


Without letting my intentions leak, I lifted both hands lightly into a surrender pose. There was no intention to use any physical means. I mean it would be an impossible action for a child.

Well then to persuade, I would have to be eloquent. In this case I would have to provoke. I prayed that I would not incur punishment for lèse-majesté. When push comes to shove, I'll implore the king with my child-like manners.

「..... So, until when does his highness wish to remain here?」

Despite easing a loaded question to verify and compromise, it was met in return by a naked hostile gaze.

Oh well! Coming from his highness, I must be perceived as an inferior pawn, right..... An immature little girl who's rather impolite and direct, right? I'm pissed. Nope, just kidding! Granted to give off an aura of cuteness like me and not be stupid is understandable.

「Everyone is worried about you.」

「That's not it! Those fellows are only making such gestures because I'm the king's child! Besides, all they care is to flatter me when possible just to use me!」

His highness raised eyebrows were accompanied with a strain voice . I see, for a child raised like an adult, he had a very harsh way of thinking. Basically there's no feelings of trust.

Well in actuality to harbour such thoughts, it was not necessarily incorrect. However to accept that everyone has ill intentions is unhealthy.

「I suppose you could say that. So?」

「So? So .....」

「That's only just an excuse, am I right? Your highness is only escaping from your responsibilities. Abandoning your duty」

Declaring it like this is wrong, but it has to be said. Even if I dislike what I'm doing and would like to avoid it as much as possible, when it has to be done, it's done. The time to snuggle closer to an influential person and slurp the sweet rewards isn't now.

Being born into royalty, being constantly in contact with people harbouring malicious intent even I understood that. But if that was the reason to justify running away, then things would never resolve. Rather it would deteriorate.

「You... How could you ever understand!」

「Of course I don't. Running and running, even if the truth was before your eyes, you immediately avert your eyes from it」


BANG, thrown away from his reasoning, the time to fall on one's butt vigorously had arrived. Dealt a heavy blow to his overenthusiastic momentum, his highness could not even retort back.

As it is, his highness leaned over me, trembling in rage with shaky hands had grasped my collar. Violence, not good.

I seem to have ignited his highness's fuse. Splendidly going berserk.

Considering the words spoken were for your benefit. Not even spitting out a just reasoning, flying suitably into a frenzy. Has resulted into this present situation.

Well if I'm hit, I'm hit, mother will heal me. If I'm not dead. ..... Not kidding.

「You, How could you possibly understand me..... !」

「I understand that these reason weren't born willingly. However, being born into royalty means having a duty to fulfil, furthermore it is personally for your own benefit」

I know how to sulk too. However, sulking and running away solves nothing. In the simplistic thoughts of a child, nothing in the end will ever alter the current situation.

「Do not argue with me!」

「Then please don't selfishly repute me. If this is all you can muster up, you are still just a child. Because your selfishness will be pardoned」

Still childish, his highness shouldn't be allowed to bare the burden of his vessels.Therefore assuming he stopped running away, eventually his surrounding would also be less noisy.

..... But, because it's now, that's still forgivable.

「Nevertheless, sooner or later you will become an adult. By that time, running away would never be forgiven. Because you will be shouldering the whole country, assuming as our sovereign」

「I .....」

「Doing nothing right now is one option. Simply it's one of your armours, tied together by many partable matters.」

「..... Armour ..... ?」

Slowly calming down, he seemed to response to my words.

「Because you're still being protected is why you may not understand. When you just escape from everything, you lose the art of protecting yourself. What lessons are you being taught? Magic and sword fighting are beneficial to protect one's self, studying is for the sake of protecting the country, being cultured is so foreign countries would not look down upon us. Everything was laid to ease your future, can you understand it was done for your sake?」

Even if I say such things to a child around here, it would be impossible for them to understand.

But his highness is wise, who had a matured way of thinking. He should be able to understand the real intention of my words.

「I apologise for saying too much. However, please consider them. Everyone has been stern towards you for your sake」

Upon declaring that, his highness stared wide-eyed looking in my direction. The force used to grasp my collar with his tiny hands loosened.

..... All that's left is one more push.

「Walking down this road, you will meet people who will try to use you. I do not deny it. However, by acquiring the art to defend yourself, you would be able to judge between good intentions and malice. You could cut off the malice or conversely, use it to your advantage」

I extended a hand slowly to his highness who was still leaned over me as I informed him. Turning away from the hands around the neck, an extremely flat-chested bosom lured the other mildly into a tight embrace.

Please bear being narrow-minded physically, so that I may still have a future.

「..... Therefore, this time will you stop running away? When you become strong, you will naturally be able to defend yourself」


「Just for now, you can act spoilt if you want. ..... okay?」

What words can a four and half years child use to win an argument but, to his highness, without being able to cross examine carefully was presently clung on by my chopping board like frame. The hands which once grasped my collar, seeking a purpose, rested around my back.

Raising my body lightly, I gently stroked his head and rubbed his back whilst comforting him. Yup, not a four year old's action.

「..... Obstinate. It's very different from mother's」

「Your highness, I'm still just a child so stop demanding tenderness from me」

For a second I wanted to punch him, but that would be absolutely considered as lèse-majesté, so I'll stop. If I lay a hand on his highness, I'll be killed. In this occasion my mouth was effective in preventing my fall.


After hugging for a while, his highness sluggishly lifted his face. The pupils were delicately moist evidenced that he had cried a little, I decided to refrain from inquiring about it.

Because his highness took a long hard look at my face, I was left feeling puzzled. Or rather I realized his highness was positioned extremely close within point-blank range.

Until now because he had always been glaring at me, I didn't noticed that he had a very lovely face. Till then, I thought it was arranged. Such formidable royalty genes. In the future won't he be really good looking?

「What's the matter?」

「..... How old are you」

「Four years and seven months old」

「..... Impossible」

To the surprised muttering, even I thought so with a bitter smile. After all, the contents were of a woman steadily approaching her thirties.

If I were to tell him, he would just think I've grown up way beyond my age. He would unravel the sense of my words.


Pulling himself together, he brush the dust which clung to my clothes, without revealing his thoughts, extended a hand towards me.

Surprised by the unexpected conduct, I blinked my eyes, furrowing my eyebrows when it was followed by「Women are delicate creatures and should be treated with care as I've been told」with the coming behaviour of a gentleman.

No apology for what transpired earlier? Well, I guess it's fine since I'm not hurt.

..... To be honest, I think almost all girls are sturdier than boy, but let's keep it a secret.

「..... About earlier, I'm really sorry」

Oh, he apologized.

「No, I was also at fault for fanning the flames」 I apologize for that sincerely. Please pardon my earlier rudeness」

「..... You don't need to be so formal. The way you spoke earlier is fine」

Somehow, it seems I've escaped from being punishable for incurring lèse-majesté. From the bottom of my heart, I felt relieved. It seems my mouth worked splendidly.

Sighing secretly in relief, I finally noticed we've been holding hands since and proceeded to let go.

..... Not letting my hands go?

「.... You can't let go without my permission」

Oh, how very tyrannical. Unless pushed away, I can't let go? Ah well I guess he's just emotionally attached to me.

Hmm, I'm not sure what flag I've just triggered, but for now mission complete. I have to report back to father.

Either way without a question his highness was accompanying me, paying heedless to our joint hands.... Being treated in deterrence with an enticing treatment is frightening.


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