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Tensei Shitanode Tsugi Koso Wa Shiawasena Jinsei Wo Tsukande Misemashou - Chapter 45


Chapter 45: The Result of Grandfather's disgust

People, most people lack essential flexibility through years of age. That's how people's views, ego, self-esteem that has been established in a long time will do so

Speaking of hard intentions is good, but in essence it is a stubborn translation.

(TN: I have no clue what this means any ideas? Here's the raw:固い意思と言えば聞こえは良いですが、要するに頑固な訳です。)

When approaching the father, talking to the grandfather who does not drop his tremendous attitude,I can not say anything and bitter smile.I hoped my father could cut it out, but my grandfather was the one who did it.

「Why do you refuse so much?」(GrandFather)

「Say your own conduct. What kind of education did you tell me? If there is the possibility of blowing such things into ruby, it is natural that you pick up the possibility 」(Father) (TN: Im not sure who is talking.I think it is Liz' father)

Oh well, For now I do not feel like pointing out anything.My grandfather is also somewhat poor if he refuse to this point,If you can express it with grandchildren that you can not even meet them.However, it is a valet of the employees that grandchildren of women are not in the eyes and treatment is also complicated when there is no room for sympathy.

「......O ne cha?」(Ruby) (TN: He is saying ’’Onee-chan’’ in baby talk I guess)

There is no fight between the middle,a round voice without corners was applied from behind to me who breathed a sigh.

When I thought that they're fight is over,At that moment..., My Grandfather's line of sight was directed here. No it was directed to at my back.In the same red eyes as my father was fine hope. My grandfather who seemed to see the grandchild for the first time, I was alleviating a little bit of the eyed look that I was heading towards me.

Well someday I thought it would be like this. There is no reason why Ruby in the motion stage can be stuck still.

「Father, In this case, I think that those who watched and seemed to not do anything at all, are mutually beneficial for mental health」(Liz)

Because it can not be helped, if there is something, it is for the grandfather.

It came from far away territory and it is true that you want to see the grandchild's face. I can not ignore anything even if I do not care, Gill will take care.

I think that it is safer to meet them in front of father than sneakily planning. If it is useless, father will peel off or drive out.

My grandfather will watches me with his eyes wide. Do not misunderstand here is that you do not intend to take care of your grandfather. I just thought that the result of thinking which one is safe is better to let me tell you under the supervision.

「If you think something strange, would you like my father to stop it?

「‭...... Well‬」

「Besides, We will be full of exhaustion if we drive you away from here.Why do not you let me make one of your memories」

Whether it becomes memories or not depends on my grandfather and Ruby,while muttering in my mouth, I stop hugging Ruby over there.

‭Turn his hand on his back and tilt his little head like looking up and rub the cheek to ‬

‭Ruby and bow his head. Like Ruby, I like to be touched with hair, so it is a soft smiley smile. ‬

「Ruby, the man is next to Father is GrandFather,Try greeting」(Liz)


Kyuyuu, with rounded eyes, Ruby directs his red eyes to father and grandfather. My grandfather who made a hard look at the first meeting with his grandchild son was smiling awkwardly.

Cute!, his grasps on my clothes got stronger.

「......Ya 」

...... At the moment when I realized that it was a useless pattern, Ruby cruelly shook his head and hid it in my shadow.

...... My grandfather is amazed. By the way, I used to say that I disliked him with my expression,I apologize to this place, sorry my grandfather. It was preoccupied.

「Ruby, Grandfather may be kind to ruby?」

「Ya ̄ ! O ne ̄ chi ~yaijimeruhitoyada!,(Onee-chan is a humble person who teases) 」(TN:Im not sure about this one[Raw: やー! おねーちゃいじめるひとやだ] )


What a good child you grew up, Onee-chan is happy.

「.........Hey. It was a translation that was out when my father made it cold to Liz. I do not understand the meaning I hate it so it is a translation like this」(Father) (TN: Basically he is saying that ojii-san's actions towards ruby's onee-chan made him hate him LOL)

「Do not let the would get cut」(?) (TN: any ideas for this one? [raw:父様、傷口抉らないであげて])

「‭ can not be helped ... Deaf, the girl's daughter etc.‬」(?) (TN: Translating this is hell :l [Raw: し......仕方ないだろう、あの娘の子供など])

「Ruby and Liz are children of selenium, do not go wrong‭.‬」(Father)

Finally I wonder if my father can not stand it, I looked up at my grandfather while standing up my eyebrows. In the eyes of the crimson I was swaying in anguish without doubt.

I am afraid if my father gets angry. I think that grandfather who had been a long time knows well.

「Approximately, what are you going to suddenly ask? Liz and selenium are down? Do not miserable, do not stick to my girl and her daughter. You should not complain to such a lovely girl and a good wife. Liz is so cute, clever, brother-minded, I do not want to show it to my dad. But you do not know the cuteness of Liz, whether my father is a person who disgusts.From the time I was little I thought that Rizu came to love me is so cute I could not help but my father did not understand」(Father)

「It is embarrassing so stop father」(Liz)

When ‭my anger got so relaxed, so Ichigo itchy and I shake my head and head. ‬

‭ Wait, why are you proud of your daughter suddenly? My grandfather who is pulling out a little, has a face that has been steeped out. My present figure and my father's appearance do not match at all in my grandfather's head, I do not match oneself. ‬

‭ I felt something embarrassed, I can not bear it, my face is ruby worries. With a small and warm hand touches the cheeks as if comforting, I gouged and rubbed Ruby while groaning.‬

「My father is a bully」(Liz)

「‭No, ‬it's not it bullying or a new harassment ...?」(?) (TN: ....not sure..[Raw:い、いじめというか新手の嫌がらせですよね......これ ])

‭ I do not have such embarrassing eyes ... .... ‬

‭ Ruby smiled happily as he hugged that only Ruby is on my side. The difference between my grandfather and me is that it is because I am with Ruby. My grandfather is pretty shocked. ‬

「Tou-shama,don't bully onee-chan!」(Ruby) (TN:I think ruby talks like a this)

「No, I have no intention of bullying ... ...」(Father)

「Harassing my shame is harassing, but ...」(Liz)

「It is true that Liz is cute」(Father)

That's why my otouto is pretty cute. It is useless to explain it carefully to a grandfather who I dislike and can not understand.(TN: otouto=Little brother)

When father shook grandpa who was missing somewhere, he fainted a bit and looked with a stern like face. It seemed that Ruby 's refusal to him is a shock.Conversely, the difference between Ruby' s love feelings against me.

Oh yeah, it is not likely that you will be appalled so much. If I do not improve my attitude towards me, Ruby will approach me as well. ...... I think that it is this time.

「.... Ruby, do you dislike getting along with your grandfather?」(Liz)


Oh, my grandfather was sunk. (TN: LOL Thats gotta hurt xD)

「Since he broke through Liz' barrier to approach Ruby, my father....」(Father)

「No, I think that the door is already closed tightly by his own hand ... ..」(Liz?)

Because my grandfather himself truncated me as a relay of connection with ruby. As I got somewhat saddened, I am anxious to let my grandfather have a little relationship with Ruby. As Ruby dislikes you, as long as your grandfather does not compromise, there is nothing I can do.

「Ruby, ... ...Would you like to talk with your grandfather for a moment!」(Grandfather?)

「YAYー! Ok ay、teasing hitohito!」(Ruby)

「‭Ruby, it's hollowing out ... ... I feel sorry for my grandfather, He is pretty hated. ‬」(Liz)

「Why is Liz a friend of my father?」(Father)

「I will be happy if I speak up and down, I will return quickly」(Grandfather?)

「You know how rid you are」(?)

‭ Ruby's word stinks To your grandparents who are not cheerful, I wonder? I will tilt my head. ‬

‭ That's why you want to wish for your return sooner. Ruby does not like it. My grandfather himself seems to have gradually disappeared needing something anymore, but for Ruby, my grandfather is disliked to be a person to tease me. ... It is nice to be loved by ruby. ‬

「Grandfather, please give up this time for the moment and return home. If you change the attitude the next time you come, Ruby will also come near for a while」(Liz)

「Eh ,I and the other one」

「As long as disgust against me disappears, please be aware that Ruby would also like you.」(Liz)

Ruby seemed to stab a stop so closing his mouth, I will tell my grandfather with a smile with a smile that I have never had before. For the time being, this place has a meaning to retreat.

When I smiled at grandfather who was completely depressed while complaining about ruby I was praising acclaimedly, my grandfather told me where the first thing was, He dropped my shoulders and turned my back on us. It seems that it has endured being refused by Ruby for so long, if you do it it is bearish and only poor grandfather can see it. (TN: I kinda feel bad for him LOL)

On the next day, my grandfather has returned to the territory. Or, it was a form to be driven out by my father.

When I left, I was watching Ruby exceptionally, but since Ruby was pointing, I had a pretty bruise. It was bullish to me, but it is strange for ruby.

Well, if you are coming next I would like you to soften even a little towards me.

In this way, my grandfather who made a noise at home was made to return home without a doubt. If possible, please bring popularity a bit more next time.


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