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Tensei Oujo Wa Kyou Mo Hata O Tatakioru - Chapter 74


Chapter 74

The Reincarnated Princess' Nursing

 I kept telling myself 'Don't do this!' since I'm not a doctor, but in the end I was too scared to turn him down.

 Onee-san briskly lead up the stairs with heavy footsteps.


 I squinted at the dazzling sunlight shining on the deck.

 Blocking the sun with my hands didn't really help either. I could see the glimmering sunlight on the back of my closed eyelids.

 I didn't think the deck was this hot. Now I regret leaving my coat back in my room.

’’You alright?’’

’’Yes, I'm fine.’’

 Klaus who stood behind me looked at me anxiously.

 He offered to fetch me my coat, but I declined.

’’Mary's white skin will get burnt!’’

’’Miss Bianca also.’’

’’I'll be fine, you know?’’

 Miss Bianca was worried for me but I'm not really concerned about myself.

 She has really smooth skin like high-class pottery... please tell me your secret. Or you're the type that actually don't have to do anything? How enviable.

’’Over here.’’

 Following his call, we approached him.

 Looking towards the direction he's pointing at while we hid behind a pillar, Miss Flora was lying there.

 Klaus let out a small groan.

 I wonder if she's ill?

 Miss Flora was reclining on her chair under an umbrella and was being cooled by a big fan.

 However, no matter how you look at it, she's relaxing with no care in the world.

 Just like a celebrity fully enjoying a boat trip.

’’She certainly looks comfortable, but...’’

’’Don't be silly, that's not it. Next to her, over there.’’

 Next to her?

 Onee-san gently guided my face and turned my head slightly.

 In my shifted view to the right, a maid waiting to attend Miss Flora was standing slightly further away.

 The maid, wearing a dress with a dark gray collar, stood there under the beaming sunlight.

 I couldn't quite see her face from here, but she's holding her forehead and her mouth from time to time.

’’The maid? She certainly looks quite pale.’’

’’Right? But even if I told her to take a break, she never listens.’’

'I don't think she doesn't want to rest, it's more like she's not allowed to rest.'

 I murmured to myself while watching Miss Flora relaxing comfortably.

’’For now let's get her some water. I'll go back to the kitchen and...’’

’’Hey, Mia!’’


 ...get some. The words that were supposed to come out got totally drowned out by an irritated voice.

 The maid, Mia, made a tense expression.

’’You, aren't you slacking a bit?’’

’’No, I-I'm not...’’

’’You keep fidgeting so much I can't relax. And also, didn't you go missing a while ago?’’

’’I-I'm sorry... I didn't finish my preparations for the trip last night and I couldn't get in any sleep-’’

’’Enough with the excuses!’’


Mia's shoulders trembled as Miss Flora scolded her.

’’That's terrible...’’

 Miss Bianca has a deep wrinkle on her eyebrows.

’’I'd like to to rush in and go help her right now, but she has her own reputation to consider. What shall we do, my cutie pie?’’

’’I don't think we have much time left.’’

’’What do you mean, Mary?’’

 Klaus picked up on the words I murmured to myself.

 I hesitated before answering.

 Do people recognise a heatstroke in this world?

 When you're tired from lack of sleep and be forced to stand in the sun, it's obvious you'll get a heatstroke. But I don't know how to explain it properly.

 Besides, there's no time to explain.

 Mia is now soaking in sweat and her complexion is getting worse every minute.

 And she's holding her head and mouth, those are signs for headache and nausea.

 There's a possibility of seasickness too, as Onee-san said, but I fear that heatstroke symptoms are already beginning to appear.


’’What is it?’’

’’Can you go to the kitchen and fetch me some water?’’

 Looking up at Klaus, he stared back at me.

 I gave him my serious look, and we were silent for a while.

’’I gather that this is quite urgent?’’


 Klaus accepted my request and nodded.

 While we're at it, I'll add some more things.

’’Also, put a pinch of salt and sugar in the lemon water from last time. Then, fill a bowl with water and bring some cloth too.’’

’’Lemon water with salt and sugar, a bowl of water of water and some cloths, huh? I'll have to return quickly... you always ask the unreasonable, sister.’’

 Klaus stopped himself and turned around. I digged my nails into my skin, trying to force the words out.

 To him who smiled bitterly, I also returned a bitter smile.

’’I'm sorry.’’

 I'm really sorry that I'm being selfish, but I can't turn a blind eye towards people in need.

’’In the future, please don't ask of the unreasonable ever again.’’

’’Got it... and thank you.’’

 Listening to Klaus' fading footsteps, I took a deep breath and tightened my expression.

'Now, how should I call out to her?'

 I shuffled towards Mia, with Onee-san and Miss Bianca in tow.

 Miss Flora who noticed glared at us suspiciously. However, as soon as she knew that we were approaching, her eyes turned sharp.

’’What do you want? Sneaking up on people like that.’’

 She glared daggers at me and I panicked a little.

 Seems that I'm really being hated.

’’Well... please listen to what I have to say.’’

’’Don't wanna hear it. Go away already.’’

 There's a saying that an island has nothing attached to it. This person must be the definition of being unsociable.

 While pondering on what to do next, I took a quick glance at Mia. Her complexion wasn't getting any better. She hung her head down while covering up her mouth.

 I know that I shouldn't rush things, but it seemed like she's about to collapse any moment now.

’’Please listen. It's an urgent matter.’’

’’Quite stubborn, aren't you?’’

’’It seems that your maid is not well. Do you mind if we treat her?’’


 Miss Flora raised an eyebrow after what I said and glanced back and forth between me and Mia.

’’Leave her alone. She just didn't get enough sleep.’’

’’Even so, the lack of sleep and in this hot weather, you can still collapse if you don't get yourself in the shade.’’

’’Like I said! Can't you leave me alone already?’’

 This is so frustrating. Miss Flora doesn't want to hear any of it.

 Alright! Fine! What do I have to do to convince you!?

’’It's useless, my cutie pie. Any more than this and we'll just be wasting time. Let's take her by force.’’

 Onee-san who watched over our exchanges turned to Mia with a bitter smile.

 Mia who was looking at the floor turned her face towards us and saw his outstretched hand. She immediately flinched.

’’N-No. I'm completely fine! Please don't worry... about...’’


 Before she could finish her sentence, her body started swaying dangerously.

 Onee-san caught her frail body with steady arms.

’’I told you, didn't I!’’

 Onee-san embraced Mia as he grumbled out complaints.

TN: ’’an island has nothing attached to it’’ was translated word by word. I don't know the idiom, but the meaning is basically that a person who is so unsociable that they don't have anyone around them.


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