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Tempest Of The Battlefield - Chapter 390


Chapter 390: War of Gods
Wang Tong had reckoned that frontal attack would never work against Michaux, and therefore, he decided to switch tactics and strike from below.

Michaux reacted quickly, as he sprinted up and kept hovering in the air using soul energy. Wang Tong also adjusted his position swiftly and punched at Michaux from underneath.


Wang Tong's strike was on point. However, he quickly realized that Michaux's golden shield covered his whole body, and therefore, his sneak attack from below was as useless as a frontal attack.

While hovering in the air, Michaux pointed a long finger at Wang Tong, and suddenly, hundreds of hissing lightning appeared above the arena, scarring the night sky with bright zig-zagging streaks.

"The Seal of Thunder!"

The seal covered a large area, and therefore, Wang Tong couldn't evade the attack. Sizzling lightning rumbled across the sky and bore down on Wang Tong. Wang Tong swallowed down the pain and numbness in his body, focusing on defending against the aggressive lightning strikes.

By then, Guan Dongyang and Gongson-Wuce had been rendered speechless by the power of the young master. They just realized that their Mastery techniques were not unique inventions, since the divine Masters had been using them since long ago. Also, both Mastery warriors could only harness natural energy that was compatible with their soul energy attributes. However, Michaux had shown that he could command more than two types of natural powers.

Without giving Wang Tong a moment of respite, Michaux connected his attacks and cast more lightning strikes on him after the initial attack. After a few seconds, Wang Tong had already received more than dozen solid blows.

As another angry lightning wheezed across the sky towards Wang Tong, he raised his left hand to block the hissing and buzzing bundle of electricity. The lightning reached Wang Tong's fist, and instead of continuing traveling through his body, it bundled together and clung to his fist. Wang Tong smashed the lightning-imbued fist at the young master. However, even with the aid of the lightning element, Michaux's golden shield was still impenetrable.

Such defense was almost impossible to break. Wang Tong quickly realized that as long Michaux was still under the golden shield's protection, he would never defeat him. Already, Michaux's lightning attack had started anew, and Wang Tong was forced into passive defense. He wanted to counter the lightning strikes by attacking the young master. However, since Michaux was hovering high up in the air, Wang Tong had no way of approaching him without risking being struck by the web of lightning.

Wang Tong knew that it was about time to get serious.

Wang Tong opened up his arms as a ray of golden light shot out of his body and pierced through the web of thunders. Wang Tong flew through the opening in the web until he was above Michaux's head, then he bore down his fists on Michaux.

Wang Tong knew that if he could not breach his defense, the only other way of defeating Michaux was to overwhelm him with unconventional power.

Although Wang Tong didn't use the Layered fist of Tong, the golden light shot out from his fists was able to penetrate through the energy shield. Even as an experienced veteran warrior, the young master was caught off guard by the development. He tried to evade the attack, but it had already been too late as one of Wang Tong's fist jabbed into his left shoulder.


Michaux was slammed to the ground as his golden energy shield shattered.

No one other than Wang Tong had so much as touched Michaux, much less injure him. So, the scene had shocked everyone, including Lie Jian. Lie Jian was well aware of the defensive defensive capability of the golden shield, and he knew that no one could have broken it so easily.

Michaux struggled to his feet slowly while holding his left shoulder. He was not a METAL fighter, and therefore, he was more susceptible to physical injury than other fighters.

Wang Tong tried to tame his tousled hair, and realized that his hair were messier than he thought. Both fighters laughed at each other like old friends.

"Looks like this match won't end until I use my real power," Michaux said as he took out a staff from his space crystal. This staff was passed down from generations of divine Masters, and it was the symbol power in the sect.

Michaux charged soul energy into the staff, and suddenly, the staff seemed to have increased Michaux's power by ten folds. He lightly touched his left shoulder with the staff, and a creamy white light spread from the point of contact, until it was over Michaux's entire body. Michaux flexed his shoulder;it felt much better already.

The healing process was straight out of a magic show, and the energy emanated from Michaux suggested that he had become much stronger than when the fight had first started.

As Michaux held the staff, memories of the past generation flushed into his mind. He remembered that the divine Master Oderades fought with the Blade Warrior. He remembered that during that fight, the Blade Warrior also used the golden soul energy that was identical to that of Wang Tong. There was only one explanation.

The thought of fighting the heir of the Blade Warrior had spurred Michaux's fighting spirit. He eagerly wanted to know the full extent of the legendary warrior's power.

Michaux quickly swept the staff in the air and summoned a storm of soul energy that covered the sky and trembled the ground. Amidst the chaos, the chaos, the audiences could only see the bright creamy light emanated from the tip of the staff.

"Not bad! I doubt anyone else could make Michaux this excited." Lie Jian was elated by the development.

As the soul energy storm increased size, it started to erode the energy shield cast over the stage. Already, the audiences could see ripples on a thin layer of transparent energy.

Michaux floated in the air and turned towards the referee. "Please tell the audiences to stay back. My next move is too powerful."

The referees hurried to gather together to come up with a plan. They had been worried about the energy shield that threatened to shut off, so they had ordered technicians to fix the problem but to no avail.

All the martian audiences had been retreating to the back rows ever since Michaux started the soul energy storm, and the rest of the audiences followed them after they heard the warning from the referee.

Wang Tong's eyes were fixated on Michaux as he marveled at his immense power coming from three sources: Michaux's soul energy, the energy in nature, and the energy stored in the staff.


Wang Tong's cranked up his soul energy, and instead of using it to channel GN force, he connected the flow of his soul energy with the natural energy around him, copying his opponent's strategy.

Slowly, a golden hue covered Wang Tong's body, and it was increasing its intensity by the second. In a few moments, the stage had been divided into upper and lower sections. Michaux's soul energy storm dominated the upper level, and Wang Tong's golden energy filled the lower level. The two waves of energy soon competed with each other, trying to force each other out.

Despite the energy shield cast over the stage, some of the deadly power leaked out to the audiences. As those audiences. As those audiences who remained in the front row felt the power of the leakage, they knew they had made a mistake. What was worse was that this was only the beginning of the final showdown, and neither of the fighters had moved yet.

As more audiences started to retreat, the reserved section had only a handful of fighters left. Among them were Li Shiming and Patroclus;even Li Ruoer and Ma Xiaoru had left for safety.

After most of the audiences had reached safety, the arena initiated another layer of energy shield. Having learned their lessons, the organizing committee was well prepared to protect the audiences.

Floating In the air, Michaux looked like a godly grandmaster, while on the ground, Wang Tong stood haughtily like a giant. Truth be told, not only his opponent inspired Wang Tong's technique, but without the overbearing power of Michaux, Wang Tong would also never think of adopting the new technique. He was exhilarated by the new energy that he absorbed from the ground, as if he had become one with the earth.

Michaux saw Wang Tong's excited expression and smiled knowingly. To execute the ability, Michaux needed to leverage the power of the staff. However, he watched as Wang Tong commanded the nature's power at his will without any aid. For Michaux, the energy in the staff acted as a barrier between the primordial force of nature and his soul energy. Without it, his sea of consciousness would be shredded into pieces by the wild force. However, Wang Tong didn't seem to need any protection...Could it be…?

Realization suddenly dawned upon Michaux, so he shouted to Wang Tong, "Wang Tong! Is that ... Soul Essence?"

Suddenly, the soul energy storm turned into a wild gale and swept across the field. The usually calm and placid young master could no longer hold onto his patience.


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