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Tempest Of The Battlefield - Chapter 122


"For Me?" Wang Tong pointed at himself, "You must be joking."

"I’m not joking. The girl handed me this letter herself earlier today! Don’t you know that you’ve become the big shot of Ayrlarng recently?"

"A-hem, really? Why don’t I feel anything?"

"Haven’t you noticed that the gazes behind your back have increased recently?" Zhou Sisi said as she casually poured herself a glass of water… with Wang Tong’s mug.

"Yea sorta, but I thought they were admiring Hu Yangxuan, haha."

Zhou Sisi rolled her eyes toward Wang Tong, she couldn’t believe he was that simple minded, "Hu Yangxuan might be famous, but you’ve underestimated yourself too much. You’ve definitely become the celebrity of Ayrlarng after your amazing victory against Bernabeu, and you’re now as famous as Wang Ben!"

"Wow, really? Haha, turns out being famous isn’t as special as I thought." Wang Tong laughed.

"That’s because you’re humble. So, are you interested in knowing this girl? She’s quite a beauty if you ask me," Zhou Sisi asked. Even though she was bothered by it, she acted like she didn’t care.

Wang Tong smiled and shook his head. He would be worse than Hu Yangxuan if he was a flamboyant playboy. Hu Yangxuan might be popular around girls, but he had never done anything bad to the girls;moreover, there were still a lot of things that required their efforts and attentions.

"Haha, okay. C’mon, I still need you to help me with my Cloning Technique, someday I’ll definitely surpass you!"

"Sure, but before that, why don’t you come and give your mentor a good backrub? I’m exhausted recently." Wang Tong groaned purposely.


"Geez, take it easy, I’m just kidding. I’m not that old yet." Wang Tong stopped Zhou Sisi.

Zhou Sisi seemed to have known that Wang Tong would react like that. Then she grabbed his hands and walked toward the training room;she enjoyed being around Wang Tong, somehow she wasn’t tired at all when she was training with Wang Tong. She was also impressed by Wang Tong’s seriousness during training, she noticed that Wang Tong could really clear his mind when he was required to focus, and Zhou Sisi was eager to learn how he was doing that.

Due to her weaker Soul Energy and other personal factors, it was impossible for Zhou Sisi’s Cloning Technique to become as good as Wang Tong’s in a short period of time;nevertheless, she continued to practice more by focusing her training on the synchronization of her hands. Since she was not as gifted as Wang Tong, she had to practice over and over again until it became an instinctive pattern, only then would she be able to exert her best performances during real battles.

After the mentoring session with Zhou Sisi, Wang Tong focused back to the training of his own hands. If he could master the control of his GN Force with his hand to a subtle perfection, it would not only aid him during fights, but it would also be useful during Battlecraft Combat.

Wang Tong began to think about the control of strength and speed while he was doing his training. Generally, the speed would improve when the strength was enhanced;however, it was a law with limitations. In fact, if one used too much strength in the movements of the fingers, it would actually slow down the speed and even hindered the frequency due to the small operating space. If someone was able to enhance both speed and strength at the same time during real battles, it would be intimidating.

One would require a delicate control of GN Force in order to utilize it into the controlling maneuvers;given by the fact that the operating speed wouldn’t increase by pushing harder onto the buttons of the controlling panel, it was all about the right quantity of GN Force.

Wang Tong felt that he had made a great discovery on controlling maneuvers. So he tested out his theory by using one of buttons from his shirt as a dummy. Wang Tong expected that he would succeed without breaking a sweat, but it turned out that it was difficult to achieve. However, Wang Tong wouldn’t give up easily when he was facing a difficult task, and in the end, he spent an hour proving his theory with the button from his shirt.

"Wh… What are you doing?" Zhou Sisi stared at Wang Tong, looking puzzled.

Wang Tong smiled, "Practicing the sensitivity of my GN Force, why don’t you give it a try? I’m sure it’ll be able to help you in various situations."

"Did you get the idea after watching yesterday’s match?"

"Haha, so you watched too huh. I was enlightened by Cisco, it won’t be necessary for me to reach that level of power, but I’m sure I’ll be able to get some benefits from practicing," Wang Tong said as he was focusing on the button.

Wang Tong was already a very strong fighter, but he was never arrogant;instead, he was filled with the enthusiasm for learning, which was also the reason behind Zhou Sisi’s admiration to this young man. Most people would be attracted to popular elites like Hu Yangxuan and Wang Ben, yet not everyone preferred this type of geniuses. Zhou Sisi inherited the traditional aesthetic of the Oriental;hence she still preferred guys with implicit strengths. She felt motivated and enriched whenever she had Wang Tong by her side.

However, Zhou Sisi decided to withdraw her praise as she looked at her embarrassing "cheapskate" mentor, immediately she covered her mouth and tried her best not to laugh.

"Hey, what’s wrong?" Wang Tong stopped playing with the button and asked.

"Where did you get that button?"

Wang Tong was startled, he knew a while ago he subconsciously nudged the button from a piece of fabric he was wearing, but as he looked down, he realized he was actually wearing a T-shirt, and the button he removed was actually from his shorts.

Good God, another wardrobe malfunction.

Wang Tong’s temperature skyrocketed, and his face immediately blushed, "A-hem, turn around, no peeping!"

Then he quickly fixed his pants and gathered himself, he was too focused back then which caused the awkward scene, thank god, the people around them were also busy with their tasks, or else the newly arisen celebrity of Ayrlarng would become even more "popular".

"How’s your practice?" Wang Tong immediately changed the subject to divert her attention to his embarrassing moment.

"Nothing much for today, but I’ll keep up the effort, I’m sure I’ll be able to master it soon!" Zhou Sisi grabbed her cute little fist and said with high morale. She was glad to be able to take part in the tournament against Bernabeu because she managed to identify her weaknesses and her gap with the others. After witnessing the high-level maneuvers of her opponent, Zhou Sisi had found her goal to pursue.

"I think you should also improve your perspective and operating skills. Oppressive controlling maneuvers might have greater lethality, but it is too depending on luck," Zhou Sisi said after having a few thoughts, she felt she had to give him a heads up since they were buddies.

"You’re right, actually I’ve noticed that too after the battle against Best;however, it is not easy to learn by depending on our talents. Moreover, the academy also can’t provide any further help, and the improvements will be limited even if we practiced against each other." Wang Tong shook his hands helplessly. After his exciting victory against Best, he learned that there were still a lot of things that he didn’t know even though he was improving from time to time. Wang Tong knew he couldn’t have won if his opponent didn’t underestimate him back then because Best had tons of tricks up his sleeve to torture Wang Tong. Furthermore, it was wrong for one to neglect operating skills and only focus on controlling maneuvers, this was prohibited in real battles because it was actually the last resort during emergencies and critical situations. Yet both of them knew how bad Ayrlarng was in this matter, even though Samantha had brought in state of the art hardware into the academy, yet she still needed more time to rectify the teaching staff of Ayrlarng. S-Ranked academies and even top-notch academies like Bernabeu had accumulated special training methods all over the years in order to create well-directed training for outstanding students. Best was strong because he was specially trained by a coach who was an expert on that particular subject. If one could become a maestro by only depending on talent, academies would be closing down one by one.

Sometimes, a particular set of skills would require one to practice over and over again, learning from mistakes and failures.

Other academies, especially S-Ranked academies, had quite the amount of high-level teams specialized in their respective subjects, but Ayrlarng had nothing at all. Wang Tong might be able to learn a few general stuff from the academy’s archive;however, he wouldn’t be able to learn much about strategies and things regarding system programming due to the lack of certain aspects.

"What about forming a study group?" Zhou Sisi said out of a sudden.

"Sounds great, I’ll talk to Xiaoru about your idea, I’m sure the rest would be interested too." Wang Tong clapped.

Of course, it would be awesome if everyone was interested in training together, it would be much more effective than training alone.

"Wang Tong, do you fancy Ma Xiaoru?" Zhou Sisi asked suddenly as she turned toward Wang Tong with her big, shimmering eyes.

Wang Tong shrugged, he wouldn’t have known how to answer if she had asked this question when they were getting to know each other, but now, he knew how to answer: "It would be normal for me to like Ma Xiaoru since I’m a normal guy and she is an excellent person, but we are more like friends, at least for the time being."

Zhou Sisi was relieved even though it wasn’t the perfect answer she had wished to hear, at least Wang Tong was not hasty like the other guys, or else she would be saddened and probably fell into despair. Somehow Wang Tong was the only person who was able to resist the charm of Ma Xiaoru.

Even Zhou Sisi couldn’t find a reason why anyone wouldn’t fancy Ma Xiaoru, and it would be childish for her to be jealous of an amazing girl like Ma Xiaoru. If Wang Tong really fancied Ma Xiaoru, she would have no choice but to wish him all the best. However, it seemed like Wang Tong’s feelings for Ma Xiaoru was more like admiration instead of obsession.

Zhou Sisi rejoiced as she thought about that.

"Okay, so you’ll be in charge of telling Ma Xiaoru, Wang Ben, and Hu Yangxuan about this, and I’ll try to gather up the others who might be interested. I’m sure we will be able to improve if we give our best effort!"

"Yup and don’t forget to ask the rest of our comrades who took part in the crusade against Bernabeu."

"Of course, I will!"

Wang Tong and Zhou Sisi began to work on their idea. Meanwhile, Samantha was also busying with the problem that Wang Tong and Zhou Sisi had been worrying about, she was on the same track with the two of them, but of course, her plans were even bigger than Wang Tong’s.

Indeed Wang Tong’s method might be able to uplift the enthusiasm of his fellow students through learning from each other;however, there would be a limit of what they were able to do by themselves. In order to create a breakthrough, the academy had to recruit a training team with greater expertise.

Aside from enhancing the overall standard of fellow students, Samantha would also need aces and elites in order to restore Ayrlarng to its former glory, the more, the merrier as Ma Xiaoru and Wang Ben were not enough to do the trick. Especially Ma Xiaoru, Samantha knew this girl too well for being a peace lover, which meant she was destined not to become the leader of the team, the others too were lacking a certain aspect of becoming a leader.

No doubt Wang Ben was strong, but it would be hard for him to shake the ground of the S-Ranked academies, even Martyrus knew about this. In general, Samantha didn’t think Ayrlarng was fully prepared to take on the colossal Academy of Capth just because they had managed to defeat Bernabeu.

Instead, Samantha was able to see the difference in strength between Ayrlarng and the other academies through this tournament. Hence she needed a better plan, and since it wouldn’t be as effective if she did it on her own, she made up her mind to form an alliance with Bernabeu, creating a win-win solution for both parties. 


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