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Tempered Immortal - Chapter 65


Chapter Sixty-Five

Elite Disciple

’’Apprentice Brother Ma!’’ Lin Xuan imitated Ye Tian's voice and cupped his hands in greeting.

This person was named Ma TianXiong. He entered the sect before Lin Xuan, probably at the same time as Zhou Yan. He also had a cultivation at the sixth layer of the Spirit Condensation stage.

Strictly speaking, based on the time he had already been in the sect, at nine years, with a cultivation of the sixth layer, although he could be considered as out of the ordinary, he could not be considered as a genius. Normally, he would not be qualified to enter the Hall of the Elites, but he had some special circumstances.

Before he became a disciple of the Floating Cloud Valley, he was a famous younger generation martial arts expert of the secular world. However, he had some fortuitous encounters which started him onto the road of cultivation.

But he did not abandon his martial arts but instead found a different path by using his martial arts to follow the road of cultivation.

This kind of situation was not uncommon in the cultivation world, but it was also not common. Apparently, it was very difficult to travel far upon the road of cultivation. To want to read Core Formation was simply a dream. But to step into Foundation Establishment was apparently a certainty. They would have a much easier time than regular cultivators.

With regards to the Floating Cloud Valley, Foundation Establishment cultivators formed the core of their power, thus, Ma TianXiong, who use martial arts to cultivate, was allowed to enter the Hall of the Elites.

For that exact reason, Lin Xuan was able to recognize this person who was famous throughout the sect. Seeing that it was someone he had heard of, Lin Xuan released the breath he had been holding. Since he was not afraid of being seen through, he turned around and called out in greeting.

’’Junior Apprentice Brother Ye, I heard that you had acquired the Fire Snake spiritual artifact. I had thought that you might have secluded yourself to refined it, but who would have thought that I would see you here today.’’

’’Haha, Senior Apprentice Brother is being too serious. With my meagre cultivation, how could I compare to Senior Apprentice Brother's miraculous techniques? It's just because I have hit a hard spot in my refining of the spiritual artifact that I have come to ask for guidance.’’

Although Lin Xuan did not have too many meetings with Ye Tian, they had still entered the sect at the same time. Lin Xuan was still somewhat familiar towards that fellow's personality.

Ye Tian was one of those vile and hypocritical persons. To Apprentice Brothers that were weaker than him, he would look down upon them arrogantly, sneer at them, and bully them. To those who were stronger, he would pretend to be humble, obedient, refined, and courteous. Thus, to pretend to be Ye Tian, Lin Xuan also had to pretend to have the same personality.

As expected, Ma TianXiong did not have any suspicions. Smacking Lin Xuan on the shoulder, he said: ’’Haha, what a way to explain it Junior Apprentice Brother. Come, let's go!’’

’’En!’’ Lin Xuan nodded his head and rapidly evaluated the pros and cons of the situation. To get away would not be hard, but there were many benefits if he was to enter with Ma TianXiong. The Hall of Elites had many restrictions, if Ma TianXiong were to break them for him, he would have much less chance of being exposed as a fake.

The two of them headed towards the hall. Ma TianXiong would speak one minute while being quiet the next thinking of things to talk about. Lin Xuan would carefully answer and avoided making any mistakes in his repletes.

A blue screen appeared in front of them.

’’Sign, it requires an identity plate every single time.’’ Ma TianXiong mumbled a complaint and turned around. ’’Junior Apprentice Brother Ye, should we use yours or mine?’’

’’Haha, since Senior Apprentice Brother is here, then I won't make a fool of myself.’’ Lin Xuan smilingly answered. He was endlessly rejoicing in his heart. Who would have known that there would be a restriction that checked identities? Luckily he had met Ma TianXiong, otherwise, he would only be able to helplessly stand there.

’’Haha.’’ Ma TianXiong did not reject the idea and reached into his bosom to retrieve his identity plate that emitted a faint spiritual power. He filled it with his spiritual sense and then swiped it on the blue screen. After verifying that the spiritual sense was on the record of elite disciples, the blue screen naturally dissipated. Lin Xuan hurriedly followed after Ma TianXiong.

Along the way, they passed through many of these restrictions causing Lin Xuan to silently curse. This Hall of the Elites was not a place that stored treasure, there was only some elders cultivating here and a place of genius disciples to seek guidance, so what was the point of protecting this place so tightly?

After approximately ten minutes, they arrived at a gorgeous hall. Although comparing the size of the hall, it was not as large as the Spirit Cultivation Hall of the Young Hawks Pavilion, but it was much more majestic. The Spirit Cultivation Hall could not compare in even in decor or finishings. This caused Lin Xuan to be secretly speechless. The sect definitely treated these elite disciples differently.

It was also a coincidence that today happened to be the date that an elder with deep cultivation, said to be at the Great Perfection of the Foundation Establishment stage, was supposed to lecture. Thus, all of the elite disciples had gathered together here today.

There was altogether over thirty people. Lin Xuan looked over them and only recognized about half of them. Luckily, these elite disciples were all arrogant geniuses and thus did not voluntarily make any moves to interact with each other.

Looks like Ma TianXiong was really the odd one out, which probably had something to do with his origins as a martial artist in the secular world. Right now, that fellow was greeting each and every one of them. Some of them cupped their hands in response, others would just snort and completely ignore him, but Ma TianXiong did not mind that at all.

He did not know if it was because these elite disciples were high arrogant or if they were mutually competing to see who was better, but they did not conceal their auras at all, therefore, it was easy to discern their cultivations without much probing.

After sizing up everyone, Lin Xuan's confidence of having achieved the sixth layer of Spirit Condensation was really shaken.

Elites were elites, most of them were at the sixth layer. Of course, of these Senior Apprentice Brothers and Sisters, most of them had entered the sect before he did. But thinking of the fact that the sect only distributed a few medicinal pills, so these disciples all had to rely on their exceptional spiritual roots to achieve their current cultivation really cause Lin Xuan to be envious.

Only a few were at the fifth layer, the worst one was at the fourth layer. But no one dared to look down on this ’’worst’’ elite disciple, simply because he was only twelve years old and had only been in the sect for one year.

In one short year, he had already successfully cultivated to the peak of the middle layers of Spirit Condensation. This rascal was a real genius.

Of course, the most eye-catching was not these guys, but the two people sitting at the front. They two were of similar age, both of them were around thirty years old.

Their cultivation had already reached the peak of the Spirit Condensation, the Great Perfection.

Only one more step and they would have successfully established their Foundations.

The temperament of these two was also different from the other elite disciples.

Of course, although Lin Xuan was amazed, but in his heart, he was sure that he was better than them. Back then, that Ye TianHeng was also at the Great Perfection of the Spirit Condensation stage, but he was still exterminated, and Lin Xuan only had a cultivation at the middle layers of the Spirit Condensation stage.

As to that battle that happened a month before, Ye Tian was at the sixth layer and also a Demonic Cultivator, he had many strange techniques and the Hundred Souls Streamer, therefore, his power was probably greater than these two at the Great Perfection. But all the same, Ye Tian had fallen to Lin Xuan.

His expression didn't change and found a corner to sit down.


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