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Tatakau Shisho - Volume 7 - Chapter 1.3



September 15, 2017Tgurneu

January 1926

Kachua had been defeated by the efforts of Enlike and Noloty. Having lost its leader, the Indulging God Cult was in no position to counterattack. Alongside restoration, the Armed Librarian erased the remaining followers as if they were harvesting wheat. They gathered information in an attempt to pursue the truth about the Cult.

Mattalast did not participate in this. That was because he was given a more important mission.

’’Erm... I got a headache.’’

Mattalast muttered while blowing his pipe like a chimney. He was at a privately owned villa in the Ismo Republic. He used this place as his base of operations.

He was given two missions.

The first was to conceal the truth of the Indulging God Cult from his fellow Armed Librarians;The truth they were originally a branch organization of the Armed Librarians and that Heaven existed in Bantorra Library's Second Sealed Labyrinth. He had to conceal all of that.

The second mission was to sustain the Indulging God Cult. He had to somehow stop the Armed Librarians from fighting after they got fired up by the defeat of the Indulging God Cult. Furthermore, he had to so without talking of the connection to the Cult.

Mattalast coughed. His throat was irritated as he drew too much smoke. It's been a week since he started looking for a good idea inside the smoke.

’’You seem to be worried, Mattalast-sama.’’

Behind him, a boy dressed in mourning clothes grinned. He was the Memorial Weapon that carried people's Books, Yor. He was the current incarnation of the alias Lascall Othello.

Dozens of Books were piled inside the villa. All of them were the Books of the Indulging God Cult's followers that Lascall had brought there.

’’Oh yeah, I did tell you to gather those. What shall we do?’’

’’Are you not a natural-born liar, Mattalast-sama? Is this not the chance to show off your skills?’’

Lascall smiled.

’’Even if you tell me that, it's too much for me.’’

While saying this, Mattalast made a small cough. The room became enveloped in his pipe's smoke as if it was on fire.

’’All Armed Librarians and even the trainees are all in extremely high spirits. What should I do with this?’’

’’Will it not be fine concealing it all just as you have done until now?’’

With the Indulging God Cult of the past, killing all of the followers ended the fight. The truth about the Indulging God Cult had been made vague for months and years.

’’I'm worried because I can't do that.’’

Mattalast dropped his ash onto the ashtray and lit his pipe again.

’’As you know, during the last several years some secrets were exposed.

The leader of the Indulging God Cult was the person who brings forth the True Men and manages them, the Overseer of Paradise. The goal of the Indulging God Cult was to reach the place where all happiness exists, known as Heaven. Lascall Othello excavated the followers' Books and took them to Heaven. The important secrets have been leaked.

And all them because of Kachua.’’

Mattalast grumbled.

Prior to Kachua's appearance, the Indulging God Cult was thought of as a religion with the doctrine of ’’in order to affirm your desires, do not hesitate on wickedness’’. They knew neither about the existence of the Overseer of Paradise nor about Heaven.

And so they thought that by simply erasing wicked people and concealing the existence of the Indulging God Cult from the general populace, they destroy it. That was how they settled it.

But now it couldn't work at all.

’’That Kachua, how much troubles will he cause me until he's satisfied? I wish I could revive him and kill him again.’’

The Armed Librarians who didn't know the truth continued the investigation. What was the Heaven sought by the Cult? They searched for why Kachua became the Overseer of Paradise.

They were not incompetent people. The investigation was slow but progressing steadily.

’’Gamo's investigating the details of how Kachua became the Overseer of Paradise. He's appealing for a special permission to read the Book of the Acting Director of that time. We can't let him read that sort of thing. We can't let him find out he became the Overseer of Paradise by the Acting Director's orders.’’

Mattalast scratched his head. He truly was in trouble this time.

If the investigation was to be continued, they might be able to reach the truth. And it was a truth that must be never known.

If the truth were to be revealed, the organization known as the Armed Librarians would collapse. He simply had to find a way to discontinue the investigation.

’’How about trying to exert some pressure? Try telling them that you will not allow them to investigate the Indulging God Cult any further.’’

’’If I do that it would be just like shouting that the Armed Librarians and the Cult are connected. You really are surprisingly unreliable.’’

’’Please forgive me. It is because my abilities are lacking.’’

Lascall smiled happily.

Mattalast looked at a paper on top of the table. His plan for the next scenario was written disorderly on it. ’’How did the Indulging God Cult come into being?’’ was the title.

’’Do I have no choice but deceive them with this?’’

He took one Book out of the pile. It was the Book of the man known as Uspa.

’’Lascall. Please go bury this Book at Toatt Mine.’’

’’Oh my, are you going to let them read a Book of the Indulging God Cult?’’

’’No other way. I have no choice but to try pushing this scenario.’’

February 1926

The Armed Librarians were confused. Uspa's Book was found at Toatt Mines after Lascall reburied it.

Mattalast did this with not only Uspa's Book, but also the Books of many other followers.

Many Books would probably be discovered in the future as well. But they were all the Books of people at the bottom who didn't know any important secrets.

’’I wonder if this would be enough to deceive everyone.’’

Mattalast and Hamyuts were talking in the Acting Director's Office.

’’Well, it'll work out somehow. Your scenario is well-made.’’

Hamyuts said.

’’Next comes using that Book.’’


Following Mattalast's scenario, the Book of the Dream User was revealed. Using it, they managed to deceive everyone about the identity of Heaven. And it has been decided that the Indulging God Cult was destroyed.

’’Let's give Yukizona the Dream User's Book.’’

’’To Yukizona? Why not me or you?’’

’’It's too much of a bother to me so I don't want to do it. And since Bonbo's so stupid he has no credibility. Also, if a liar like you says that you wouldn't have any credibility either.’’


Mattalast smiled wryly. In any case the plan to deceive the Armed Librarians moved forward. They would have to be extremely cautious so that the others wouldn't have any suspicions afterward.

’’Well, next comes the revival of the Indulging God Cult. I'm lucky we had a candidate.’’

While saying this, Mattalast recalled the face of the candidate to become the Overseer of Paradise. Minth perfectly fit the part, but the problem was whether or not he will consent to it.

’’Have you told Minth yet?’’

’’Not yet. You do it.’’

’’...Me again?’’

Hamyuts then spoke with a sour expression.

’’Restoring the town, paying consolation money to the bereaved families, negotiating with countries... I'm busy. Yukizona and Bonbo also have their hands full. We have nobody else.’’

True. My job is working from behind the scenes in the first place.

’’Say, what happens if Minth doesn't accept?’’

’’Isn't it obvious? You'll become the Overseer of Paradise.’’

Give me a break, thought Mattalast and left the room.

April 1926

Minth agreed to become the Overseer of Paradise. Mattalast felt relieved from the bottom of his heart. Even after that, he flew all around the world to support and help create the new Indulging God Cult.

He probably looked as if he was enjoying himself from the side. That was his pretense after all.

As a matter of fact, Mattalast never has had a busier time. As a result of his great efforts, the new Indulging God Cult finally had some form.

At that time, he received a summon from Hamyuts. She also called Yukizona and Yuri as well as Bonbo. All the executives who shared the secret of the Indulging God Cult gathered in one place.

The meeting place, as designated by Hamyuts, was in the sky above the Library, on the back of Bonbo's whale.

’’Heave ho.’’

He leapt off the roof and onto the whale along with a small voice. Hamyuts decided it would be better just in case her office would be eavesdropped.

’’Long time no see, Matt.’’

Said one of the pillars of the strongest Armed Librarians, the Whale User Bonbo. He was one of the people who knew the secret. Hamyuts revealed it to him at about the same time as Minth.

’’It has been a long time, Mattalast-san. It is good to see you in good health.’’

Standing at his side were the man that could be called the next Acting Director, Yukizona, as well as his little sister and faithful partner, Yuri. The two of them have known the secret since before the battle with the Indulging God Cult started.

Yukizona simply shot a cold gaze without making any greeting. Yuri made a courteous bow.

Finally, Hamyuts made a great leap from the roof of the Library and landed on the whale.

Is this a lineup of the villains who manipulate the world from the shadows? Mattalast thought while looking around at the faces of his comrades.

’’Well then, everyone's gathered.’’

Hamyuts clapped her hands.

’’The world's restoration is proceeding all right. The battle with the Indulging God Cult is going to be left unsettled. Minth's Indulging God Cult is also coming up nicely.

You've all done a great work. Thank you.’’

’’...Director. You haven't called us here for useless talk, right?’’

Yukizona said with a murmur.

’’So impatient. Oh well. It's about time to settle the problems we've shelved.

This is about the one remaining rebel, Olivia Littolet.’’

There was also her, thinking about it, recalled Mattalast.

’’That woman's still alive. She's probably waiting for a chance. We have to do something about her.’’

’’So what's our plan?’’

’’I've been searching for her ever since I let her escape. We now have to seriously go and find her.’’

As Hamyuts said this, Yukizona turned on his heels heading off the whale.

’’Wait, where are you going?’’

Yukizona ignored her and jumped off. Yuri, who stayed behind, smiled and spoke.

’’With all due respect, she is but a normal woman. I do not believe she is the sort of opponent that requires all of us. Can you not just get rid of her as you find her and just settle it?’’

’’That's too careless. Even a small leak can sink a ship. Don't you think she might be able to cause the collapse of the Armed Librarians from the secret she found?’’

’’Then can't we just kill her?’’

Yuri's expression was gentle and yet she uttered cold words unimaginable from that expression. She was a woman who treated people exceedingly coldly if they opposed her even once.

’’Well then, excuse us.’’

Holding the hem of her skirt, Yuri jumped off the whale.

’’What can I say to them?’’

’’But Director. Is she really a problem? Can't you just leave her be? A waste of that beauty.’’

Bonbo spoke in a carefree manner while munching snacks. Her being pretty has nothing to do with it, thought Mattalast in his heart.

’’She is. She knows of Vend Ruga. And if it was only that, there would be no problem.’’

Hamyuts paused.

’’There's a chance that she knows of the Violet Wish. It's a big problem.’’

Bonbo threw away the bag of snacks and then asked.

’’What's that Violet Wish? Never heard of it.’’

Mattalast cut into the conversation.

’’Yeah... it's something like the only method that can destroy Heaven.’’

’’Well that's bad. We have to kill her.’’

Bonbo opened his mouth wide and laughed. Mattalast saw a silent, sharp light in his eyes.

’’So then, uh, what do we do?’’

At that moment, Mattalast drew out his gun. He turned the muzzle to between Bonbo's brows.

’’Huh? Matt, what does this mean?’’

’’Nah, no way you're thinking of destroying Heaven.’’

Mattalast smiled. It's been a short time since Bonbo learned of the secret. Perhaps he still didn't understand it very well.

’’...And what if I did?’’

Bonbo said while smiling.

’’Then we'll obviously kill you.’’

Mattalast and Bonbo smiled at each other. After laughing for a while, Bonbo raised two hands in surrender.

’’Got it. I won't ask. You're a really scary man.’’

’’As long as you understand it.’’

Saying so, Mattalast put his gun away.

’’I actually don't know either. If I did, I would think of foolish things like destroying Heaven.’’

’’So, what will we do, Director? Yukizona also said this, but this isn't something that all of us need to discuss.’’

Mattalast nodded as well.

’’Yeah. I think the Director somewhat overestimates Olivia.’’

Hamyuts was somewhat sullen after being rejected by four of her subordinates.

’’I got it. So anyway, killing her when we find her is fine. I'll entrust it to Mattalast.’’

’’Me again?’’

Mattalast's shoulders slumped.

’’Obviously. Bonbo's bad at such work and Yukizona already left.’’

’’Good grief. Understood.’’

Hamyuts nodded and jumped off the whale. Bonbo was still laughing for some reason.

’’But Matt... Don't you think it's horrible? Ganging up on an innocent woman and killing her. It's just as if we're some evil boss.’’

’’Don't you get it?’’

Mattalast answered.

’’The Acting Director of Bantorra Library is the incarnation of evil. And we're her evil subordinates.’’

Leaving those words behind, Mattalast jumped off.

Well then, let's go kill her. Let's kill the woman that might know the thing that must never be known.

Present - December 28, 1926

Growing a bit tired of playing, Mattalast left the piano. He took a few bottles left on the bar counter and made a shake himself. Cocktail making was also one of his hobbies.

While tasting the bitter cocktail, Mattalast thought back to what he did during the last year.

It has been quite the stressful year, but the result was mostly good. He concealed the secret from the Armed Librarians and the New Indulging God Cult was being completed.

That's why he could be there tasting his cocktail at his leisure.

Besides, Olivia was the only unforeseen thing.

She was a powerless target that he thought would simply be killed. He could never have imagined it would all turn out like it did. He had to admit that he had been looking down on her. As expected she didn't manage to escape from Hamyuts for nothing.

’’Say, Matt-san.’’

Kyasariro suddenly struck up conversation with him.

’’Is that fine?’’

Looking at the direction she pointed, he could see Mirepoc standing next to the table with the punch bowl. She poured down the contents of her glass in one gulp. She repeated this a second and third time.

’’She's drinking at an outrageous pace. Can she even hold her alcohol in the first place?’’

The pair approached Mirepoc.

’’Hey Mirepoc, are you fine?’’

’’What are you talking about?’’

Mirepoc's expression was calm. She was also speaking articulately.

’’Did you drink alcohol? You've been drinking for a while now.’’

’’I don't drink any alcohol. Aren't you misunderstanding something?’’

Kyasariro snatched away Mirepoc's held glass. She sniffed its inside and took a small lick.

’’It's alcoholic.’’


Mirepoc made a strange noise.

’’Wine, orange curacao, lemon juice and maple syrup. And also slices of orange and lime. It's not very strong, but it is alcoholic.’’

Mattalast explained. Mirepoc took her glass back from Kyasariro. She stared at the alcohol inside for a while. Her head started slowly shaking.

’’Are you okay, Mirepo?’’

Mattalast asked. Mirepoc stared at his face for a while.


She squeaked and collapsed to the back. Mattalast and Kyasariro both shrugged.

’’What will we do with this kid?’’

’’Just let her sleep somewhere, she'll wake up sooner or later.’’

’’Please, Matt-san.’’

’’Why me?’’

As they were discussing this, someone came from behind them.

’’Oh, did she faint?’’

Mattalast turned around.

’’She's... Mirepoc, right? I'll carry her.’’

The woman standing behind them said so and smiled. Mattalast was a little surprised she came there as well.

The one standing there was Olivia Littolet.

She was the woman who was once pursued by Hamyuts Meseta and had miraculously escaped. The common enemy to both the Armed Librarians and the Indulging God Cult that had her life targeted by both organizations.

The very same Olivia was there wearing a party dress and holding a champagne glass.


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